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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Class of 2017 recruiting update

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Top 10 Class of 2017 commitment update

From TRN

1(1)Kayla DayCA11
2(2)Sofia KeninFL8
3(3)Kylie McKenzieAZ7
4(4)Usue ArconadaPR9
5(5)Michaela GordonCA10
6(6)Caroline DolehideIL3
7(7)Sofia SewingFL10
8(8)Kelly ChenCA6
9(9)Dominique SchaeferCA18
10(10)Stephanie SchrageNJ10

So about 3, only, decided methinks. One Californian remains in-state, another leaves for the Far East. Still 7 left.
As I said. Chen goes to Duke, Gordon stays at Stanford.

Moulin to Alabama, Meyer to Vandy, both good adds. Roberts too, for TCU.
Chiu chose Dartmouth, as I said, Ivy League is really intriguing. And Martinelli is rumored to go to Yale? Levine chose Yale.
Altick I've already mentioned here during ISC, in March, she was wearing a UCLA t shirt then.

Now really not many left. Day, Kenin, McKenzie, Arconada, Sewing, Schaefer, Schrage, KPL, Shin.. And some top girls might just turn pro. Pedraza is NR according to TRN now?

Maybe should've asked NU about recruiting during JKC, according to TRN they got only one so far.

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