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Monday, February 29, 2016

Pepperdine #2 dbls beats Ok. St. #2 dbls

"In the three exhibition doubles matches played to eight points for the win, OSU earned edge to secure the 2-1 victory. Due to the nature of the match as exhibition play, it will not count towards the team record."

Lol what, 8 POINTS, not games??  What a weird format, do they always play like that? Maybe they had to catch late flight home or something lol. But Ok. St. website doesn't say anything about it, so did they really play 8 points?

Scores from Pepperdine website

Feb 27, 2016 -- Blue Gray National Tennis Center Blue Gray National Tennis Center Feb 27, 2016 at Montgomery, Ala. (Lagoon Park Tennis Center)

Singles competition

Doubles competition
1 #29 LAURENTE, Kelsey/ALVAREZ, Maria (Oklahoma State University) def. #12 CUTURA,MATEA/MADDOX,CHRISTINE (Pepperdine) 8-6

#22 RUNGLERDKRIANGKRAI,A/STEFANI,LUISA (Pepperdine) def. #33 TUR MARI, Carla/LUSHKOVA, Viktoriya (Oklahoma State University) 8-3

Both teams are way underranked lol. And this is a pretty significant(oh wait it was only 8 points? lol) win, since OSU team won all matches at NTI. I said they should be one of the best #2 dbls teams in the nation. They were really impressive at WAATC.

Which means, this PEPP team is damn good lol. Can actually be the best #2 dbls team in California(and that means, probably the nation lol).  Not kidding here. So, very looking forward to this team play against Stanford and California. Should be real interesting if Zhao continues to play #2 dbls for Stanford.

#39 BABIC, Vladica/ADAMOVIC, Katarina (Oklahoma State University) def. GULBE,LAURA/MILOVANOVIC,DZINA (Pepperdine) 8-4

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