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Monday, November 21, 2016

Californians from the class of 2017 chose..

List from TRN

11Kayla DaySanta Barbara11
25Michaela GordonLos Altos Hills10
38Dominique SchaeferVentura17
414Kelly ChenCerritos5
518Sydney Van AlphenLaguna Beach17
621Christie WanFullerton10
722Annette GoulakOak Park15
Pedraza NR

Bellis and Gordon to Stanford, Chen to Duke, VA to USCal, Wan to Columbia, Goulak to UGA.
As I've said Duke has always done well in recruiting California Standouts; Turewicz, Alyssa Smith, Makarova..

As you can see UCLA again chose to recruit from out of state; verra well, recruited Dolehide and Altick.

So Day and Schaefer left.  And I believe Stanford, Cal, and USCal have one spot each left. Wonder if Day'll just turn pro.

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