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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve highlights pics

Okay I just took it easy because we already spotted the Plumbeous Vireo at the start of the trip lol. So didn't really take many pics, and not that my camera is good anyway lol.

Did I mention that I just received a surprise donation??!!! Finally a new one(before that 'the usual select suspects' lol kept donating)! That'll definitely reimburse my gas expenses! Thank ye. Yeah maybe I did well to make my blog Although this really started as a diary of sorts(and still is)..still a bit leery, to be honest.

And I should return Andy Weir's The Martians. Library Hold list is way long, and I really am not that impressed with the writing. Waste of time, just watching the movie will suffice for me. Lee Child writes way better(Jack Reacher series), and I should just resume reading Tolstoy. Life is short :p

Anyway here are some choice pics! Of course the whole pics are at ma birding blog.

 Belted Kingfisher! Was it a female? It has brown breastband, unlike male

 White Pelicans! My first of the year :)
 Guess who Miss Dean and Mr. Ohlenkamp are  :p
 Size comparison; Double-crested Cormorant and Osprey
 Christ look at Osprey's talons! Well shaped to grab those slippery fishes!
 California Thrasher
 Female Hooded Merganser!
 Pied-billed Grebes. I've never seen an immature one properly before(left); it begged the fish the adult caught, and the adult gave it to the immature to swallow, aawwww.

 Green Heron!
 Canada Geese etc. at the shallow river
 Least? Sandpiper. But does the 'leg' look black? If it is, it's Western; Least's one is yellow
 Spotted Sandpiper
 imm. Red-tailed Hawk

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