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Friday, February 24, 2017

Patience / the ability to pick & choose

Those traits are the hallmark of the very elite player.

It's especially important to big hitters. You can't just hit every ball flat and hard, at will. Trying low percentage shots too often is just foolish.

You have to be patient, and if you can actually pick and choose your favorite ball to whack/attack, all the more better.

It's similar to baseball, you see. Excellent hitters have good eye, and have patience, so can literally pick and choose their favorite balls. Difficult and iffy balls, they just cut it to make foul balls. And when the pitcher gives his favorite ball, many times by mistake, they then attack those.

Most top players are very consistent;

College greats, Robin Anderson, Jamie Loeb, Danielle Collins, Hayley Carter, Francesca Di Lorenzo..Krista Hardebeck in her prime pre-Stanford was also very consistent.

Juniors?  Cici Bellis can rally all day. 'Rally-o-Day' of course. Sofia Kenin, has absolute control of her shots. I'll include Caro Dolehide as well.

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