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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Florida at Pepperdine

Just got in time for the match start after birding the Lagoon; today's highlights were a couple of Black Oystercatchers and Red-breasted Mergansers(one a gorgeous breeding Male), and later a continuing female Common Goldeneye. Check out the pics at

Not? so surprised guests; Morgan and Goulak's dad.
They distributed Chipotle but confined to Pepperdine students; but later parents? were eating and the box was abandoned, so picked one up later lol.

Everybody came, even some parents(Florida).

Pepperdine just uploaded the score(5:16pm)

#1 Florida 5, #3 Pepperdine University 2
Feb 04, 2017 at Malibu, Calif. (Ralphs-Straus Tennis Center)

Gators were probably the more disciplined team. Nice balance of consistency and power. Kuhlman and Austin playing 4/5 singles. Could be too much. So, prohibitive? favorite to win NTI I guess.

This was a test for the Waves(are they really that good? Can they justify their high ranking?), and although losing at home, they certainly showed potential to go deep in team competition.

Doubles competition

The Waves could've won the point. They were 2 pts from winning #1 and 2.

1. #3 Maddox, Christine/Sherif Ahmed, Mayar (PEP) vs. #7 Austin, Brooke/Keegan, Kourtney (FLA) 5-5, unfinished

Again impressed with Maddox. Could handle Austin's flat drives, scooping up a bit. Didn't make many 1st serves, but not bad overall. And as usual poached well, and showed some good defense as well. Ahmed's net defense was pretty good; volleyed well.
They're not going to win the drive rallies so invariably comes up to the net, and was very competitive there. Hence, the tight score. This Waves team is really showing good promise, having tight matches against slam winners like this Gator team and the Tar Heels team(Aney/Carter).
Austin held methinks, no small feat.

2. Danilina, Anna/Neel, Ingrid (FLA) def. #8 Stefani, Luisa/Runglerdkriangkrai,A (PEP) 7-5

This Gator team might be hard to beat at #2. Repeated the win against this Waves team by the same score(defeated them at Freeman).
Stefani got broken probably 2 times, decisive maybe. Serve maybe not that good. Methinks Jean R drove quite well, low, etc. This team also likes to come to the net, and the Gators probably handled it well.
The Waves led 30-15 at 5-4, then it all went downhill from there.

3. #12 Kuhlman, Josie/Woolcock, Belinda (FLA) def. Milovanovic, Dzina/Lahey, Ashley (PEP) 6-4

Couldn't really watch. Methinks the Waves were trailing at first, and they could've tied the score 5-5, they had game points or break points at the last game but couldn't get over that final hurdle. The Gators were quite powerful, and the Waves were at first making some errors, from what I've glimpsed.

Singles competition
1. #8 Stefani, Luisa (PEP) def. #37 Woolcock, Belinda (FLA) 2-6, 6-1, 6-3

Noticed Woolcock and Danilina coping with the Waves' net approaches quite well. Were unfazed, and passed sharp.
W was quite good actually(nice jumping bh, executed nicely). Served and attacked well, could target the lines, etc.
So the match seemed quite even. Didn't watch most of the 2nd set(had to watch 2/4/6 matches).
Stefani later played more conservatively methinks, taking notice of W's superb passing, not approaching the net indiscriminately. And managed to grind it out, began to win those long points.

2. #21 Lahey, Ashley (PEP) def. Neel, Ingrid (FLA) 7-6 (7-5), 6-4

Dunno what happened, watched a bit of the 1st set. 2nd set went by quite fast, couldn't get a chance to watch.
Neel was actually leading by a lot, 4-0 or something when I arrived(she won all 6 games against another Waves player, Gulbe, before she retired during Freeman). When Lahey finally won a game lol, 1-4, left to watch 1/3/6 matches.
Returned to find the match tied at 6-6!

Dunno, Neel did commit a crucial DF once, but methinks L's aggression paid off. Neel was probably more solid(and she could effortlessly aim the lines, creating width), but L was super aggressive and managed to pressure Neel a lot, eliciting FEs and such.
So after she won the 1st set, I left to watch other matches, thinking I could watch more later, too bad.

3. #30 Danilina, Anna (FLA) def. #22 Sherif Ahmed, Mayar (PEP) 7-6 (7-4), 6-4

Thought A's blitzkrieg might overwhelm D(combined with drop shots), but D could actually cope with it quite well. Could also attack quite efficiently, targetting the sidelines and such. Like Stefani Ahmed also comes to the net a lot, but as I said, passed well.
Probably was overall more solid, and methinks served quite well, too.

4. #15 Kuhlman, Josie (FLA) def. Gulbe, Laura (PEP) 6-4, 6-1

K was actually quite powerful, and aggressive. G could return lots of those, and her offense in turn was not without effect, but overall, K probably powered through.

5. Austin, Brooke (FLA) def. Runglerdkriangkrai,A (PEP) 7-6 (9-7), 6-3

Yup, now I've seen it all. Austin playing #5, haha. Both are super aggressive players, so when R is on, could be dangerous of course(by the way Pepperdine also made some changes, switching Milovanovic and Jean R. But still lost all lower positions. Maybe the Gators are just too good).

6. #24 Keegan, Kourtney (FLA) def. Milovanovic, Dzina (PEP) 6-1, 7-6 (7-0)

Couldn't watch the 1st, mostly watched the start of 2nd set. M actually led 3-0 then 4-1 in the 2nd set. Then later only could watch the latter part of TB.
So can't really say much, just that M's aggression certainly could harass K.

Match Notes
Florida 3-0; National ranking #1
Pepperdine University 2-1; National ranking #3
Order of finish: Doubles (3,2); Singles (4,5,2,6,3,1)

Next week, another team from Miami visits So. Cal; Hurricane alert! Plays UCLA.

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