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Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016 So Cal Sectional Doubles 11/12

Target player was Dunkle today(whom I haven't seen recently). So concentrated on that match, other G16 matches just glimpsed. Irvine is only G18 and G14, so a natural choice(but Haynes and Pursell are playing G18).

Overall methinks defence was very good; pretty much everybody. Returning overheads too. If you know the direction, however hard one hits, one can return. So many points were long; which requires patience and that extra something(whatever weapon or an even better execution) to win the point, from the aggressors.

35 Durant jersey...but a GSW one spotted(Can't beat them, so join them! Can't really root for this team any more lol, totally destroyed the balance of the league. But I did watch them lose to LAL, by chance. Winning is just that hard. Maybe that's why Durant chose an 'easier' way, a 'guaranteed' way; 'win a bunch').

Girls' 16 Doubles

Q (2) Hayer/Haynes d. (6) Arambulo/Cayetano 6-1; 6-2

Dunno why this match was played at 11? Well I did get to bird Mile Square Regional Park after the match(did I spot a mega-rare Scarlet Tanager???! Who knows, could be just a more common Western Tanager. Did spot Red naped and Red breasted Sapsucker).

Dunno who was who(A/C) but a shorter girl wearing a white cap, she was very good. Such a strong hitter; serve, passes, lob..
Haynes usually loops the ball but can hit flat, aggressively when opportunity presents. Serve seemed pretty good. Hayer's two handed drives were quite sharp.

Q (4) Canete/Chan d. (8) McKenzie/Tabanera 6-2; 6-3

M/T seemed to have nice touch. Some volleys didn't get out of bound, landed deep.

Q (7) Dunkle/Wagner d. (3) Cheng/Pursell 7-6; 6-3

Not sure I've seen D before, maybe. Defense was pretty good. And could hang with Cheng in rallies, that was impressive, since C is a very strong hitter. Even could produce sharp angles, making drive winners.

But later on, W began to hog the spotslight..haha(I've seen her play with Hayer at OC just recently). Great hustle/defense, and actually could poach very well. So this team was not losing the net duel against Pursell, which is quite an impressive feat in itself.

W was so all over the net lol(and I was trying to watch D play!), hogging every ball, and of course it could've destroyed the court balance; but D covered W's back pretty well methinks.

C was probably the strongest hitter, but did commit some volley errors.
Overall, a nice match, glad I watched this.

Q (1) Aude/Goldsmith d. (5) Huang/Ko 6-1; 6-4

Too bad couldn't watch much. Thought H/K could be quite good, what with both being strong hitters; that's a good win by A/G imo.

Girls' 18 Doubles

Were played at opposite ends. Came to watch after the last G16 match was concluded(D/W vs C/P);

SF (2) Ferrari/Wan d. Amiri/Lin 6-1; 6-4

Last match. Watched from the 2nd set methinks. A/L weren't bad.

SF (6) Deng/Lin d. (8) Goulak/McQuaid 6-1; 6-1

Only could watch the last game or so, did the losers tank or what, didn't seem to try that hard. Perplexing score. Or was one of them injured or out of sorts.

Not sure I can make it tomorrow. Can't watch the Final, for sure.

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