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Saturday, February 25, 2017

On Kayla Day

Just some notes;

She's quite slimmer now, whereas she was a bit on the chubby side before. Hence probably could move even more better now.

Her bh is the weaker side, whether driving or receiving serve. So the opponents should target that side repeatedly, then finish on the forehand side.

Big part of her strategy would be based on breaking the opponents with her relentless serve on the opponent's bh side, with her lefty serve. So, can the opponents hold onto their bh side. Mayo did well yesterday, including slice return, so could have a good match(really her defense is superb, but always has been. Many tried to expose her supposedly weaker one handed bh to no avail lol, since juniors).

As I said, why are opponents 'afraid' to do a drive duel with Day. Lao, Hantu and Hibi all came to grief trying to approach. I mean it is a good tactic against a defensive rallyer, but against a good mover and passer like Day, it's just asking for trouble.
For to make that happen you first have to open the court effectively, stretching Day out wide in the first place(say with painting the sidelines and such).

As I said Mayo actually won plenty of long drive duels, resulting in Day's errors. It's not like Day can relentlessly aim the sidelines like Kenin. She will exploit weak returns and punish with drive winners, but if you don't give her good opening in the first place with good placement and controlled aggression, she can implode.
Again, it's about patience.

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