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Thursday, February 23, 2017

2017 IW PQ draw out

Douglas is playing, and possible 2nd rd match against McNally, whose first name is actually Catherine(so why isn't she also called Cici lol, she's Caty).

That last section is loaded with talented youngsters,

Dolehide, Douglas, McNally, Sanford, Jankowski, Kenin.

Wait a minute didn't Jankowski meet Kenin last year as well lol. Possible 2nd rd match.

2nd section, Kiss vs Keberle/Deming could be interesting.
Kelly Chen might meet MLDB as well, in the 2nd rd.
Kratzer vs Mossmer possible 3rd rd.
Gordon vs Boren possible 2nd rd.

I mean, I'm tempted, maybe I should watch Mar. 1st and 2nd day..? Especially to watch those 4th quarter matches.

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