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Sunday, February 19, 2017

2017 ITF RSF Day 1

When your hotel keycard and wifi doesn't's just SO maddening.

As usual so tired(neck, shoulder, back..the whole body is aching!), dunno why I'm bothering this. I probably won't write a recap on IW, it's just too much. Not going to run around there either, trying to cover as many matches as possible lol. This time, will 'saunter'. No mas hassle, will just...enjoy.

Hugged with a certain newlywed who's a coach at SantaLuz..haha.
Hanna Chang and Anna's sister spotted, they weren't on acceptance list at ITF site, they must've somehow got in or received WC?

And dunno if there's a doubles qualifying draw, nothing at the USTA or ITF site.

I dunno why I have so much trouble remembering Poorta's last name, when she was one of my favorite players lol; constantly have to check the website. Who was she coaching..?

Copied score from TF as usual(Meelis)

Due to rain delay(I was soaked while birding Dieguito Lagoon trail in the morning lol), match started at 1pm.

Singles Qualifying Draw

(1)Anhelina Kalinina (UKR) d. (wc)Kristine Y. Kouyoumjian (USA) 60 60

I dunno where this was played. Crt 1 was empty. Was this match played at crt 11 or something? If so, K wasn't that bad..

Taylor Johnson (USA) d. Megan McCray (USA) 63 41 Ret.

Finished too fast, wanted to take a look later, but when I went back the match was already finished. I thought the match might go to the distance, that's a surprisingly easy win. SJ has been playing very well recently.

Ayline Esina Samardzic (CRO) d. Katerina Kramperova (CZE) 64 61

I'm not sure I saw this match, S seemed aggressive, couldn't really watch much.

(9)Tereza Mihalikova (SVK) d. Madison Bourguignon (USA) 76(1) 76(4)

Target species are of course the precious 'guests', promising foreign talents like Kalinina, Mihalikova, etc..
Points were short, what with both making errors. Wasn't too impressed with M's firepower, was rather impressed with her variety. Bh sliced well, and once approached the net real fast; is she good in doubles.
B seemed to serve well, and was aggressive, hence the tight score.

(2)Victoria Rodriguez (MEX) d. Anna Turati (ITA) 63 64

Maybe should've watched this, since Turati is playing for UT(Courtney Dolehide is present with the sisters). At least will watch her sister tomorrow.

Luisa Stefani (BRA) d. Annette Goulak (USA) 61 63

G's aggression could trouble S, but made some net approach errors. Couldn't really watch much, since I've watched both quite a lot by now.

Kaitlyn Christian (USA) d. Morgan McCray (USA) 60 60

Same here.

(wc)Cali Jankowski (USA) d. (16)Dasha Ivanova (USA) 63 63

I missed both Cali and Nicole's matches. This match only could watch the last 2-3 games or so. Cali overpowered to the win, this pace, she's definitely playing upper singles position for ASU(even #1)..

(3)Katherine Sebov (CAN) d. Lindsay Lee-Waters (USA) 64 63

Tried to watch much since this was one of the marquee matches today. Probably HQ match since both can hit so well.

Caty McNally (USA) d. Madeleine Kobelt (USA) 64 75

Watched this along with the above match. As I said before, Caty doesn't really hit that hard. But she's so consistent, moves so well for her size, and has nice variety as well. Can also handle pace. K was aggressive so it wasn't an easy win though.

Cameron Morra (USA) d. Shakhnoza Khatamova (UZB) 62 75

Couldn't really watch much, just a glimpse. Morra has had some impressive results, reserved her match for tomorrow.

(10)Zhanlan Wei (CHN) d. Taylor Bridges (USA) 61 61

Just had a glimpse, Taylor wasn't bad. By now have seen her much, so passed.

(4)Elizaveta Ianchuk (UKR) d. Andrea Duva (USA) 61 61

Keri Wong (USA) d. Stephanie Luk (USA) 63 60

Sophie Chang (USA) d. Anca Craciun (CAN) 36 64 62

Had to watch this, not sure I've seen Craciun before. Probably Sophie was the bigger hitter, but Anca served really well. Nice hustle too. Sophie's firepower also enabled her to use drop shot to good effect.

(14)Ashley Kratzer (USA) d. Mari Osaka (JPN) 76(4) 63

When did Kratzer grow so tall lol. Aggressive as usual. I've mentioned her as a sleeper pick(college), but she's current NR on TRN, so maybe she's not playing college.

(5)Jaqueline Adina Cristian (ROU) d. Mimi Levine (USA) 63 62

Reserved Cristian's match for tomorrow.

Salma Ewing (USA) d. Amy Zhu (USA) 67(4) 64 64

Impressed with Ewing's consistency. Moved and returned quite well. Bending knee, volley..quite sound. So many points ended with Zhu's errors. The match was quite tight though.

Morgan Coppoc (USA) d. Sofia Booth (USA) 62 62

The reason I couldn't watch Cali and Nicole's match; I HAD to watch this match. First of all because both are my favorite players lol. And, Booth is class of 2016, if I remember correctly. Which means, I won't watch her much(I'll probably watch Cali and Nicole later at ITF NPB and ISC, if they're playing).
Morgan was probably a tad more powerful, but Sofia was aggressive as usual, hence could pressure Morgan.

I wonder which position Morgan will play at UGA. Her National match against Neel was one of the most one-sided matches I've ever seen lol(along with Anderson vs Hardebeck, Brady vs Katz, etc..), but Morgan really is not a bad player, what with her superb reflex and inherent aggression. Maybe we need a rematch lol, Ingrid vs Morgan redux. But we'll see if Neel turns pro after this season(if Florida wins NCAA, which seems likely).

(13)Chanelle Van Nguyen (USA) d. Nazari Urbina (MEX) 60 61

This match and Gordon vs Marand match, practically every point took long; so even. So I can't believe the score is this one sided? VN's usual game, moonballing effectively, weathering U's aggression.

(6)Chiara Scholl (USA) d. Maria Mateas (USA) 62 63

This match too, many points when I saw took ages to finish. I thought M was a bit more powerful, but the match was tight when I watched. In fact this match took quite long, which means there were gazillions of deuce games lol.

Melissa Kopinski (USA) d. (wc)Emily Ottsen (USA) 60 60

Caroline Dunleavy (USA) d. Julia Fisch (USA) 60 61

Watched a bit, Caro's condition seemed good, attacked well.

(15)Brianna Morgan (USA) d. Piia Suomalainen (FIN) 16 63 63

Couldn't watch much, but the match seemed quite even.

(7)Maria Sanchez (USA) d. Imani Graham (USA) 62 6

Desirae Krawczyk (USA) d. Nicole Mossmer (USA) 60 60

Only could watch like the last 2 points, really too bad. But surprisingly easy win, thought M was a tricky opponent.

Lorraine M. Guillermo (USA) d. Nicole Knickerbocker (USA) 62 60

(11)Jessica Wacnik (USA) d. Dominique Schaefer (PER) 63 64

Couldn't really watch much.

Michaela Gordon (USA) d. (8)Sanaz Marand (USA) 57 61 60

The last match was the best match.
One of Michaela's best matches(and I've seen quite a lot). She wasn't too impressive recently, but today's performance was pure gold.
Watched from 4-1 or something Michaela lead in the 1st, then more or less the whole match.
The points were really long. Quite even. Both are known for their consistency, so that's not surprising.
Michaela probably won because of her aggression. Served rather well too, methinks. Sanaz's lefty fh could be quite dangerous(massive spin), but Michaela's returned those well, on her bh side.
And, attacked. Consistently. Was even more aggressive from the 2nd set, and her drive condition seemed quite good, as well. Did net some, but not too many. Because of it? Sanaz approached the net quite often, and it was quite effective at first. Michaels is known for her superb passing ability, but Sanaz's net plays were so good. And Sanaz could also attack quite sharply when Michaela had lapses.
But Michaela later even began to pass superbly. Just moved so well, in the first place, hence could eventually foil Sanaz's excellent net game.
So Sanaz wasn't winning the drive game later on, hence approached the net more, and got passed, or fumbled the approach shots.
Sanaz is herself a good server, but methinks Michaela returned those reasonably well.

Alexa Ryngler (USA) d. (wc)Jessica Failla (USA) 16 62 60

Watched a bit of the later 1st and early 2nd; both were quite aggressive but Alexa was having trouble(well naturally, since she's way younger lol). Both were committing UEs trying to hit aggressively. Alexa's aggression could of course trouble Jess, and her bh seemed quite sharp, setting up for her fh finish nicely. Dunno what happened later, since I've seen both quite a lot by now and had to watch other matches.

Steffi Carruthers (SAM) d. Kristina N Smith (USA) 63 63

C seemed pretty good. Just had a glimpse.

(12)Bianca Turati (ITA) d. Sloane Morra (USA) 60 62

Reserved for T's match tomorrow.

Phew, 11:11pm. Thankfully the match starts 1 hr later tomorrow, so maybe can bird more leisurely. My modest target species here was 50 but already got to 43, not bad. Tricolored Heron is of course the top priority, and Laughing Gull is also reported(never seen both species). Maybe I should visit both venues tomorrow, Tijuana Seacoast Dr. & Bayfront park..

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