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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Today got my precious Canon SX160 camera back! Lost it en route to birding about 2 weeks ago, and although I bought it second hand(thus, cheap), I really liked it. Sure it takes time to fully zoom, thus rather unsuited for taking bird pics such as super quick warblers, but it was by far the best camera I've owned so far.

Still thought to enquire, and about a week ago went back; they had it!! AM PM mart at Willow St. near 710 S. hwy. There were some mishaps, but finally today morning, went and got it back. A black guy entered the restroom after me, so maybe it was him, or maybe the employees. Anyway, super thankful(this was actually the 3rd time I've mislaid that camera lol. 1st at San Gabriel Mt., 2nd at Peck Pit, all during birding. Naturally since I no longer take pics or videos at tennis venues). I've lost practically every item including 2 laptops and Kindle Fire HD6, and at tennis venues a whole bag including Kobo e-reader, folding mat and 2 Swatches; never got items back before.
Was agonizing over buying other better cameras such as Canon SX60 or even Rebel T series, but no need.

Of course, also many thanks to the few donors this year! Mucho gracias; deeply grateful.

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