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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 IW PQ 3/2 Player of the day

Before I write my recap today;

Player of the day is Ena Shibahara, no contest.

She did 'a Federer' !!!!!  Those ultra aggressive net approaches on the opponent's serve!! And she did it throughout the match, and did quite well!...probably one of the reasons why she defeated Dolehide and won the 2nd set from Mandy. Good god...

I've always praised her aggression, especially her perching inside the baseline to receive serve(which Hardebeck did in her heyday, before she went to Stanford), but she just 'one-upped' on it lol. Went even a step further! :)  What anticipation and reflex...maybe I should've recorded those(but now only those beautiful birds 'deserve' my 'shooting' :p Now I 'creep on' birds!)..

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