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Saturday, February 18, 2017


ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!! When I was so happy finally seeing Japanese White-eye at Centennial Regional Park at Orange County(Eurasian Wigeon as a bonus), and now am already at Carlsbad area!!  Dear God..sacrificing birding for tennis continues..this can't go on!! Lol.

Iceland Gull at Rio Hondo Spreading Basin LINK
DATE: TODAY @ 4:02pm
Saturday 18 Feb, 1600 hr:

Jon Dunn and others are currently looking at a first-cycle Iceland Gull at the Rio Hondo Spreading Grounds, on the south pond (south of Washington). It is at the large end for Iceland(but comparable in size to a nearby Thayer's Gull); the plumage is described
as being near the pale extreme for Iceland. An adult Lesser Black-backed Gull is also present.

I'm just the messenger.


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