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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

2016 IW PQ Day 2 interesting matches

3rd rd, 16 matches, 11am start; have to pick and choose lol.

Ena vs Caro
Sanford vs Darya
Embree vs Bektas(junior players I can still watch them this month, or the next. Except for Kenin and Day who're traveling to China next month. So priority should be on former college players)
Gordon vs Lee
Isaeva vs Day(should have a peek to see how I plays)

Cali vs Kenin; you can't let Sofia dictate; as I said she'll nonchalantly aim the sidelines, creating width at will. Have to pressure her but even Coppoc couldn't win much points, however hard she hit. Sofia's consistency and defense is 2nd to none, probably only Cici is better than her. The reason why Day couldn't beat her, but Kylie did(because Kylie can blast practically everybody off lol). So is first-strike tennis the only way; anyway should be interesting.

Todd vs Zoe
VA vs Graham; one of the marquee matches of the 3rd rd. Both are great hustlers, the points and the match could be long.

Mossmer vs Liu; Rather contrast of styles. Nicole takes time. Liu is rather 'impatient' haha. Liu now loves to come to the net. Nicole is a master lobber. Another interesting match, but Liu's firepower could be too much.

3rd rd
Minella vs Ena/Caro winner
TT vs Sanford/Darya winner
Embree/Bektas vs Gordon/Lee
Day vs Kenin possible match; they already met 2 times recently, and Kenin won both.
possible Liu vs Chang/Boserup

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