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Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 JKC Day 3

I still dunno the start time of various matches for the final day today(Tennislink update is rather poor). And I yesterday morning birded Madrona in vain, because I had to watch matches so left early. I see that fellow birders the Scheels and Hurst found that Prairie Warbler later on. When I returned to Madrona after Horvit won, it was very windy and the birds were nowhere to be seen. So not going to make the same mistake again today morning, finding Prairie Warbler will be the top priority; after finding those, we'll see if I can 'make it' to Jack Kramer. Will of course later head to Los Caballeros to see G16 doubles.

Shibahara's father and brother made a 'surprise'? entrance later.
I see that Hart/Shibahara just made the Final today.

'Family outing' again. BCS jacket noticed!

Why is Ellie Zogg not on USC's roster. Did she transfer or what.

Oh yeah, Ingrid Gamarra Martins is also from Brazil.

Had to concentrate on doubles first, and when inter-NU bout finally ended, Milovanovic vs Branstine and Berg vs Chinellato matches were already finished.

NU def. NU

Doshi and Or were quite active at net. Once a ball skimmed/hit/missed a sideline, nobody knew what to do lol, we all laughed.
Doshi/Rooney passed well at times.
Once Or opted for control, putting the ball on the baseline; elicited a weak return, setting up for an overhead finish.
Larner made a critical mistake at 4-3 lead in the TB; Doshi fell so that side was wide open; unlike her lol, opted to lob softly, but as I said, lobbing is not easy. Weak, so got pounced.
Or once thought the ball going deep was out; it wasn't, so she had to hurriedly run back and return lol. Then Doshi's overhead sailed long haha.
I'd say that NU did pretty well this tournament, overall, despite some shocking losses.

USCal def. UCSB

What was that. Mainly was concentrating on inter NU bout, but when I glimpsed from time to time, Gauchos were really bad. Did they just defeat #1 NU team only to give USCal free pass to the final lol. But I guess this sort of thing frequently happens, in every level; after a shocking upset, the winner invariably loses the next match.


Only could watch a bit, too bad.


Good match. BYU turned it around(but the score was tight all the way) at the last moment. J's net defense was again sound, and M poached pretty well. This FSU team have good variety so definitely a good win for the Cougars.

BYU vs

Nabieva seems pretty good at net.


Too bad couldn't watch much. I was nonplussed with a tall UCSB girl with a black cap, at first couldn't recognize her because 'the Juggler' always wears a yellow visor..haha.

Triebe vs Malykh

Match between promising young players. M's takeback seems long, but nevertheless could produce impressive pace, harassing T. T was probably overall a bit better though.

Branstine vs Majerle

M played a lot, good experience. Too bad couldn't watch this much. B seemed to be in good condition, hit quite well.

Fleming def. Dailey

Only could watch a bit of the 2nd, F served well, and was just playing better methinks.

It's rather distressing to witness Fleming doing well this Fall(Regional and this) when she was overwhelmed by a higher-tier player Xepoleas in Ojai Invitational Final..the most talented Trojan in a while left and the aftershock is still being felt(no Trojans made singles Rd of 16 this tournament).

Had to concentrate on marquee match between the future of their respective teams, Horvit vs Stloukalova, so couldn't watch much.

Horvit vs Stloukalova

S definitely made H play. H was the better hitter, and S wasn't better in variety either(once executed a drop shot poorly, got pounced by H). But she was tenacious, could put the ball back in play, and some rallies ended in H's errors. Credit to H for grinding it out, was aggressive to the end. S's serve is quite unstable(so this match was break-fest).

Larner def. Atanasson

Glad I watched this. A in fact played quite well, so L was in danger of losing; 'overcame', playing ultra aggressively as usual, fearlessly going for her fhs. Ensuing net approaches weren't bad either.

Ware def. Rooney

Only watched a bit, too bad. It went to match TB, I see.
Quite a win by W, but wasn't she a TRN Blue Chip briefly. She seemed pretty...dunno, loosened up? Even had a presence of mind to fake then execute a drop shot; got drop shotted in return by Rooney though haha. Ware's on the run c/c forehand was very good, almost painting the sidelines. Once made backsteps nicely to return R's good serve.

Doshi def. Wagenvoort

W was quite good, hit aggressively. Definitely gave D some trouble.

Fleming def. Miluvanovic

Fleming eerily reminded me of Day's game. Moving and retrieving very well, heavy? balls causing Miluvanovic some discomfort, passing well. Also crucially, served well.

M obviously was the better hitter, in fact I left at her leading 4-1 in the 1st to watch other matches; dunno what happened, but when I returned F just won the TB in the 1st.
Lot of those points M lost were by her drive errors, mostly sailing long. Maybe she went for it too much, dunno.

I thought M was coachless(thus F had an unfair advantage haha), but later on spotted Lahey?

Berg vs Horvit

I thought H won but the tennislink website says otherwise? They did finally revise the winner between Horvit and Goodson. Is it a system error or what. USC website says Horvit won.
Probably a better level than the other semi. Both were hitting aggressively and with flair, the pace was enormous. H's variety again was effective.

On the singles finals, Horvit probably wins this. Just the better player. The only department in which F excels is serve(F likes drop shotting but H is even better. Not for nothing did I name her as the next in line for 'Fantasista' lol). I thought H was a very good server watching that Winter National final, but her serve seems a bit unstable now.

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