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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 IW PQ 2nd rd matches

There was a surprise 'encounter'. A player walked by in front of me and that (body)shape, gait(yeah I'm employing birding terms, it's called JIZZ! General impression or something)...that could be only Michaela Gordon!! Delighted lol.  Did she come in at the last minute, she wasn't originally included in the draw. She was with Alex Poorta, former SMC star. Now where did I put my Holland soccer team

Kenin's father 'definitely' spotted this time haha.

Playsight 'invaded' IW as well, there's a 'Smart Court' dedicated to it? PC 7 and 8 or something.

And, a monstrosity; I was denied from going to the ticket office to buy tickets -_-  They said the construction is still on-going(what? seemed quite finished) and that I have to walk all the way around the venue to the ticket office. What the HELL, this never happened before. Is this a weird security issue, or that they are LATE doing their job, setting it up and finishing.  God...majorly pissed.  In fact the walkway above the practice courts is barred too, making watching multiple matches difficult. 

A couple of California Gulls spotted at 3:19.

From 4pm, it got bearable. The heat I mean. There was even some breeze by then. Maybe I should just buy a night session or something lol(can enter the grounds at 4:30 or something).

Forgot to add one more 1st rd match, which wasn't at my radar but which got my attention. It was played right beside McQuaid vs Slaysman, crt 19 or something, and both players were hitting well!

Wilkinson vs Redkova

Dunno who was who, but the girl with the black skirt seemed a lil' more aggressive(now I see that she's Redkova). Could hit very flat, sharply. The other girl, she was maybe more solid but also could hit quite well. Was quite impressed with the level of play.


Dunno most results, official homepage hasn't updated the draw either. There wasn't any draws posted at the window near the desk; a drawback from last year.


Couldn't watch this much, unfortunately. As I said saw Emma a lot, and frankly thought Mandy would advance...but when I watched the points were long, both hitting and moving well. Mandy was concentrating on control methinks.

Too bad SJ withdrew. Ryngler didn't seem to have problem with the other player(was rather looking forward to Ryngler vs SJ match, although SJ would be the heavy favorite).

Possokhova vs Lee

Alexa Lee? The name seemed familiar..former Cal Poly? Anyhow Darya's condition seemed rather good, was hitting razor sharp drives.  Just had a glimpse(she just won the 1st set. Actually I didn't watch many matches, where the outcome was NID; you know who)


One of the marquee matches of the 2nd rd, and it proved to be so. Went to Match TB, and Lauren won.
I've mentioned Cici's footwork; Lauren's should also be studied as well. Because even without a huge weapon, she became one of the most decorated college players in recent history.

NCAA Team winner twice in a row(MVP)
WAATC dbls finalist with Will in their freshman year, winning the 1st set against TENN duo(AND it went to 3rd set, mind you. Aahh..good times).
WAATC sgls winner defeating Elbaba.
Did UF win NTI too then? Can't remember..

So how? Her defense, of course. And what is a defense but footwork lol. Good anticipation, good footwork, and she even slides well, slicing deep.  I swear I just studied her feet not gams..haha.  Anyway if you can't overwhelm her, you're in a world of trouble...!  From what I saw today, she can step 'up' into the court quite smartly as well, instantly taking advantage of weak returns.

Maria was the bigger hitter. In fact I was strongly reminded of that fateful last sgls match in Stanford 2011 NCAA; Embree vs Burdette(now where's my youtube video).  Maria scored many winners or forced many errors from Lauren with her aggression; hit very well. And of course, as usual, served very well too. In fact Lauren's usual solid serve deserted her at times(DFs.  I've mentioned before but Lauren's high % 1st serve is another one of her strengths).  Even made an uncharacteristic error sending the ball long after she opened up the court(that led to 1st sp).

But Lauren kept calm and carried on;

Returned, and returned. Was already there to return Maria's sharp attacks(good anticipation and footwork).  Slid and sliced to return some seemingly un-returnable balls painting the sidelines.

And not only that; she really surprised me with her variety.  She hasn't used those much before; just returning well was enough. But maybe she thought she needed something extra; so drop shotted, approached the net, etc....and I think those paid off. Helped to construct and win points as well.  Sure her drop shots weren't that sharp, rather floated lol, but still it did the job methinks(really good drop shots begin to fall down before the net; Indy really surprised me with her excellent shotmaking at ITF RSF). Verra nice reflex at net, too.

So in the end, Maria broke down. Began to spew errors, sending the balls wide. Especially bhs. Did Lauren consciously exploit that wing, saw her once serving to that direction as well(Lauren's bh is pretty strong. Can take charge and paint the sidelines).

Nice match. Maria showed why she's class of 2018 TRN #2 after Liu, and Lauren showed why...she's Lauren lol.

Graham watched this a bit. In fact that walkway between PC 6 and 7 was quite popular; liked birds lol(birds do congregate at particular spots; for example that NE quadrant at Lacy Park. So many passerines were at the particular spot, which was an absolute delight for sure!).  Chief Thompson again(he really seems to be a women tennis fan! ;), Bektas, McQuaid(she smartly stood right behind me! But I see everything!),

Day, Gordon, KK, etc.. Bektas even took a photo of fellow teammate Sarah and...a fan? :)


Just saw a bit, but was quite impressed with Constance's level; never seen her play so well? Could actually hang with Emina and moreover, could attack sharply. TAMU should be pleased. Struggled to return Emina's usual big serves though(well most do lol).


The draw got updated, but that can't be Jenna!!! Positive about this. Face seemed different. Also she was blond, and Jenna is Or did she dye her hair like Cici lol.  Whoever it was had power but was spewing errors.


So this is Christine Canete. Verra good. Aggressive and flat hitter, and has excellent touch. Her drop shots were a veritable weapon; maybe overused a bit, got attacked by Sarah at times.  Couldn't track some of Sarah's drives, but she's still quite young, so..
Sarah's racquet twirl is good as usual lol, hasn't changed!


Impressed with Sofia again. At first couldn't return Jada's serve at all lol, but in turn, could attack and serve well! Even showed very soft touch at net. Coupled with Jada's errors, the match got unexpectedly tight haha.  Sofia is class of 2016 already; where's she going? She definitely could be a sleeper hit...


Was that really Parris? She rather resembled Taylor Russo, so I thought it was actually her lol(but she wasn't wearing that blooming skirt of Taylor's so I guess it is Parris haha. In fact not sure if I can recognize Parris' face). Ashley was aggressive as usual, able to produce quite a pace, but did commit some errors as well. And frankly Parris' drive motion seems more I said she's a very good hitter herself.


Too bad I missed this. Just a glimpse, points were long, what with both moving and hitting well.


Thought R might put up some resistance, but Cali was too good. R also did make some errors, which didn't help.


Too bad I missed this, just a glimpse, Zoe was just too good. Oh could watch KK's 1st rd match a bit, she served better this time haha.


Same here, the match seemed tight(Zhu was leading later in the 2nd methinks), couldn't watch though. Zhu was also wearing Michigan uniform!  Apparently Michigan doesn't seem to miss those 3, Bektas/Lee/Zhu..what's their ranking right now lol.


This Canete was also quite aggressive, but also was spewing errors. Couldn't really watch more, too bad.


Was actually quite impressed with Elvena's hitting. So fluid yet can produce quite a pace, effortlessly. So she's interested in PEPP, SJSU, SCU, UCSB; all will benefit from her, no doubt.

MOSSMER def. ?

Did Tsuruta play, or not. Thought she would face Nicole. Anyway Nicole seemed to be cruising.


Last match standing so could watch a lot. Riley's condition seemed good at first. Light of step, slicing with ease, and fabulous flat hitting. Some of those shots were just orgasmic lol. Coupled with C's usual errors, she won the 1st. But later on C just cruised, so went to TB, yet same pattern here; C's errors haha. The difference was that Riley seemed to be a bit conservative. Rather just returned(couldn't or wouldn't gain initiative), so invited C's attack, and that was it. C also served well, and didn't notice until the end that she was perching way behind the baseline.

God so tired. Onto the Jacuzzi! Not gonna bird Big Morongo tomorrow either(maybe Coachella Wild Bird Conservancy?), maybe I'll participate in the weekly birding walk next week.

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