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Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 ITF RSF Day 2; the end of Morgan's Run!

Fashonista of the day is tied between KK's Rams t shirt lol and Scholl's Duke cap.
More 'exotic' European young talents at MD, frankly am even more excited than IW lol(since I've now watched most stars during like 7 years of attending IW). Only MD players I haven't spotted is 'Regina' Dani Collins, Sabs and MLDB(not sure about those European girls, dunno their faces yet!). Dani Hantu practiced at crt 3 later, methinks.

We get to watch crt 5-7 at the baseline this time, thank you. To quote Churchill lol, 'The Iron Curtain' a.k.a. tarpaulins came down on lower courts though, 9 and 10, so couldn't really watch those matches, too bad.

You're curious about the subtitle, 'the end of Morgan's Run'. Yeah Morgan's Run is the name of the club. AND, the names of players who lost today haha. Brianna Morgan and Morgan Coppoc.

Second Qualifying Round

(1)Anhelina Kalinina (UKR) d. Taylor Johnson (USA) 75 61

So this is Kalinina. Solid. Bh, especially good. Even passed well on that side. No easy and overwhelming power though, I do miss the Pliskovas(they played here 2010 or 2011). I was instantly won over by them then, by their play, their height and 'mien', and even their nice manners(obliged my cumbersome photo requests)! Oh and of course their 'graceful' racquet bounces haha. Instantly thought them to be the 'Future', and glad I was right.

Anyway, though K was sharp, SJ definitely could hang with her. One thing I noticed she serve and volleyed quite often, not without effect. Methinks she had trouble returning K's serve on her bh side. And DFed some later on.

K could also slice well on her bh, and some of her service returns, again on her bh side, were probably the shot of the day. Returned SJ's high-pace serve real well, resulting in a couple of winners. Once bh sliced then made a stretch volley winner, another shot of the day.

(9)Tereza Mihalikova (SVK) d. Ayline Esina Samardzic (CRO) 61 61

Crt 9, too bad.

Luisa Stefani (BRA) d. (2)Victoria Rodriguez (MEX) 75 62

Crt 8, watched some of the 1st. Dunno why Luisa changed clothes, at first she was wearing Pepperdine one then..haha. Brianna was wearing UF one methinks. Anyway Luisa was again aggressive, and it paid off methinks.

Kaitlyn Christian (USA) d. (wc)Cali Jankowski (USA) 36 64 61

Watching from the sideline even more could appreciate the sheer pace of Cali's drives. She applied for EB G16? Probably hers to lose.  So good. Definitely got better, not only those devastating fh(generating power from the waist up, as I've mentioned), also bh, slice..not bad at all. Definitely future #1 for ASU; should tell Desirae to take good care of her..haha. Only watched the 1st so dunno what happened later, probably KK's variety bothered her.

(3)Katherine Sebov (CAN) d. Caty McNally (USA) 64 76(7)

I thought Caty was leading 4-1 in the 2nd haha. As I said, can handle pace. Just look at the score. As usual, nice variety as well.

(10)Zhanlan Wei (CHN) d. Cameron Morra (USA) 64 57 63

Morra was like Alaina Miller. Devastating 2 hander. Serve wasn't bad either. Definitely a player to watch. This took ages to finish, too bad this was played at crt 9. Wonder if she'll play So. Cal tournaments(ITF NPB, ISC, EB).

(4)Elizaveta Ianchuk (UKR) d. Keri Wong (USA) 61 62

Crt 9.

Sophie Chang (USA) d. (14)Ashley Kratzer (USA) 76(1) 75

Not much difference here. K also attempted variety, not bad. She's not just a basher, can vary pace and craftily aim the sidelines. The biggest difference between those would be K's fiery temper haha.

(5)Jaqueline Adina Cristian (ROU) d. Salma Ewing (USA) 75 46 62

Cristian tended to send some high balls, but almost painting the baseline. Like Kalinina, quite solid. Serve seemed quite precise. Good mover. But since she didn't have overwhelming power, Ewing definitely could hang with her, even controlling points many times. Whoever college gets Ewing is a winner. Both coaches watched her, coach Nilsson and Nott.

(13)Chanelle Van Nguyen (USA) d. Morgan Coppoc (USA) 61 63

Morgan definitely should play lower positions; she'll have the 'honor' of playing Gators Austin and Kuhlman! Watched some but pretty much self-destructed, netting tons. Definitely could trouble VN when drives were working though. VN's serve placement was on-point, and could aim the sidelines, creating width.

(6)Chiara Scholl (USA) d. Melissa Kopinski (USA) 63 60


Caroline Dunleavy (USA) d. (15)Brianna Morgan (USA) 63 57 63

Caro's drive condition seemed pretty good. Fhs were quite sharp, on par with Brianna, not kidding here. Could drop shot quite nicely too. Only could watch some of the 1st set though. Today's winner Notre Dame lol.

(7)Maria Sanchez (USA) d. Desirae Krawczyk (USA) 64 62

Watched later on. Bad match-up for Desirae, because although her lefty fh is powerful enough, Maria's bh was the best in college. Maria's serve was also good enough. Glad Desirae is playing doubles, should be a good one against the youngsters.

Lorraine M. Guillermo (USA) d. (11)Jessica Wacnik (USA) 61 20 Ret.

Crt 8.

Michaela Gordon (USA) d. Alexa Ryngler (USA) 63 75

No wonder Alexa routed Jess yesterday. Just damn good, period. Even moves and returns real well. And, could attack sharply thus could put Michaela on the defensive. I said class of 2020 is good. TRN Top 20 are all good, McNally, Osuigwe, Volynets, Noel, Ong(defeated Jankowski), Beck, Ryngler, Navarro, Gallagher, Stearns, Redelijk, ABC, Hrastar, Stein, Edwards, Cheong..wonder USC can 'luck' here, since they seem to have failed to take advantage of that Golden class of 2017.

(12)Bianca Turati (ITA) d. Steffi Carruthers (SAM) 61 60

Just saw a bit, Turati hits one-handed bh. Seemed winning so didn't watch further.

Later watched Carruthers/Kopinski vs Leon/Urbina 1st set, didn't watch Kopinski in singles but her doubles is worth watching for sure. C also poached nicely. Methinks the match was quite even. Left later to bird San Elijo.

Phew, finished earlier, 7:53 pm. Now, to plunge into the hotel spa..!

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