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Sunday, January 29, 2017

2017 Pepperdine Kick-off final day

First want to thank all the visitors. Really enjoyed the high quality matches, delightful tantrums and good manners! Coaches I'll see them a couple of months later at ISC & EB.

And, was that former NU's assistant coach? Looked like him...?  Goulak's father was there for sure.

Scores from UNLV;

Women’s Tennis Match Results
Jan. 29, 2017, at Malibu, CA (Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center)

Didn't I say that I love consolation matches. Just got in time after birding Legacy Park then the Lagoon(this time spotted Common Mergansers coasting the shore! They usually prefer inland waters such as rivers and lakes, so that was a surprise).

UA players were uber-aggressive today, were they inspired by Fed's win or what?!
Did it backfire?  Umm, methinks serve was a problem across the board.

1. Ana Oparenovic (ARK) vs. #48 Carol Yang (UNLV) 2-6, 7-6, 4-3 unfinished

O so aggressive from the get-go, was surprised. And attacked verra well, too. This time I was impressed by Y's decent defense.

2. Aiwen Zhu (UNLV) vs. #98 Shannon Hudson (ARK) 4-6, 6-3, 5-4 unfinished

Both were making errors later on. Not only Wiktorin, Hudson yesterday also committed errors at net, and did it today as well. Tough tournament for her, but winning upper positions is not easy of course. Nice racquet throw though!

 3. Anna Bogoslavets (UNLV) def. Leolia Jeanjean (ARK) 6-0, 6-4

J was also super aggressive, was surprised(by the way I snatched a Lee Fahnestock tr. of Victor Hugo's Les Miserables in pristine condition...for a mere 25 cents at the local library! And its an unabridged version, with all the attendant baggage, Hugo's glorious ramblings and all! Scandalous. I've read a more recent translation by Julie Rose when it came out, but Fahnestock's version is reputed to be more truthful to Hugo's style. Also Atkinson's WWII trilogy as well. That's total $1!! What a bargain!).
B showed promise last year, and UNLV's change of positions today paid off I guess. Defended real well, and her variety was quite good. Even her underserve was good, J missed some returns.
J's bh seemed her stronger side, and did make some errors after rallies. That was a spectacular racquet throw after mp, Gallic temper! Haha, nice handshake though.

4. Paola Artiga (UNLV) def. Mia Jurasic (ARK) 2-6, 6-4, 6-2

Another surprise. Coach Corey said Artiga has improved, and it surely showed today. Could actually keep up with J's aggression, no mean feat.  As I said serve was a problem for the Hogs today. J saved 2 mps with her aggression, but couldn't save the next one(deciding point), dumping an overhead.

5. Natsuho Arakawa (ARK) def. Jovana Kenic (UNLV) 6-3, 6-4

A too good.

6. En-Pei Huang (UNLV) def. Sasha Skorupeieva (ARK) 3-6, 6-3, 7-5

H was today put at 6, and although S played well(she could hit well actually), it paid off I guess.


Took about 40 minutes.

1. Aiwen Zhu/En-Pei Huang (UNLV) def. Leolia Jeanjean/Shannon Hudson (ARK) 6-3

J/H aren't a bad team. Just tough competition I guess. UNLV #1 doubles is really competitive.

2. Ana Oparenovic/Mia Jurasic (ARK) def. Carol Yang/Cristina Moroi (UNLV) 6-2

3. Paola Artiga/Anna Bogoslavets (UNLV) def. Natsuho Arakawa/Agne Cepelyte (ARK) 6-4

Crucial, UNLV winning #3 doubles. C's net defense seemed good, bending knee and such.

Order of finish: Doubles (2,1,3); Singles (3,5,4,6)

Score from NCSU

Veritable blitz. The Waves too good. As I said, a legitimate pretender for the championships. Didn't even have to go to lower positions. I've praised their top 3 again and again. Lahey and Ahmed can play #1 at many other teams, including top 16 teams. It's all about power, eh? And not only power. Variety, the Waves' serves were clicking.

1. No.3 Christine Maddox/Mayar Sherif (PEP) vs. Martina Frantova/Anna Rogers (NCSU) - 3-2, unfinished

2. No. 8 Jean Runglerdkriangkrai/Luisa Stefani (PEP) def. Bianca Moldovan/Claudia Wiktorin (NCSU) - 6-2

S's condition seemed quite good today. Serve, etc.

3. Ashley Lahey/Dzina Milovanovic (PEP) def. Amanda Rebol/Tayla Stenta - 6-0

Too bad Reami didn't play. The Waves too powerful.

Order of finish: 3, 2*

1. No. 8 Luisa Stefani (PEP) def. No. 36 Martina Frantova (NCSU) - 6-3, 6-4

F's aggression certainly could discomfit S, drew many FEs. Not devoid of variety either, actually excellent, for example making a difficult bh slice lob. However S's serve condition was good, and when she had a blip, F couldn't grasp the opportunity, committing errors and such. F was especially poor later in the 2nd, pretty much self-destructed making many errors, including DF.

2. No. 21 Ashley Lahey (PEP) def. Claudia Wiktorin (NCSU) - 6-2, 6-0

Lahey is 'somewhat' different than Hudson. First of all she's like twice the size of Shannon..haha.  And uber-aggressive, attacking from the get-go. I mean she had super tight matches against Lushkova, so you can guess her power.

So Claudia's defense was to be severely tested, and she couldn't pass that test. Tried variety, not bad, but the inherent power gap was just too much. Not sure if L intentionally attacked W's bh side, it seemed effective.

3. No. 22 Mayar Sherif (PEP) def. Adriana Reami (NCSU) - 6-0, 6-2

There were some tense rallies, but S was just too good. Too powerful; and, can you pass against her. She's known for her aggressive net approaches, and possesses superb reflex at net. If you can't, you can get blized.

4. Laura Gulbe (PEP) vs. Anna Rogers (NCSU) - 7-5, 4-1, unfinished

Like Frantova, Rogers certainly could press G with her aggression(including service return). Yet just couldn't effectively pierce G's defense in the end, and committed errors after tense rallies.

5. Dzina Milovanovic (PEP) vs. Bianca Moldovan (NCSU) - 2-6, 5-4, unfinished

Guess M played well, no mean feat against Dzina. Dzina can be considered a 'lightweight' compared to the Waves' top 3, but not many can hit better than her. This year's Pepperdine is just so good..

6. Jean Runglerdkriangkrai (PEP) vs. Amanda Rebol (NCSU) - 6-3, 5-3, unfinished

R was competitive two days in a row.

Order of finish: 2, 3, 1**

Next weekend, will be the same, looking forward to birding the Lagoon again, hope I can spot a Snowy Plover and other rarities(Loons or Jaegers would be nice!).

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