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Monday, February 20, 2017

Garrett & Dunn at Rio Hondo

Gods of birding at the same location! Man I envy Chris.

19049Yellow-footed Gull at Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds

  • Kimball Garrett
    Today at 5:32 PM

    A group of us watching gulls at the south pond of the Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds in Pico Rivera this afternoon (20 February) struck out on Iceland, Lesser-black-backed and Slaty-backed gulls, but it was at least encouraging that there were >1000 gulls (at peak count). Eventually Matt Grube, along with Roger and Michael Woodruff, picked out the presumably continuing Yellow-footed Gull on the west bank of the pond, and we were able to keep track of it until Jon Dunn arrived, at which point it promptly flew (after showing Jon its legs), circled, and landed on the water with lots of Western and California gulls. We were able to relocate it on the water because of the large, thick bill (slightly exceeding bill depth of even the largest male Westerns), but of course leg color (deep yellow throughout, including webs) was not helpful on the swimming bird.

    It's obvious that turnover is huge at this location, hour to hour and day to day, but it's worth studying the gulls here any day except Sunday.

    Again, the best viewing is reached by taking Paramount south from Washington, turning right (west) on Canford, and parking at the end -- convenient gaps in the fence here attest to the shared needs of birders and the homeless.


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