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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Where to bird tomorrow/ NTI 2nd day

God, so tired after birding the last few days and also watching tennis today. Should I even bird tomorrow lol. 

As I said the Scheels again couldn't locate Red-naped Sapsuckers at Sylmar today. And both of them and Judy Matsuoka missed female Williamson's as well, just like me(well the Scheels just marked Williamson's, didn't specify the sex). So what is the point going there again tomorrow...

But I do want to brag about spotting Red Crossbill at Santa Fe Dam and Wilson's Warbler at San Gabriel Coastal Basin Spreading Ground north pond...haha. Oh also to tease those unfortunate birders that tried to find that KELP GULL!!! today and failed...! Haha I'm so cruel.

And who knows, I just might get lucky and spot that elusive Plumbeous Vireo by tagging along..benefitting from those veteran birders!

But is there a possibility? Dunno...maybe I should just bird Arlington Garden again, or Hopkins Wilderness Park to spot that elusive Summer Tanager. Or Ballona/Playa de Rey area to spot Rose-ringed Parakeet. Haven't seen both yet.

Or, Madrona Marsh to spot Eastern Phoebe, Clay-colored Sparrow and Lazuli Bunting..seen them, but just to add to this years' list.

Is Grasshopper Sparrow still there at UCLA?  Well it was also reported at Madrona, but not recently..

Pasadena Audubon had a field trip at Legg Lake today and they spotted a White-winged Parakeet, ugh. Haven't seen that one either.

Probably will just visit Sylmar again, then to UCLA. There's SDSU vs PEPP at 3:30, but too late, and I'll see PEPP next week? against UCLA anyway, so..

Oh OSU made a huge upset against Vandy. Just that one super rookie makes the difference lol, Di Lorenzo. But in fact OSU lower positions swept; Kowase and Angeles Paz are the players of the day there.

And Chypyha and Ahmed impresses yet again :)  Malysheva/Noble actually won #3 dbls? Wow.  McCarthy was ruthless today lol, in both dbls and sgls.

Tech def. UM, noticeable result.

Collins def. Manasse easier this time; what is it, 3-0 already this season?

Andy Daniell finally proving her potential. And who is that OSU #5, defeated Maynetto in 2.

Perez vs Yurovsky, tight as expected. Minor vs Brinson, not so. Brienne really is..dunno, could vie with McCarthy as #2 freshman after Di Lorenzo(of course limited to Americans. Luisa Stefani in fact already defeated Francesca) fact I want to see how Francesca fares against those two, Brienne and Kaitlyn.  Shaffer defeating Fahey is no surprise; more firepower, more experience..

Kay that was a dominating performance against Golovin, a very good freshman. Finished first(of course just judging by the score). Kuykendall defeating Vialle is no surprise of course. Foster again surprises; tight match against Aney. Owens vs Akkerman tight as well. Akkerman really is stepping up this season. And Kuykendall/Owens are rather disappointing lol. Did this team really beat Harrison/McPhillips at JKC last season :p  Anyway, all is good for LSU; next season, will be a serious title contender if all 3 recruits come in.

Wait a minute, is that Zsofi on the ITA facebook pic, hugging Lynn???!! Haha. It is her! Maybe she can participate in the team finally winning it all like Boonstra in 2011..!!

Just viewing NIIC pics there and Bektas was there as well??!

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