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Monday, February 20, 2017

2017 ITF RSF Marquee MD 1st rd matches

Sanford vs Jaksic
Seguel vs Dolehide
Collins vs Zhuk
Von Deichmann vs Kenin
Andreescu vs Pella


STAR WARS. All except Kenin have WAATC final appearances. To be more exact, Sabs won 4 slams, Wong with Bek is finalist in all 3 slams, Stefani with Jean R is WAATC finalist. Even Kenin, is one of the top juniors in doubles(similar level to Di Lorenzo). Curious pairing, Kenin and Stefani. Luisa can dazzle at net, Sofia can take care of the baseline. Sofia is not a bad server either. Should be GOOD.

Now why, is this match being played simultaneously, far away from

KK/Lao vs Kalinina/Scholl, too bad.

Day/Dolehide vs Kramperova/Krawczyk also should be good. I've praised Desirae's doubles prowess many times.

Surprised Chang/Kobelt is highly ranked, should watch along with K/S vs S/W.

Hibi and Gordon teamed up, should be interesting.

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