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Monday, October 31, 2016

On 2016 NIIC selections


Did Minor/Ruder-Hook receive WC(lost to Broda/Robinson 5-8 at Regional semis). Manasse/Starr also received it(lost to teammates at NW R semis), also Hart/Shibahara.
So 2 teams are regional semifinalists, UCLA Quarterfinalist.

So, Michigan, Cal, Pepperdine have two teams competing(Pepperdine did not receive WC, they got in on their own).


At large

6 Regional finalists;

Martins   Regional semifinalist. Lost in a very tough match against Aney. Can't argue, she was pretty good at WAATC as well.
Woolcock  Regional quarterfinalist, lost to Kuhlman 4,4. Also WAATC Quarterfinalist.
Ahmed Good choice, gave winner Lahey the hardest test at SW R. Quite impressive at WAATC as well, making the quarterfinals.
Chi Regional quarterfinalist. Lost to Daavettila in 3, and lost to Shibahara in 3 at ORACLE(Quarterfinalist).


Manasse. Retired at NW R rd of 16. Did she retire after being informed of this(she's coming off from injury).


Lushkova. Inspired choice. WAATC quarterfinalist.

Oracle Finalist

Stefani. Weird. Are winner and finalist guaranteed a spot? Anyway a good choice for sure, 'Fantasista' debuts at NY.

2 Auburn and Michigan players in singles. Same number as UF(both at large). Pepperdine and UNC leads with 3.

No Stanford(Regional finalists, Higuchi and Lampl/Yee) and USCal players.

Exactly half are foreigners. And they comprise 2/3 of regional winners.

6 freshmen are playing, is that a record or what; Shibahara, Daavettila, Chi, Christofi, Livianu and Lahey. 4 won something(whether Regional or Oracle), Livianu is Regional finalist.

The only WAATC Quarterfinalist who didn't make it is Keegan(who defeated Stefani at WAATC. Quarterfinalists are Carter, Lushkova, Di Lorenzo, Woolcock, Ahmed, Sharma, Shibahara, Keegan).
And if you add know why Florida is the frontrunner for NCAA.
The only Oracle Quarterfinalist who didn't make it is Adamovic.
(from Stefani, Shankle, Lahey, Carter, Daavettila, Adamovic, Chi, Shibahara)

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