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Sunday, October 22, 2017

2017 SW R Day 4 pics of the day

Birded literally all day, even after the match finish, and it paid off!
Disappointing morning birding but ended? in a Slam Dunk.


I was green with envy at L.A. birders who've spotted this rare Central U.S bird the last couple of days there, but do I even have to drive that far to Pacific Palisades now..!

Doubles team of 2017 Regional

SF Grib/Veksler d. (5) Jarlskog/Renaud 8-6
Q Grib/Veksler d. (3) Austin/Kubicz 8-4
16 Grib/Veksler d. (6) Madcur/Perez-Somarriba 8-5
32 Grib/Veksler d. Gonzalez/Goulak 8-6

Luck? I think not. Beat UGA, UM, UF, GT teams...!

Now I'm Extremely curious About this team. ITA should give them a ticket to NFC, even if they lose in the Final.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

2016 SW R Day 3 pics

Decided to bird Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery(famous migrant spot) after the match, big mistake. So windy.
So just took some pics, for the view

Wait a minute Chris Dean was here earlier?  What the HECK is SHE doing here????? :)
I heard she spotted Cassin's Sparrow and Greater Pewee near Pacific Palisades...what's her LA Country total now???!!

2017 SW R Day 3 Doubles

Not so surprise(by now!) guest was Nicole Mossmer. I was too busy watching doubles to say proper hello lol, sorry!

First watched this Consolation match;

Pribylova/Houbova vs Volodko/Lev Ari

V didn't play singles today methinks, so glad I watched this, if only a bit.
P passed, H's net defense was good, V passed, LA passed too, so maybe UH position problem.

LMU def. USD

LMU was leading 5-0, so passed.


Could watch a bit. Voracek is just SO fast; could cover the backcourt. Vero M's service return was probably one of the Shots of the day; very effective.


Wanted to watch this new LBSU team, so definitely had a peek. Not bad, the most impressive being one of them kicking the ball over the net..haha(was the shorter one Casasampere?).


UCSB led quick, 3-0 then 4-1. No surprise of course, Dubavets being an excellent doubles player, as well(not only strong singles player). So couldn't really watch.

UCLA def. CSUN 8-6

Could watch from later on. This CSUN team should be good. Alcon is of course good, quite good at net for example(reported on her local matches including Summer Circuit APU or something). Van de Vondel, also quite good, passing shot, high poach. Methinks both defended well. Hence the tight score.
Miller today surprised me with her net presence, along with Milovanovic. Quite active, and executed well. Drive was of course effective, for example attacking serve. Even made a nice overhead at back court. A again had serve return problem, but she later on played well at net, hence could secure the win.

PEPP def. LBSU 8-6

Another LBSU team. You know, LBSU doubles went far. Couldn't watch much but both newcomers seemed to move well. As I said, M's net presence was a revelation to me. She now seems QUITE comfortable there, nice timing AND execution. Was later even flying across the net..haha.
Gulbe is as solid as it gets, so could be a good combo. G once threw a tantrum when her serve got attacked haha, but she managed to hold, a crucial one, led 7-5 methinks.

USC def. USD

Too bad, wanted to have a peek of Anderson/Nonnenmacher.

UCLA def. USC 8-5

Thought this might be interesting since W is an elite doubles player(EB, etc.). But other matches has preference, so couldn't really watch, too bad.


Semifinalists are eligible for NFC at-large selection methinks.

Staggered match, maybe due to some singles matches being played long, but whatever, good for me.


Naturally concentrated on this match because I haven't seen Dubavets play singles at all lol.
Didn't disappoint, of course. Her serve return along with Vero M's, Shots of the Day. Almost lethal, producing winners. Passes, poaches, even stretch good. Methinks also served well.
Bruins were quite good at net, drop shot and stop volley and such, but committed some errors, Fleming especially. Had to leave later to watch LMU vs LMU marquee match since it's only 8-game affair.


Could watch alongside the above match.
It looked like Andrews vs Smith ace duel, no surprise since both excelled since juniors(Andrews needs no mention as multiple Jr. Slam winner, also won ISC methinks with TT, but Smith, G16 National finalist with Sneed, EB G18 finalist with Ruder-Hook..).
Andrews still good at net, doubly effective since she's tall. Deft touch and effortless poaching timing is still alive and well.  Hart moved well, making some sharp on the run c/c passing shot winner. W seemed to serve well as usual.

LMU def. LMU

Had to watch this stadium match, of course to watch Anderson/Romeka. Comfortably could watch in the shade at the top step down to the stadium at baseline(best seat during the National lol, everybody scrambles to occupy this prime seat; because it provides SHADE as well!) thanks to LMU coach moving the bag..wait a minute that was Vasenina? Why can't I match with her face I've seen before...maybe I didn't 'study' her face too well lol. Anyway she was quite good during college. Bercume? did she marry.
Emery was supposed to go to LMU? The article was linked on the profile page.

Anyway.  Impressed with those two. Both quite comfortable at net, also could attack sharply. Romeka especially was very good, also defending very well at net. Poached well. R had a ball toss problem haha, and both seemed to have trouble handling high balls. But overall quite impressed. Routing Ahmed/Lahey might not have been a fluke..

Voracek as usual lobbed well, also threw the racquet in disgust after committing UE haha(Anderson once dropped a racquet after making a UE). As I said Vero M again attacked serve very effectively.

I would've loved to watch the match to conclusion, but had to have a peek of UCLA vs PEPP, so regretfully, left. Anyhow, LMU is definitely one of the teams to watch this season, no question about it.

PEPP def. UCLA 8-4

PEPP was leading 4-1 when I arrived then lost all remaining games? Can't be because I came lol, you know my role model is Oracene(feigning disinterest)! I just want to watch a good match, that's all. Especially since both Ms, Miller and Milovanovic, are two of my favorite hitters!

Well...again Dzina impressed me at net, Miller moved well, attacked serve, did she even ace to hold to lead 7-4.  She like Dzina seems quite comfortable at net, by now.
A again once failed to return serve haha, but she also played well later methinks, including at net.

Doubles start tomorrow at 10 methinks, so should bird two places, near PLNU to spot the reported(by Gary Nunn as usual!) Black-throated Blue Warbler female, then Fiesta Isl. Dog Run to spot McCown's and Chestnut-collared Longspur reported by Paul Lehman.

2017 SW R Day 3 Singles

I swear it looked like Paul Lehman, same blue shirt, same guy, and I didn't bring the NG book, why didn't I bother lol(I brought it yesterday). But I can't just grab him(he didn't stay, just passed straight by, unlike other birders), that will be too rude, no? And what if it wasn't him.
Forget Famosa, no luck on the Virginia Rail ahd PL reported a MCCOWN'S LONGSPUR along with CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPUR at Fiesta Isl. Dog Run. Going there first thing in the morning of course.
Gary Nunn reported Black-throated Blue Warbler, he's really finding all kinds of warblers lol. But saw that at Descanso last Fall, so Longspurs are priorities for me. 

So, tomorrow will be my last day, as I announced beforehand.

Oh totally forgot about Helgo, too bad she didn't play here. Was impressed with her and Pacholski last season. Juravilova or Juravliova too, for that matter(LMU). Shutter too(CSUN). And of course Elhadj, who really impressed me last time this tournament.

Chow def. Casasampere

Good match. Chow really has a pleasing looking game. Doesn't hit hard, but hits quite smooth, and flat. Certainly was the better hitter but Casa...was returning everything. Really a solid player. So lots of times, after rallies Chow sank the balls.

Fleming def. Sentenac

Similar to Casasampere, this Sentenac. Solid, could move well, and return well. Sliced well, served decently, once made a jumping backhand.  Totally forgot that Fleming is also from Georgia lol. Really Georgia could be a Doubles Mecca...!

That's about it, couldn't really watch other consolation matches. Smith didn't play against Volodko, checked at the clubhouse.  Van de Vondel too, checked but didn't play today methinks.


Totally concentrated on those marquee matches, LMU vs Pepperdine(I won't lie, Voracek and Milovanovic are two of my favorite players lol).

Lahey def. Voracek

Tight all the way, no surprise of course. Both just move SO well, and hit with all their might. V's bh was really good. Definitely by now one of my favorite players in the whole league.

This match and another LMU vs Pepperdine marquee match that was played at the next court, Miroshnichenko vs Milovanovic? Maybe size mattered. Size equals power(weight transfer), so.. their attacks, the losers had trouble returning it, from time to time.

Similar reason that I thought the Pliskovas were the future of WTA, when I first saw them play at 2011 ITF RSF or something(was it Karo? She lost against Gibbs); well maybe not quite that accurate since they're not really hard hitters(as Corswandt also observed later). But still maybe their weight transfers were good, could produce pace effortlessly then. And of course, their untouchable serve lol.

Anyway, was this the de facto final? Could be? Lol, we'll see..

Broomfield def. Kulikov
Ahmed def. Hart

Miroshnichenko def. Milovanovic

I didn't know who won the 1st set because they did not arrange the scoreboards that way during the 2nd set -_- (you know, the higher one means that that one won the 1st? Scorecards were placed at the same height!).

Anyway, went to 3rd I guess. I think I'll designate Vero as the Player of the Day. She played like a veteran lol, no kidding. Where have all those wild errors gone haha. She actually seems to be playing better day by day?

Can't be just raw footspeed, since she's very tall. Good anticipation as well? Could return Dzina's bullets, no problem. Actually, she drop shotted quite often, successfully; which means, Dzina's drive couldn't bother her much(the pace or whatever)???

And those variety. Drop shot also in best condition; thus lured Dzina to the net, then lobbed or passed. A masterful performance.

Dzina's drop shot was very good, as well, some choice executions, but Vero definitely tried way more often!

I said Vero's previous match against Anderson was a HQ match; it wasn't a fluke, at all. As I said, she seems to be playing better day by day. Has begun to reign in those wild errors, and is moving just terrific, which also helps in attacking; dtl, hitting into the court: it was almost flawless, sublime.

Maybe Dzina could've lessened those drive errors, or could've served more solidly. But today, Vero was just too good. Worthy of freshman preseason top 10 performance..

Both Vero M and Eva Voracek are excellent movers; they're not just big hitters. They're here to stay. LMU acquired future stars(well they're stars already I guess!).
Hence, if I can watch tennis at all come April, I'll stay home and drive less than 30 minutes to Claremont to watch WCC chapmionship, rather than WAY FURTHER Ojai haha. If they still play at Claremont, that is.

Santa Clara is another team to watch, good doubles players including Mad Pothoff. Gonzaga's Whittle and Apollo are quite good. BYU as well, wonder how Jones is playing, also Sam Smith, Gabby's lil' sis.

Friday, October 20, 2017

2017 SW R Day 2 MD Singles Rd of 16

Important rd, since Quarterfinalists can theoretically make NFC.

Lahey def. Volodko 60, 46, 62

Watched from the 2nd set.
I was SO impressed with V. Her hitting. So~ natural. Didn't hit that hard, but seems to have a rather concise form. Short take back, or fast racquet head speed, whatever. So could hit fast, which was defensively very useful as well. And could attack sharply when the opportunity presented...just hit so effortlessly! In and out fh painting the corner, etc..  Service return winner, defensive lob, drop shot and lob combo, dropping the racquet after mishitting a drive volley..haha.
Compared to her L's hitting looked ugly haha. But powered through. And her serve again, crucial.

Voracek def. Fleming 3, 0

Ugly. Both weren't playing very well, spewing errors, so left :p

Broomfield def. Westby 2, 2

Kulikov def. Zeidan 4, 2

Z also quite a natural hitting. Better hitter and attacker than K. But K's defense was too good. Very good slice and movement. In the end Z kinda self destructed, unable to pierce K's defense. Mr. Law said K looked more Asian than Z lol, but Z is from Taipei according to her profile?

Milovanovic def. Smith 4, 4

M was leading and S already secured a spot at NFC, so didn't really watch this marquee match much. Methinks M serving well definitely counted. She even made a drop shot winner at a crucial moment late in the match. S maybe served a bit erratic at critical moments(still, she's a terrific server, for her size).  M actually led 5-2 in the 2nd, then lost 2 games in a row, the last one DFing to get broken. So I was thinking like, 'Did you NOT learn from Iron Maiden NOT to choke' lol, but she played the next? match point well; after a tense rally Smith made a drive error, game, set, match.

Miroshnichenko def. Anderson 2, 2

Watched as long as I could, since I haven't watched A thus far this tournament.
M surprised me with her...solidity haha. In best condition. When a big hitter like her doesn't miss...major trouble for her opponents.  A certainly tried(thought it was a HQ match, both attacking the lines and corners), but M was just too good this match. Served, volleyed well(choice net approaches), good small step..

Hart def. Valdes, 46, 61, 64

Ahmed def. Pacholski 2, 2

P is a good hitter. Can attack sharply.  Still A's power play was too much. P once after winning a game with a sharp bh passing shot, threw the ball back high over the head walking to the bench to rest lol, that was kinda funny.
A certainly is moving well this tournament. As I said, 'Embree effect'? Haha.


Lahey vs Voracek
Milovanovic vs Miroshnichenko
are marquee matches for me.

In fact some choice additional matches as well, such as
Chow vs Casasampere
Dubavets vs Weissmann(I really should watch D play singles at least once lol)
Smith vs Volodko(Smith just can't rest!)

2017 SW R Day 2 Singles MD Rd of 32

Rd of 32

Lahey def. Van Alphen

Watched just a bit, L served well.

Volodko def. Hruba

Too bad couldn't watch much, only a bit of the 1st set methinks. Quite even. V, lefty. Decent hitting. Good variety such as drop shots and lobs. Decent mover(H too in fact, despite her size).

Voracek def. Branstine

B was actually leading 5-2 when I arrived, was surprised. Not sure V targeted B's bh, anyhow V's bh was strong. V is altogether more solid so the outcome isn't surprising. B later approached the net, maybe too late? trailing 2-5 in the 2nd set, good execution methinks(B is basically a baseliner), Too bad couldn't watch much.

Fleming def. Nonnenmacher

Rather impressed with this Toreros freshman. Lefty, and could hit quite sharply. Only a glimpse though.  F attacked N's serve methinks.

Misplaced the 2nd draw page, darn.

Broomfield def. Torres

Westby def. Nuno

Kulikov def. Dubavets 5, 1

It was 5-4 or something in the 1st set when I checked the score(via my bino, of course) of this court 13 match, but thought D would win. Imagine my surprise when I asked coach Abdala at the clubhouse later and she told me Kulikov vs Zeidan advanced lol. So I watched D moved around the venue, than actually see her play lol, egad..
She did advance with Da Silveira, so should watch her play tomorrow against Branstine/Van Alphen.

Zeidan def. Gulbe

Did they even play? G like D roamed around the venue..haha. I was looking forward to Dubavets vs Gulbe senior duel lol. Oh USD just posted the updated draw, and they did play and Z won  6,2?? Where was this played?

Smith def. Altick 0, 3

Mostly watched the 2nd set methinks. Play resumed after rain, and Smith soon finished it.
Overpowered, I guess. Still A's bh was good, moved well. Many balls went a bit out of bounds, but was generally struggling against Smith's aggression. Passes, approach volley..not bad though(hence the tighter score in the 2nd set I guess).

Watching this..lost opportunity. Imagine Smith playing 2 or 3 and Xepoleas at 1, and others also progressing nicely. They might've been now a contender for the National Championship. Smith, Katz and Failla methinks improved at USC, but that's about it. Letzt defeated Smith at Lakewood Final, and she wasn't even operational. Her size and movement..

Not sure Xepoleas was really into it(as I said she didn't play National G18, not even once. USC did recruit her early, still...), but what a waste of talent. She should've gone to UCLA or something. Fleming played #2 last season, whom she routed with ease at Ojai Invitational Final.

That SW R match against Kyle McPhillips. The score was a rout. Do you know how hard to actually rout Kyle lol. The only player I can think of, who inflicted a similarly lopsided score was Brady during ISC or something(Price too methinks, probably twice during college; the irony that she lost the deciding match at NCAA lol). It's really too bad I missed that match(should ask somebody about it, how it actually went). That was methinks a Quarterfinals match.
Missed that Cal. match too, where Meredith defeated NCAA finalist Lynn Chi in a deciding match at #6(went Pelagic birding that day).
I don't care if Kyle or Lynn was returning from injury so maybe was a bit rusty. As I said Meredith's IW PQ match against Lucie Hradecka was one of the most impressive performances by an American junior in recent years. USC putting her, the best USC recruit and talent since Lindsey Nelson, who defeated Claire Liu twice(and once losing in 3rd?), at #6, was a blatant stacking, a crime against humanity lol. I still haven't gotten over it..

Milovanovic def. Anderson

Was reserving M's match for her next marquee match against Smith. M was even approaching the net.

Miroshnichenko def. Sentenac 4,2

Really too bad I couldn't watch this more. Only had a peek mid-match, and when I returned the match was already over. Blame the remote court location(22). M seemed still a bit erratic..haha. All over the court, as usual. I wonder if S will play another match tomorrow; just checked and she's playing against Fleming, verra good. Definitely will have a peek.

Anderson def. Morales

Reserved A's match for her next match against M. Whenever will I watch Hampster and SS play again..haha.

Hart def. Lev Ari 6, 1

QUITE impressed with ALA. Man she's good. Tall yet moved well. Bh, quite solid. Definitely could attack. Even did a 'Vera Zvonareva' after losing the 1st set haha, putting the towel over her head!
Overall H was too powerful, and she played rather flawlessly, composedly in the 2nd set(I only could concentrate in the 2nd set). Drop shotted to good effect.
You know what, UCSB recruited so well(but coach Thibodeau always recruited well. Man do I miss Nastya Petuckhova and Melanie Gloria), I'm not sure Hawaii can...haha, we'll see?

Valdes def. Lo Pumo

Pacholski def. Andrews 5, 2

Mostly watched the 1st set, then last game? of 2nd.
Well, A's form is certainly a far cry from her elite junior years. Not moving too well. Thought her bh was good at first, but eventually broke down. Approached the net but P reacted pretty well methinks, passing and defending well at net. Well P is a good player.

Ahmed def. Weissmann 2, 2

A too good. W certainly could prolong the match, but that's about it. Maybe was too busy reacting to A's aggression, but couldn't bother A much. A netted bh slices quite often. Drop shotted well(since she was pinning W behind the baseline).

2017 SW R Day 2 eating, birding and doubles

Just came from Yummy Buffet! Yes, FREE FOOD graciously provided by Mr. Law! AAaaahhhh, what's not to love SD; perfect weather(as he said, even the rain conspired because the matches ended perfectly for dinner time!), terrific birding, FREE FOOD..who cares about tennis :p
Maybe I should've taken pics of all the foods I ate there and post it here, instead of writing this boring recap lol.

Morning birding, hoped for Virginia Rail again at Famosa Slough but no luck, another birder came by so chatted a bit.
As I said after it rained, hurried to the river for a nearer glimpse of that Tricolored Heron, and it obliged :)  Was resting at the grass bed mid-river, but after a while flew to this bank(south), so could take close up pics!

LMU(Anderson/Romeka) def. PEPP(Ahmed/Lahey)

NO WAY. I thought this Wave team might win it all..haha. So didn't watch. WHAT a shocker. The biggest upset this tournament, nay ALL Regionals lol. Watch out for LMU this season??  I remember Romeka playing IW PQ..


Tight match. Bendetti good as usual, excelled at net. Her net defense one of the Plays of the Day for sure. Wiley dumped an overhead this time! LMU attacked Bruins' serve to good effect. Miro... had a crucial hold to lead 6-4 methinks.

Prudhomme/Rinaldi vs Dean/Parker

Watched this a bit, pity this was played at remote crt 24.

Emery/Zeidan vs Buth/Diaz

It was neverending lol, so finally left. It was like Emery vs Buth duel. Thrilling net duel between those two. Again the Titans got passed(position problem), D passed well. Emery returned overhead well.

UCLA def. UH

Andrews too good? Occupied the net methinks.


Wanted to have a peek of this Volodko, but the Bruins(B/F) had a substantial lead already when I arrived to watch.

UCLA def. USD(Chow/Torres)

It was not an easy win at all. Pity couldn't watch much, only could watch the last few games or something. Altick's serve return was not very good(ditto to her singles match against Smith later). Miller moved decently, and methinks Bruins were quite proactive at net; probably led to their win.

That's it, unless it's staggered no way to 'cover' more doubles matches. Tomorrow should be interesting.

Let's lament/mourn the demise of Ojai

The glorious Individual tradition, gone.

No longer match ups like that classic Ahn vs Gibbs. No longer #1 vs #3/4 player.
Just the same old Duals position matchups. Why did they have to follow Men, have no idea.

Team Ranking? Does it matter? Pac 12 still dominated NCAA even with that 'handicap'. Or is it only applicable to Stanford lol(all those 'upsets' at NCAA!)..

I thought Pac 12 was different. No more. So really no need to drive 1.5 hours to go there.

It's just getting worse and worse..

2017 SW R Day 2 pics

I know you were waiting for this; Verra rare Triolored Heron! Glad I went to the river at Robb Field after the rain(before the play resumed)! Braved a bit of a drizzle but it was worth it :)

Cutie cute Horned Lark! There were more than 30 of them at the baseball field lawn, then it flew nearer to the dirt ground.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

On 2017 SE Regional


EPS vs Austin, should be good. Quarterfinals match.
Kuhlman really is not playing. Did she indeed receive WC.


Hourigan/Jones #1 well deserved, probably. Had an impressive streak last year, and really harassed Pothoff/Routliffe during NCAA doubles.

Boltinskaya teamed up with Thoms.
Danilina teamed up with Porter. Austin with Kubicz, interesting. And they're #3 seed? K must be good then?
Flores with Otsuka. Jarlskog with Renaud.
EPS with Madcur(can't remember their doubles order during ACC tournament right now).

Oh tennislink is operational, good.

On 2017 Carolina Regional

Just browsing MD. So~~ tough. I think pretty much everybody is playing. Except Sanford of course, in singles.

Furman upset? win, but wasn't Vines quite good anyway.
UNCW defeated NCSU and ECU teams, wow.
Berg teamed up with Rohrbacher. Cline with Horvit. Huh.
Omirou teamed up with Ulyashchenko.
Carter is a good doubles player yet CU team bageled them..
Doubles is just so tough, as well. Really they should award #1 Rogers/Wiktorin WC anyway..haha.

Dai/Vialle's improbable? win

I've lambasted their position during NTI lol but UNC had a perfectly legitimate reason to put them there.

Because they won the Regional!

Result from UNC;

Main Draw Doubles
Round of 32
Carter/Price (UNC) def. Rompies/Ruiz (Clemson) 8-2
Dai/Vialle (UNC) def. Asch/Guerin (Wake Forest) 8-2
Akkerman/Vazquez (UNC) def. Clousing/Gumulya (Clemson) 8-2

Main Draw Doubles
Round of 16
Dai/Vialle (UNC) def. Hande/Stenta (NC State) 8-4
Janowicz/Nalborska (NC State) def. Akkerman/Vazquez (UNC) 8-4
Carter/Price (UNC) def. Meredith/Zhang (Wake Forest) 8-1

Main Draw Doubles
Dai/Vialle (UNC) def. Cochran/Dailey (South Carolina) 8-5
Berg/Lechemia (South Carolina) def. Carter/Price (UNC) 8-5 

Main Draw Doubles
Semifinals Dai/Vialle (UNC) def. Goldfeld/Smith (Duke) 6-4, 5-7, 1-0(7) 

Main Draw Doubles Finals
Dai/Vialle (UNC) def. Berg/Lechemia (South Carolina) 4-6, 6-3, 1-0(5)

Carter/Price was maybe a weird pairing(both are tall, so maybe defense problem, although C's defense is astounding considering her size), but still. Maybe Berg had an ON day then lol, just like when her and Cline routed NIIC champ UK team during the SEC tournament this year.

Anyhow, THIS happened, so coach Kalbas could happily put D/V at #1...haha.
You know the rest. UNC won the doubles point, winning the lower positions :p

Dai and Vialle were quite good actually. They were in fact quite competitive against UNC during 2015 NCAA , when UNC top 3 singles were shut out haha(couldn't watch the match, even via webcam, just scorewise). Wonder why Kay didn't play singles though.

2017 SW R Day 1

Got out at 4:40am, so didn't experience too much traffic on the way to SD.
Naturally after breakfast went straight ahead to Famosa Slough, mostly staying at the south end puddle hoping for another lucky strike. Spotted a Black-and-White Warbler, definitely a good find. I couldn't find it last year in L.A county, and this year, already spotted 3 times, in 3 different places lol, at Martin Park Nature Center(Oklahoma City) on Apr. 30th, then Madrona Marsh last month, now here.
Was chatting with another birder when yet another birder passed us by. Blue shirt. And he suspiciously looked like that august Paul Lehman(only saw pics, never in person, so not sure)!!!
He just passed us by, looked rather I should carry my National Geographic 7th edition to get it autographed just in case!

After the match went to Robb Field and managed to spot a Tricolored Heron, again tragically too far away to take good pics, just like at Bolsa Chica! Also spotted Dunlins. So saw like 46 species today.

It was rather warm, but still, an ideal weather. Quite pleasant. After 2pm a Red-tailed Hawk graced us, hovered then flew west.

Some doubles started at the same time as the marquee match of the day Lahey vs Miller, so naturally had a peek of CSF vs CSUN, my target species of the day being of course Caisey Lee Emery, who I don't think played the National?
Her methinks is on par with Maxfield. Quite a recruit by CSF.
Too bad couldn't watch much, but CSUN passed well methinks. And Emery's partner Wei Tang?, is she also a freshman; could hit flat, rather nicely.

Couldn't watch other doubles matches, but did check the results later, and some results stand out;

Volodko/Yamada def. Hruba/Pits
Gulin/Casasampere def. Buth/Diaz

I deem those upsets. Those 3 freshmen from UCSB and LBSU must be pretty good.

Now singles. It's not only about top schools, Pac 12 teams and Pepperdine(Arizona didn't participate this time). GCU players impressed me before, and of course Big West teams. UCSB and UH players suitably impressed me today. I thought UH would win the Conference last year, but UCSB defeated them in the final, 4-1. Should be again interesting this season.

Lahey def. Miller

Glimpsed a bit of the start of 1st, then went to watch Emery play doubles, then came back. So watched most of the 2nd set methinks.
I don't particularly like baseball, but you gotta lo~~ve Miller 'playing baseball' haha. 'Miller Time'! Just sit back and enjoy, that's how you savor her play lol. Her hitting is it a blasphemy to compare her hitting to say, Brooke Austin's?  The pace and angle she creates..I mean who CAN outhit Claire Liu, eh?
Condition wasn't bad at all methinks, not making too many errors(per her standard!), bending knee at times. So many points were long; which means, Lahey returned extremely well.

Both are super aggressive hitters(two-handers gotta be; Miller), but I was suitably impressed with L's defense and movement. Is it an 'Embree Effect' or what lol. Struggled lots of times, naturally to return Miller's monstrous drives, but could return well, and in the end, it was Miller who broke down. Methinks Miller served quite decently, but later DFed at a crucial moment. Lahey definitely was the better mover, and her counterattacks wrong-footed Miller quite a lot methinks. Defensive drives on the run weren't too good, maybe. Also struggled to return Lahey's good serves. But enjoyed this ball-bashing classic!

Garcia def. Prudhomme

Watched some.
Younger Prudhomme wasn't bad at all. Not quite Tatum's level, but fh sliced well, could paint the corner actually, and her bh drives were also quite sharp. Good net reflex, as well.  Garcia could hit quite sharply. Probably her aggression paid off.

Van Alphen vs Garcia

G was quite aggressive, taking charge of lots of points. VA as usual hustled well.

Volodko is seeded, 14th. She's freshman. Did she win today? If so, against Hruba...could be good?

Voracek def. Da Silveira

When I glimpsed V was aggressive like during WAATC, but I thought DS would be a quality opponent. Couldn't watch though, had to enjoy 'Miller time', and it almost finished at the same time, too bad.

Branstine def. Nadozie

Watched a bit, especially the latter 2nd. I was quite impressed with N actually. Quite a hitter. Strong backhand. DFed some though, methinks B was a more solid server(saw her ace once). B's in and out seems to be her go-to-shot, and although she netted some, eventually her aggression paid off(UCI will definitely miss her..). Trojans today approached the net a lot(not that different from before?), she and VA were probably an exception(opponents too good maybe, not allowing easy approaches? Couldn't really watch much though so could be a hasty generalization).
Was Car present?

Broomfield def. Atanasson

Never seen A play so well? Served well, moved well, attacked sharp enough(bh dtl winner painting the corner for example), showed very nice variety(defensive drop? volley at net, one of the Plays of the Day)..wasn't an easy win for B. B's follow through seemed good. Only could watch the latter 2nd, methinks.

Houbova def Emery

Good match. E, can do everything well. Literally everything. Attacking fh, good as usual, could create sharp angles as well. Volley(stretch volley winner), slice, lob, overhead, all good. Once stepped back nicely, deciding not to approach the net; good choice methinks, won that point?

But..was H this good? Could hit into the court, could generate pace quite effortlessly. Maybe too powerful? It was a nice match of aggression, quite enjoyed this. I was quite impressed with some UH players today. Did they power up or what lol. I thought Melounova was uber aggressive at WAATC. Not only her...! It was like...them 'protesting' that they are good too haha. Maybe they're determined to win that Conference Championship next year!

Kulikov def. Bendetti

Arrived too late, finished quite fast? So can't say. B was approaching the net. Marquee doubles match tomorrow, naturally to watch B(I said I was impressed with her during local tournaments).

 Kulikov def. Houbova

Too bad couldn't watch much. K's slice bh seemed to hold well.

Valdes def. Van de Vondel

Only could watch a bit, too bad. VDV grabbed my attention(was just passing by) with her sharp and low drives. Also approached the net? Her serve got attacked though, and Valdes made some angled bh winners, maybe VDV's movement could be better.

Lev Ari def. Resma

For real? Another upset?

Weissmann def. Chow

Chow is a solid player, so had a look, too bad couldn't watch much. Her variety was quite good, and her guiding fh was also good enough. Drop shotted but W reached it and passed methinks. W also approached the net. It's weird seeing her play here, when I last saw her play at Vanderbilt during SEC tournament lol.
USC has maybe too many solid players lol, and not only USC. Why do I keep think/fear that simultaneous format might be realized soon?

Casasampere def. Rinaldi

Too bad couldn't watch much. Nice to see R again(was she Tatum P's doubles partner?). Good variety and point construction. Definitely could attack whenever spotting an opening.

Smith def. Probylova

I was super impressed with P's level. And I thought Lahey had a tough draw lol. That was not an easy win. P's attacks were quite fearsome..! Smith served well(as usual), and also returned serve well methinks. P's serve was a bit unstable. Couldn't watch much.

Altick def. Yamada

When was the last time I saw A play, before she lost to Gauff? Haha. Just had a peek of the 2nd set. One shot impressed me, she made a drive winner from the service line. Many have trouble hitting through on that spot, either making errors or sending the ball weak. Bh seemed quite strong, was also able to create angles. Should be a good match against Smith tomorrow.

Miroshnichenko def. Corcoleotes

C could produce pace, but M just too good. Energetic as usual, and as usual? finding a bit difficult to reign in? Serve, variety..good.

Sentenac def. Wiley

Could watch some. I don't think W played that bad, actually. Needless to say was impressed with this Gauchos freshman. Quite solid. W's overhead seemed better though haha.
Could be a good match against Mirosh....tomorrow.

Well, that's it I guess. The plot thickens, and there should be many more quality singles matches tomorrow.

Now where should I bird tomorrow morning and afternoon...should consult today's ebird reports.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

On 2017 SW Regional


What the heck...Lahey vs Miller in the 1st rd(technically 2nd round, but they both had byes lol)??? That's like at least a Quarterfinal match...marquee match of the day, of course.
Voracek is also in the same Lahey really the 1st seed lol, tough draw.

Melounova and Levashova aren't playing, quite a letdown. But Smith is playing as #3 seed, dunno why, didn't she qualify for NFC.  Tough for others in the same 3rd quarter, such as Altick, Milovanovic and Anderson(yes ASU is playing. But she's the only Devil playing? Too bad..).

Forgot that Emery is playing for CSF.

Bendetti/Wiley vs LMU freshmen combo will be my marquee match on Friday, 9am.

Branstine teamed up with VA. Smith with Westby, this time. Kulikov with Weissmann.

Altick teamed up with Miller. And Hart is playing doubles, with Andrews.

Shibahara isn't playing, wonder if she received WC for NFC; or she's just playing ITF events now?

Well, I mean, could've been worse for other competitors; Shibahara, Stefani, Levashova, Failla, Melounova, and other ASU players all out. Smith is playing both events though, so we'll see how it goes.

Paul Lehman is back from Alaska, wonder if I'll 'encounter' him during morning birding...a chance to get an autograph!

ACC in Doubles Slams

2013 WAATC Anderson/Brady def. Olmos/Sandalis
2013 NIIC Woodard/Kurey def. Fellerhoff/Shine
2014 NCAA Routliffe/Jansen def. Herring/Kowase

2014 WAATC Gumulya/Rompies def. Zhao/Davidson
2014 NIIC Harrison/McPhillips def. Burgmans/Flickinger
2015 NCAA Routliffe/Jansen def. Susanyi/Fabikova

2015 WAATC Manasse/Starr def. Carter/Kay
2015 NIIC Carter/Kay def. Adachi/Sutjiadi
2016 NCAA Austin/Keegan def. Manasse/Starr

2016 WAATC Carter/Aney def. Stefani/Runglerdkriangkrai
2016 NIIC Adachi/Sutjiadi def. Shibahara/Hart
2017 NCAA Di Lorenzo/Kowase def. Routliffe/Pothoff

2017 WAATC Hamlin/McCarthy def. Dvorak/Federici

Pac 12 has been traditionally dominant(UCLA had two Slam winning teams heading into the Dual season in 2015...!!), and recently so many good SEC teams battled for supremacy: Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Kentucky..

But as you see, ACC teams have won at least one Slam per year. Especially were dominant at WAATC.

Can they win NCAA though. Big Ten won it last year(no surprise, since as I said Di Lorenzo was actually more formidable as a doubles player during her junior years).

Imagine if Doubles/SIngles simultaneous format goes to effect

Following are the Slam finalists from 2013 WAATC;

2013 WAATC Anderson/Brady def. Olmos/Sandalis
2013 NIIC Woodard/Kurey def. Fellerhoff/Shine
2014 NCAA Routliffe/Jansen def. Herring/Kowase

2014 WAATC Gumulya/Rompies def. Zhao/Davidson
2014 NIIC Harrison/McPhillips def. Burgmans/Flickinger
2015 NCAA Routliffe/Jansen def. Susanyi/Fabikova

2015 WAATC Manasse/Starr def. Carter/Kay
2015 NIIC Carter/Kay def. Adachi/Sutjiadi
2016 NCAA Austin/Keegan def. Manasse/Starr

2016 WAATC Carter/Aney def. Stefani/Runglerdkriangkrai
2016 NIIC Adachi/Sutjiadi def. Shibahara/Hart
2017 NCAA Di Lorenzo/Kowase def. Routliffe/Pothoff

2017 WAATC Hamlin/McCarthy def. Dvorak/Federici

If that format goes to effect, the vast majority of these players will have to play singles. In fact, most of them played #1!

So we fans will be robbed of enjoying ELITE doubles during Dual match, which IS the flower of Div. I competition.
The level of doubles will be correspondingly, LOWER.
Or do you really think Dai/Vialle were better than Loeb/Price or God forbid, Kay/Carter(UNC actually put the doubles squad in that order though, lol, during 2015 NTI. Yes D/V played #1)??

But if the level is low, how are you going to attract sports/casual fans, eh?

I'm not even talking about the havoc it'll create on rankings lol. Will you create separate rankings for individual and dual season? Utterly ludicrous.

Maybe you just hate doubles and want it gone..!  Maybe you think singles itself will 'somehow' sustain college tennis...the delusion lol. Good luck with that!

What is with the Georgians

Burdette sisters
Beck/Hrastar/Marsh, etc.

Why are they so good in doubles lol. There must be more?

Kendal Woodard

So tall and so good. Her underhand volley at net was uncanny! At such height..

After some experiments GT decided to put W with fellow Georgian Kurey, and it was an inspired choice.

(as usual all results from ITA)
5/12/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Lauren Embree
Sofie Oyen
#1 University of FloridaLoss8-6
5/11/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Hanna Yu
Elizabeth Epstein
Yale UniversityWin8-2
4/26/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Monique Albuquerque
Clementina Riobueno
#25 University of Miami (Florida)U7-6
4/21/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Joelle Kissell
Tatiana Illova
#26 North Carolina StateWin8-4
4/20/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kasey Gardiner
Kathryn Talbert
#33 Wake Forest UniversityWin8-5
4/14/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kelly Williford
Ilinca Stoica
Virginia TechWin8-1
4/13/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Stephanie Nauta
Erin Vierra
#41 University of VirginiaWin8-6
4/6/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Mary Clayton
Hanna Mar
#12 Duke UniversityWin9-8 (7-3)
4/5/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Whitney Kay
Caroline Price
#5 North CarolinaU8-7
3/31/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Sarah Gealer
Vroni Van Berlo
University of Maryland, College ParkWin8-1
3/30/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Jessica Wacnik
Alex Kelleher
Boston CollegeI
3/27/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Linda Abu Mushrefova
Nida Hamilton
#35 Northwestern UniversityLoss8-6
3/16/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Jennifer Kellner
Christine McGaffigan
#29 University of Notre DameWin8-5
3/10/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kristina Schleich
Francesca Segarelli
#30 Florida State UniversityWin8-3
3/9/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Lina Lileikite
Stephanie Wagner
#25 University of Miami (Florida)Win8-5
3/3/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Alix Thurman
Christine Guerrazzi
Miami University (Ohio)Win8-4
3/1/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Valentina Starkova
Barbora Vykydalova
University of North TexasWin8-0
2/23/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Lauren Herring
Maho Kowase
#6 University of GeorgiaWin8-3
2/21/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Whitney Byrd
Maryna Kozachenko
Georgia State UniversityWin8-0
2/13/2013Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Yana Koroleva
Tristen Dewar
#31 Clemson UniversityLoss9-8
2/2/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Ashleigh Antal
Marie Casares
#4 Vanderbilt UniversityWin8-4
1/27/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Joanna Henderson
Caitlyn Williams
#24 University of TennesseeWin8-6
1/26/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Quinn Gleason
Britney Sanders
#29 University of Notre DameWin8-6
1/20/2013Michigan InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Fanny Fracassi
Paula Montoya
University of South FloridaLoss8-4
1/20/2013Michigan InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Santa Shumilina
Erin Stephens
#32 University of MississippiWin8-6
1/19/2013Michigan InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Mimi Nguyen
Sarah Lee
#11 University of MichiganLoss8-6
1/17/2013Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Amanda Rodgers
Jimena Wu
Syracuse UniversityWin8-4
11/3/2012Midwest BlastElizabeth Kilborn
Kendal Woodard
Karen Forman
Xue Zhang
#33 Wake Forest UniversityLoss9-8 (5)
11/3/2012Midwest BlastKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Misia Kedzierski
Julia Jamieson
University of IllinoisWin8-6

Losses were few and far between, during the Dual season. Led Kay/Price.

11/10/2013USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsFinalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Julia Fellerhoff
Rebecca Shine
University of LouisvilleWin4-6, 6-3, 7-5
11/9/2013USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsSemifinalsKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Zoë Scandalis
Giuliana Olmos
#27 University of Southern CaliforniaWin6-0, 4-6, 6-0
11/8/2013USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Julia Elbaba
Rachel Pierson
#41 University of VirginiaWin8-5
11/7/2013USTA/ITA National Indoor Intercollegiate ChampionshipsRound of 16Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Brynn Boren
Zoë Katz
#27 University of Southern CaliforniaWin8-4
10/21/20132013 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southeast Regional ChampionshipFinalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Lauren Herring
Maho Kowase
#6 University of GeorgiaWin8-2
10/20/20132013 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southeast Regional ChampionshipSemifinalsKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Marcia Tere-Apisah
Tarani Kamoe
Georgia State UniversityWin8-6
10/19/20132013 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southeast Regional ChampionshipQuarterfinalsKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Brittany Dubins
Stephanie Wagner
#25 University of Miami (Florida)Win8-7
10/19/20132013 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southeast Regional ChampionshipRound of 16Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Olaya Garrido-Rivas
Fanny Fracassi
University of South FloridaWin8-7 (5)
10/18/20132013 USTA/ITA Division I Women's Southeast Regional ChampionshipRound of 32Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Laurence Porry
Duda Santos
#30 Florida State UniversityWin8-3
10/13/2013June Stewart InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Elizaveta Nemchinov
Nabila Farah
College of William and MaryWin8-5
10/12/2013June Stewart InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Ashleigh Antal
Sydney Campbell
#4 Vanderbilt UniversityLoss8-4
10/11/2013June Stewart InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Shannon Murdy
Alecia Kauss
Indiana University-BloomingtonWin8-2
10/5/2013Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)ConsolationKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Brooke Bolender
Emina Bektas
#11 University of MichiganLoss8-5
10/5/2013Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)ConsolationKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kate Fuller
Silvia Garcia
#6 University of GeorgiaWin8-4
10/4/2013Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)ConsolationKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Hermon Brhane
Whitney Ritchie
#47 University of OklahomaWin8-7 (7-2)
10/4/2013Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)ConsolationKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Erin Routliffe
Mary Anne Daines
#43 University of AlabamaWin8-4
10/3/2013Riviera/ITA Women's All-American Championships (Main Draw)Round of 32Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Whitney Kay
Caroline Price
#5 North CarolinaLoss8-6
9/28/2013Atlanta ClassicKendal Woodard
Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer
Crystal Leung
Ioana Alecsiu
Columbia UniversityWin8-3
9/27/2013Atlanta ClassicKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Abigail Tere-Apisah
Masa Grgan
Georgia State UniversityLoss9-8 (

Winning Fall season.  After a tough loss to Kay/Price, advanced all the way through Consolation WAATC, defeating Routliffe team on the way. Lost to Bektas/Bolender.
Won SE Regional defeating Herring/Kowase(such tough luck, this Georgian team!), then made history at NY.

5/22/2014NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 32Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Belinda Woolcock
Sofie Oyen
#1 University of FloridaLoss6-0, 6-3
5/10/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Courtney Colton
Lauren Mira
#4 Vanderbilt UniversityLoss8-3
5/9/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Mara Schmidt
Andjela Djokovic
Purdue UniversityWin8-5
4/25/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Li Xi
Stephanie Nauta
#41 University of VirginiaU5-6
4/24/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kelly Williford
Ilinca Stoica
Virginia TechWin8-4
4/19/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Annie Mulholland
Hanna Mar
#12 Duke UniversityWin8-4
4/17/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Whitney Kay
Caroline Price
#5 North CarolinaLoss8-7 (7-3)
4/13/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Maddie Kobelt
Valeria Salazar Garza
Syracuse UniversityWin8-1
4/11/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Audrey Ann Blakely
Taylor Washington
Univ. of PittsburghWin8-4
4/6/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Francesca Fusinato
Kelly Williford
Virginia TechU6-2
4/5/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Julia Elbaba
Rachel Pierson
#41 University of VirginiaU3-7
3/30/2014Dual MatchPos. #3Kendal Woodard
Alexa Anton-Ohlmeyer
Elisha Hande
Taylor Zaytoun
#26 North Carolina StateWin8-1
3/28/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Beatrice Gumulya
Yana Koroleva
#31 Clemson UniversityLoss8-2
3/21/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Veronica Corning
Alicia Barnett
#35 Northwestern UniversityLoss8-3
3/16/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kristina Hovseepyan
Welma Luus
University of Maryland, College ParkWin8-2
3/14/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Jennifer Ren
Heini Salonen
Boston CollegeWin8-2
3/7/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kasey Gardiner
Xue Zhang
#33 Wake Forest UniversityWin8-4
3/2/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Kelsey Laurente
Melissa Bolivar
#25 University of Miami (Florida)Loss8-4
2/28/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Daneika Borthwick
Kerrie Cartwright
#30 Florida State UniversityWin8-2
2/23/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Lauren Herring
Maho Kowase
#6 University of GeorgiaLoss8-6
2/21/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Quinn Gleason
Britney Sanders
#29 University of Notre DameWin8-5
2/15/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Joanna Henderson
Laurence Guevremont
#24 University of TennesseeU7-6
2/1/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Nikol Hristova
Melissa Esnal Olguin
Old Dominion UniversityWin6-2
1/26/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Ashleigh Antal
Sydney Campbell
#4 Vanderbilt UniversityWin6-3
1/25/2014Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Maggy Lehmicke
Mary Hanna
University of NebraskaWin6-2

Rest of the season was a bit lackluster lol, but had some tight matches against good teams.

5/21/2015NCAA Division I Singles & Doubles ChampionshipsRound of 32Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Zsofi Susanyi
Klara Fabikova
#13 CaliforniaLoss2-6, 7-6(8), 6-3
5/9/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Natasha Prokhnevska
Kendal Woodard
Josie Kuhlman
Belinda Woolcock
#1 University of FloridaLoss8-2
5/8/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Alexis Prokopuik
Julia Schiller
Gabriela Porubin
Wichita State UniversityLoss8-3
4/26/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Julia Elbaba
Skylar Morton
#41 University of VirginiaLoss8-4
4/25/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Daneika Borthwick
Yukako Noi
#30 Florida State UniversityWin8-0
4/24/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Ester Goldfeld
Alyssa Smith
#12 Duke UniversityWin8-3
4/23/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Joanna Nalborska
Natalia Janowicz
#26 North Carolina StateWin8-3
4/19/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Komal Safdar
Valeria Salazar Garza
Syracuse UniversityWin8 2
4/17/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Katherine Castro
Lolade Ogungbesan
Univ. of PittsburghU7-5
4/12/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Skylar Morton
Cassie Mercer
#41 University of VirginiaWin8-2
4/10/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Jessica Wacnik
Asiya Dair
Boston CollegeWin8-1
4/8/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Alicia Barnett
Erin Larner
#35 Northwestern UniversityWin8-6
4/4/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Beatrice Gumulya
Jessy Rompies
#31 Clemson UniversityWin8-4
4/3/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Raluca Mita
Kelly Williford
Virginia TechWin8-0
3/29/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Annie Mulholland
Samantha Harris
#12 Duke UniversityLoss8-5
3/27/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Xue Zhang
Andrea Retolaza Andrade
#33 Wake Forest UniversityWin8-2
3/22/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Quinn Gleason
Monica Robinson
#29 University of Notre DameWin8-6
3/17/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Daneika Borthwick
Kerrie Cartwright
#30 Florida State UniversityWin8-7 (7-5)
3/15/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Lina Lileikite
Stephanie Wagner
#25 University of Miami (Florida)U6-7, UF
3/6/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Ariana Rodriguez
Elle Stokes
University of LouisvilleU
3/1/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Johnnise Renaud
Nicole Martinez
Sophie Nelson
#26 North Carolina StateWin8-7 (15-13)
2/27/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Johnnise Renaud
Jamie Loeb
Caroline Price
#5 North CarolinaLoss8-5
2/21/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Ellen Perez
Lauren Herring
#6 University of GeorgiaLoss8-1
2/15/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Johnnise Renaud
Eve Repic
Laurence Guevremont
#24 University of TennesseeWin6-3
2/14/2015Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Gabriella De Santis
Sandy Niehaus
#3 Ohio State UniversityWin6-3
1/31/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Olaya Garrido-Rivas
Jessica Cortes Chaves
University of South FloridaWin6-1
1/25/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Vladica Babic
Katarina Adamovic
#10 Oklahoma State UniversityWin6-4
1/24/2015Dual MatchPos. #2Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Rima Asatrian
Alexandra Solovyev
Columbia UniversityWin6-4
1/18/2015Mal Moore InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Erin Routliffe
Maya Jansen
#43 University of AlabamaLoss6-2
1/17/2015Mal Moore InvitationalKendal Woodard
Alexis Prokopuik
Yukako Noi
Mia Vriens
#30 Florida State UniversityWin7-6 (5)
1/16/2015Mal Moore InvitationalKendal Woodard
Megan Kurey
Alicia Barnett
Manon Peri
#35 Northwestern UniversityLoss4-0, ret.
11/1/2014Roberta Alison Fall ClassicSemifinalsKendal Woodard
Johnnise Renaud
Luicelena Perez
Maya Jansen
#43 University of AlabamaLoss8-6
11/1/2014Roberta Alison Fall ClassicConsolationKendal Woodard
Johnnise Renaud
Kaylene Chadwell
Kayla Jones
10/31/2014Roberta Alison Fall ClassicQuarterfinalsKendal Woodard
Johnnise Renaud
Noel Scott
Amanda Atanasson
#21 LSUNby forfeit

In flux. Many partners, maybe preparing for Duals? Was Kurey injured? Dunno, but teamed up with Hourigan later on, and had a good run, including winning against WAACT champ Clemson team.

5/26/2016NCAA DI Women's Individual ChampionshipsRound of 32Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Luisa Stefani
Apichaya Runglerdkriangkrai
#8 PepperdineLoss6-2, 2-6, 10-5
5/19/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Anna Sanford
Miho Kowase
#3 Ohio State UniversityU3-4
5/14/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
#7 Hadley Berg
Paige Cline
#15 University of South CarolinaWin6-3
5/13/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Amanda Muliawan
Katrine Steffensen
Princeton UniversityWin6-1
4/23/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Stephanie Wagner
Wendy Zhang
#25 University of Miami (Florida)Loss6-0
4/22/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Quinn Gleason
Monica Robinson
#29 University of Notre DameWin6-4
4/17/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Whitney Kay
Hayley Carter
#5 North CarolinaWin6-1
4/15/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Samantha Harris
Kaitlyn McCarthy
#12 Duke UniversityWin7-5
4/10/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Jane Fennelly
Quinn Gleason
#29 University of Notre DameWin6-3
4/8/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Sena Suswam
Ariana Rodriguez
University of LouisvilleWin6-1
4/3/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Danielle Collins
Meghan Kelley
#41 University of VirginiaWin6-4
4/1/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Francesca Fusinato
Kelly Williford
Virginia TechWin7-5
3/27/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Audrey Ann Blakely
Gabriela Rezende
Univ. of PittsburghWin6-1
3/25/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Ayan Broomfield
Fernanda Navarro
#31 Clemson UniversityWin6-3
3/18/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Daneika Borthwick
Yukako Noi
#30 Florida State UniversityWin6-3
3/13/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Kimmy Guerin
Anna Ulyashchenko
#33 Wake Forest UniversityWin6-3
3/11/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Gabriela Knutson
Valeria Salazar Garza
Syracuse UniversityWin6-3
3/6/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Lexi Borr
Jackie Urbinati
Boston CollegeWin7-6(3)
2/28/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Alicia Barnett
Erin Larner
#35 Northwestern UniversityWin6-4
2/26/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Martina Frantova
Tayla Stenta
#26 North Carolina StateWin7-6 (7-4)
2/20/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Ellen Perez
Mariana Gould
#6 University of GeorgiaU3-5
2/14/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Anna Sanford
Miho Kowase
#3 Ohio State UniversityLoss7-6 (3)
2/12/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Eve Repic
Sadie Hammond
#24 University of TennesseeU6-5 (GT)
1/31/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Katia Stravroulaki
Grace Korta
Mercer UniversityWin36
1/31/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Laura Hopton
Cristina Martin
Kennesaw State UniversityWinDNF
1/29/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Stephanie Wagner
Wendy Zhang
#25 University of Miami (Florida)Win6-2
1/24/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Joana Valle Costa
Ryann Foster
#21 LSULoss7-6 (7-5)
1/23/2016Dual MatchPos. #1Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Cecily Wuenscher
Elizaveta Nemchinov
College of William and MaryWin6-2
1/18/2016Michigan InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Luise Intert
Michelle Valdez
University of North FloridaWin6-0
1/17/2016Michigan InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Eve Repic
Sadie Hammond
#24 University of TennesseeLoss6-4
1/16/2016Michigan InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Brienne Minor
Mira Ruder-Hook
#11 University of MichiganWin6-1
10/24/20152015 USTA/ITA Division I Women’s Southeast Regional ChampionshipQuarterfinalsKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Spencer Liang
Peggy Porter
#1 University of FloridaLoss8-5
10/24/20152015 USTA/ITA Division I Women’s Southeast Regional ChampionshipRound of 16Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Quetzali Vazquez
Noemi Hemmerich
University of North FloridaWin8-1
10/23/20152015 USTA/ITA Division I Women’s Southeast Regional ChampionshipRound of 32Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Vera Bessonova
Ana Roman Dominguez
University of South FloridaWin8-1
10/9/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsQuarterfinalsKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Maegan Manasse
Denise Starr
#13 CaliforniaLoss8-4
10/8/2015Riviera/ITA Women's All-American ChampionshipsRound of 16Kendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Blair Shankle
Kiah Generette
#17 Baylor UniversityWin8-5
9/19/2015Duke Bonk InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Chalena Scholl
Jessica Ho
#12 Duke UniversityLoss8-7 (2)
9/18/2015Duke Bonk InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Chloe Ouellet-Pizer
Marika Akkerman
#5 North CarolinaLoss8-5
9/18/2015Duke Bonk InvitationalKendal Woodard
Paige Hourigan
Olaya Garrido-Rivas
Sofiko Kadzhaya
#28 TCUWin8-2

Last year, continued her partnership with Hourigan, and the result again was impressive; wins against Shankle team, Minor/Ruder-Hook, then from Late February, won, won and won. Sustained a tough loss against eventual NCAA finalist Cal. team(Who did they lost to during the Regional? Liang/Porter. I said, Porter is good).
Hourigan next season teamed up with Jones and continued GT #1's impressive winning streak.