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Friday, October 28, 2016

2016 NW Regional result

Retirements galore, and not just from the Cards. Manasse(won a tough match against Grende) withdrew against McCord, and M in turn against Lampl. Davidson didn't play, is she injured.

Only could watch the later 2nd set of singles final(free from Stanford website), too bad missed the doubles. Not sure P was that much different from before, aggressive as usual, defense not so impressive as offense, but I guess she kinda overpowered H to the win.


Gauvain(upset Starr)
Stloukalova(FSU); freshman

4 Cards even without Davidson: Stanford likely to defend Pac12, more easily this season(other teams in disarray after losing core players).

Gauvain actually gave Popovic the hardest test, P edged 75, 36, 64
Higuchi edged two Cards, Doyle(D retired trailing 0-2 in the 3rd) and Lampl, should be interesting what would be their singles lineup for Dual season.


Manasse/Starr were upset by teammates Hauger/Popovic in the semis.
Big upset was UW team losing to Maxfield/McCloskey, Maxfield is good but dunno McCloskey. As I said that was quite a get by USF, getting Maxfield(was supposed to play for Utah).
This team in fact also defeated UO team Nasser/Rose as well, before losing to SJSU team.
Another upset was Kung/Grende losing to Eshet/Kluiving UO team.
Lampl/Yee defeated UO team and later Doyle/Lord withdrew against them.

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