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Sunday, November 6, 2016

2016 JKC Final day

So practically missed the doubles match, assumed doubles was later usually? Surprisingly? it was being played first when I arrived after finally spotting that Prairie Warbler at 10am at Madrona thanks to Chris. It was already 5-3 in the 2nd, methinks, so can't really say. Katz was as usual active at net, that's all I can say. Is this NU team #3 doubles though.

Maybe I should've arrived early because I actually spotted the bird again at Madrona after the doubles match was concluded lol, around 1pm.  Oh well.
By the way that bird was my 320th LA County species this year. My life list, 371(LA, 345).

Still, marquee match today, Fleming vs Horvit singles, could at least watch this one in full.

Ena's father spotted again(watched with Grant Chen?). Just found out that UK won NIIC, but whatever, a fabulous Fall debut for the Bruin freshmen.

Terri was actually quite impressive. Could almost paint the sidelines with strong drives, stretching Mia wide. Served well as usual, only 2 DFs compared to Mia's 7 lol.  Serve and volley, net approaches, very good.

Many players would've succumbed to Terri.
Not Mia. Shots on the run were strong, managed to send strong flat drives.
Against Terri's net approaches? Was unfazed. Didn't panic.
Passed brilliantly with flat drives or fabulous touch shots including slices. Even Terri had to applaud some of those magic shots. As I said, 'Fantasista' future contender lol.
Could return Terri's strong serves verra well too, returning with pace. Committed DFs but also could serve well when needed. Go to shot was probably her forehand but her bh was quite solid as well.

Overall was very solid, so it was Terri who eventually succumbed to errors. Many game points or break points were those. Some finishes were suspect, including botching an overhead at net. Couldn't sustain the level after some tense rallies, and especially in the 2nd set, her level kinda went down. Serve and volley attempts were foiled by Mia's strong returns, botched half volleys, etc.

Still quite a tournament from Terri, she might play upper singles positions. UCLA's anchor positions could be actually pretty solid what with Fleming/Miller/Hart. Dunno Gabby Andrew's current form so can't comment on that.

Mia, what can we say. Fix that unstable serve, haha. USC(it's 2009 again, USC is Carolina not California at least from last season) has found/recruited that future star. USCal has not(and lost one. They have been recruiting lower position players, as I've mentioned before. Anybody can play any position. But what I mean by upper position players are, the players who can actually win against players of top teams in the NCAA. Players with weapons. My firm belief is that big hitters belong in the big league), we'll see who they recruit for 2017 and 2018.

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