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Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Winter Nat] New Year's Eve

Maybe a coincidence but Texans did well in doubles;

Players still playing tomorrow(that's finals and 3/4PL);

G18; Kung/Shin(withdrew in semis against Campana/Corley), Aragon(with Californian Duong, advanced to the final, upsetting Bridges/Rice)

G16; Cusano/Guevara, Goldsmith(with Yaloz)

G16 #1 Kourkina/Sorokko are looking for a repeat; today trounced Cusano/Guevara(G is a very good doubles player). The most difficult match for them was against Cheng/Wagner in the 2nd rd. Won 63, 67(2), 12-10.  Except that one set, didn't lose one, the closest being 75 in the 1st against Frazier/Pursell.

Final could be a familiar experience for them, since they were constantly on the defensive against Gillas/Kung in the final last time. Not sure I've seen Tran, but Crowley is one of the biggest hitters among her class of 2019, and surely among the G16 participants there(you can't beat Mossmer unless you're a superb attacker).
Too bad can't watch this match, 3/4PL Cusano/Guevara vs Goldsmith/Yaloz too.

G18, the field was pretty even this year, Shibahara not playing lol. After Altick/Bolton withdrawing it was anybody's guess, and we have Aragon/Duong vs Campana/Corley final.
Not an easy road for A/D, having to defeat Patel/Yarlagadda and Bridges/Rice.

C/C definitely had an easier draw, and avoided meeting either #2 Allen/Joyce(lost to Kung/Shin) or Kung/Shin(withdrew). But undoubtedly they're very good players, Campana being quite a solid and sharp hitter. And of course Corley is one of the best net players out there.

G18 singles semis

Kung vs Choy(surprisingly easy score against Bolton)
Forbes vs Glozman

Consolation draw

Bright vs Lin
Kuttila vs Bolton
Peng(upset Campana) vs Burger
Sung(upset Muljat) vs Yarlagadda(Y withdrew)

G16 singles semis

Blake vs Gallagher
Kourkina vs Redelijk

No surprise Blake and Gallagher advancing, a bit more surprising in Kourkina and Redelijk.

But I see that Kourkina had actually an exceptional year. I do remember being impressed with her game against Muljat at EB(and won that match), but she has also defeated Volynets(Coral Gables ITF), lost to Lim in 3, and in the National defeated Cheng, Stearns and Blake. At Pam Am, lost to Ann Li in 3, mucho impressive.

Only lost one set against hard-hitter Goldsmith so far in this tournament, as well.

Redelijk also won in a surprisingly easy score against Crowley, but she in fact has defeated her before, also in 2, at the National.

Consolation draw

Tran vs ABC
Yeah vs Lee(Lee withdrew)
Sorokko vs Goldsmith
Guevara vs Crowley

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