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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Recent multiple singles slam semifinalists

Bolded are current players;

6; Juricova
5; Anderson, Carter
4; Gibbs
3; Mijacika, Dy, Gullickson, Will, Loeb, Wagner, Collins, Di Lorenzo
2; McDowell, Chifchieva, Vallverdu, Mosolova, Barte, Falconi, Embree, SusanyiElbaba, Manasse, Austin, Lohan, Sharma

Gibbs missed 6 slams; turned pro after her junior year, and only played NCAA her final year. Did not play WAATC her freshman year. That's 4/6 success rate.
Juricova missed 2 slams; she only played NCAA her first year.
Anderson did not play NIIC her final year, and WAATC her 2nd year.
Falconi and Loeb turned pro after 2 seasons.

Per school;

3 players; California(Juricova, Susanyi, Manasse), Florida(Will, Embree, Austin), Miami(Vallverdu, Wagner, Lohan)
2 players; Stanford(Barte, Gibbs), UNC(Loeb, Carter), UVA(Collins, Elbaba), GT(McDowell, Falconi)

Per Conference;

ACC; 10 players(Carter, Mijacika, Loeb, Wagner, Collins, McDowell, Vallverdu, Falconi, Elbaba, Lohan) from Miami, UNC, GT, UVA, Clemson
Pac 12: 7 players(Juricova, Anderson, Gibbs, Dy, Barte, Susanyi, Manasse) from California, Stanford, UCLA, UW
SEC; 6 players(Gullickson, Will, Chifchieva, Embree, Austin, Sharma) from Florida, UGA, Auburn, Vandy
BIG TEN; 2 players(Mosolova, Di Lorenzo) from NU, OSU


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