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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 IW PQ Day 1 - 1st rd matches

It's just too damn hot. Inhumanly hot! Was practically melting out there. I think IW is just too hot to host a tennis tournament in March lol.  But even Carson was hot last year. Maybe SD area is it El Nino or something.

Now one can't peek through the baseline tarpaulin at the practice courts; too bad, I did enjoy the shade it provided.

And even stepping into the stadium, however near the entrance, is denied. Precaution against a terrorist threat????!!! Lol.  I need those shades..!  Stadium 2, 4-6 entrance is pretty useful to watch matches at the practice courts; and it provides shades, so those steps will be quite popular for the coming days, as last year.

Surprise 'species';  tall, black-crowned, Russian/Kazakhstani in origin, aggressive, and quite a dancer -  Galina Voskoboeva! She went to practice methinks, somewhere.

For bird species lol, crows, and white-throated swifts? Sure looked like those. And there was an Empid perched high on a light pole at stadium 2; seemed a bit unfamiliar to me. Too bad I didn't have a camera in hand. Soon flew away, so couldn't quite identify it(I was looking into the sun).  Some sort of Flycatcher methinks, or a Kingbird..

Venus is really playing methinks, along with Serena; both are featured on the banners hung on the stadiums with other top players.

8:30 matches

Booth def. Evloeva

Went to match TB. At first Sofia was cruising by hitting sharply with pace; quite a clean hitting. But I thought this match could be interesting, since Kristina's hitting also impressed me at Irvine;  and indeed she won the 2nd set(couldn't watch that set though). When she has time, she can definitely whack the ball. So both were basically exchanging winners. Still Sofia was maybe a lil' bit better. Nice match.

Ryngler def. Akhmedova

Alexa was almost playing 1st strike tennis? Too good.

Bektas vs. Smejova

Emina was cracking get the gist.

Zhu vs. Deming

Julia returned well, but overall Amy was too powerful.

Mateas def. Peus

Ryan could definitely trouble Matea. She can hit very sharply, and followed with her usual net approaches and volley finishes.
But overall Matea was too solid; her defense was too good. And her offense also proved more than a match for Ryan. Still quite competitive, if not for Ryan's errors; DFs and drive errors.
Ryan even later tried moonballing then changing the pace, tried every option I guess. Nice hug at the net.

Turley vs Papikian

Was that Turley? Too good methinks.

10am matches

Todd def. Kiss

Of course the outcome was never in doubt, since Todd is quite a good player. As always, wanted to check how supposedly inferior player copes with facing a tough opponent. And Camille's drives definitely could trouble Parris.

McQuaid def. Slaysman

Couldn't watch the 1st set, what with Booth vs Evloeva taking long, and also watching Kiss vs Todd. Surely one of the marquee matches of the 1st round, since both are good hitters; Savannah was actually playing well, hitting sharply(which really impressed me at ITF Claremont). Even made a nice drop shot. Think she later committed errors at match TB. 
Riley has been wearing that 'Bama cap for a while now!

Interesting 2nd round matches;

Minella vs Higuchi
Hart vs Booth
SJ vs Ryngler
Embree vs Mateas
Possokhova vs Duva/Lee
Branstine vs Bektas
Cako vs Zhu
Should take a peak at the Canetes a bit.
Rudin vs Jankowski
Lahey vs Todd(Ashley was watching Mateas vs Peus)
Scandalis vs Duong(of course Zoe should win, but Duong has been playing well of late, so should take a peek)
VA(who was around!) vs Parravi/Gevargiz
Mossmer vs Tsurata
Chang vs McQuaid

Dreading to go back to that hell-hole! How hot would it be from 2:30, ugh.

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