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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

2016 Irvine final day

Still stuck at Irvine(9pm), having car problem(Tustin Toyota just said Catalytic Converter problem...thought I had it covered last March..), so briefly.

Oh forgot to mention this but thought I saw Kristina, Joana, and Alyssa Smith's mom the day before.

Everybody played well(well at this final stage, obviously they should be good).

Many girls are lefties.

'Skills that thrill' t shirt noted.

Too bad most of the doubles weren't played. They played one G14 match at HCP, too bad I missed it.

Confirmed that Sam indeed is going to Yale(so the rumor was correct). Battaglia and Martinelli..Yale is also recruiting well.

Girls' 18 Singles

F (2) Hannah Zhao d. Rena Lin 5-7; 6-2; 6-3

Lin's service return stood out. Don't think Z served that bad, yet L really attacked her serve well, making outright winners and such. Z was a tad more solid.

PL (3) Sara Choy d. Britt Pursell 7-5; 6-4

Methinks P got better, especially offense-wise: could attack quite sharply. C passed well.
Somebody was wearing a USCal sweater? Related to Choy?

 CF (9) Jennifer Kerr d. (1) Samantha Martinelli 7-5; 6-4

Last match. Both hit aggressively. Both showed nice manners, applauding the opponents' fine plays and such(many did in fact during this tournament, including Tatum Burger, etc.)

CS (9) Jennifer Kerr d. Audrey Boch-Collins 6-3; 6-2

ABC could attack quite sharply. She was actually quite aggressive against Gallagher the day before, and had nice back steps. Methinks she also hits a bit like Abi Desiatnikov.
K not only hits aggressively, has very nice variety as well, including drop shot, etc. Later on committed some volley errors.

CS (1) Samantha Martinelli d. (9) Ashley Yeah 7-6(2); 2-6; 1-0(3)

Could watch some(mostly the 1st set?) with the above match. My impression is Y's follow through is good. Form rather reminded me of Kelly Chen. Bh seemed quite good. Also had trouble? tying her shoes haha.

 Girls' 14 Singles 

PL-F (5) Leyden Games d. Kimberly Hance 6-2; 7-5

G really is a good player(no wonder she harassed Duncan the day before). Very solid and could attack sharply.

PL (3) Misa Malkin d. (2) Maxi Duncan 6-1; 3-6; 6-2

D's firepower was impressive, although also netting many. Thought the match quality was quite high. M obviously did well to return all those lethal drives by D.

CF (9) ASHLEY KUA d. Cami Brown 6-2Ret (inj)

Couldn't watch this, too bad, played simultaneously with other Finals.

CS Cami Brown d. (4) Olivia McIntosh-Adams 6-1; 7-6(3)

B was a tad more solid, when I watched a bit of the 1st set along with Yeah vs Martinelli and ABC vs Kerr.

 CS (9) ASHLEY KUA d. (9) Maribella Zamarripa 6-2; 3-6; 1-0(4)

Oh this is Kua, I recognize the face. Had impressive firepower. I would've loved to watch this more, but later on had to watch both G18 and G14 final and Choy vs Pursell, too bad. This match was played right next to Brown vs OMA.

F (1) Jenna DeFalco d. (9) Katja Wiersholm 2-6; 6-2; 6-4

Both really hit well. W could construct points quite nicely, mixing it up, using short balls and such. Thought D had terrific variety watching her the day before, but W herself was a match for her, as well. Could also hit early.
Tried to watch this as much as possible, since G14 Winter Nat. venue is different from G18/G16.  Maybe D was a tad more solid later on, but the match was quite tight, as the score suggests.

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