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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What will ACTUALLY happen once the singles start

Mr. Fish proudly announced that the casual spectators will hunger more for 'the main course', singles, once the butchered doubles matches are finished;

Yet I can imagine what will LIKELY happen lol.

Casual fans are accustomed to the FAST pace of NFL and basketball.  So naturally they would have no problem 'acclimitizing' to fast paced and violent(smashes), colorful(net plays) doubles.

For, them, singles will likely be an ANTI-CLIMAX. A huge let-down.

After the snail's pace of the singles match; players communing with the wall, hugging the towel, pushing the ball, receivers collecting all the balls unhurriedly and giving back to the server, and sometimes even having a line dispute lol, and the coup de grace; strategic bathroom break!!!

They will be baffled; and become impatient; then finally, become enraged!!!

They might riot and chant thus;

"Bring back the doubles! Bring back the doubles!"

God there's simply so much comic sketch material for those inane rule changes!

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