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Friday, February 5, 2016

Pics of the day

Thanks for waiting :)

Santa Fe Dam Rec. Area

Red Crossbill!! Just found out checking my photos lol

White-breasted Nuthatch!

Gray Flycatcher! This was harassed by a bigger Say's Phoebe; poor bird! Hid inside this small bush making observation difficult; had the good grace to pop out in plain view for a bit, thank ye!

This is the bad-ass Say's Phoebe! Not exactly the same one; this was spotted at parking lot 2, GRFL was spotted between parking lot 4 and the lake. Anyhow Phoebes are quite territorial nowadays; Black Phoebe, Say's Phoebe, quite aggressive

San Gabriel Coastal Basin Spreading Ground

Kelp Gull!! A lil' smaller than Western, yellow gape(bill), darker gonydeal spot(red spot at the lower bill), yellow leg, very dark mantle(almost blackish wings) even darker than Western. Naturally, lots of birders were there and were arriving when I arrived there like 11:30am. In fact it was spotted just as I arrived! What luck!

Great-tailed Grackle

Green-winged Teal
American Kestrel

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