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Friday, March 31, 2017

On the use of bino and 2017 EB players of the day 3/31

Apparently that guy can't even tell the difference between bino and camera lol, but anyway, let me explain my use of it.

Am I doing it to spy on players?

Now IWTG is BIG. Since my goal is to cover as many matches as possible, I need to know what is going on, and the scores as well. The primary use of bino is to check the scores.

And of course, the players. For example if they are going to play doubles at the far court, I can confirm them with my bino from far away, and go there to cover it. And, unfamiliar players, I need to check their faces to recognize them, so as to confirm which matches are going to be played later on.

At the IW tournament, many fans carry bino, just like me, for those uses. Mostly face recognition I guess, but where's the harm in that.

Now, if my bino 'lingers' on the player's face, that could be a problem, right? But does it? I'm here to cover matches, not players' faces lol. Don't have time for it. I mean, I get soon tired of staring at ATP big 4's asses(during practice) lol during IW and soon move on to the actual matches. I'm here to observe, enjoy and evaluate the player's performances: is this so wrong?? Do you think I rave about Alexa Noel because she's pretty? If you can't even tell the difference, why should I even bother??!! Do I even have to explain this in the first place lol. Waste of my time.

That's it. Players of the day, all 4 G16 doubles semifinalists. They're right now playing their asses out there. The level, very high. So evenly matched, it's taking forever lol.




Closing this blog

That guy, Baptiste's father just took a picture of me. And taunted me.

So went to that woman who was in charge at the desk(not Marylynn, shorter one and a more blond hair, maybe wore sunglasses) to complain but all I got was a warning. She mentioned taking pics or filming. I discontinued the practice like 2/3 years ago lol. What the heck is she talking about, the hell I know. Are birds, players???!!

And she said I can't say 'negative things' about minors. All I did was ridicule his dad lol. Wait, maybe he is a minor....????!!
Now, I admit I do make fun of iPetty, wonder he's a minor as well? Lol.

I mean, whatever. Can't bother. I just can't justify the energy, time and expense I'm spending to cover this event, when I'm getting continuously harassed by a deranged parent. Evidently he can do anything he wants, including kicking me and threatening me, following me around(He said he'll be watching me: and he sure did!), even taking a picture of me, and I can't do a THING about it. That, was basically her 'decree'!!
Just don't feel safe anymore. So, outta here, and I'm not going to cover any kind of junior tennis, ever. In fact, I think I'm not going to cover any kind of tennis events at all lol.

So, can't bother to post recaps today,  Going home. And to safety.
It's migration time anyway, so I'll just from now on, concentrate on 'harassing' the birds!

Crazy parents] Baptiste's dad

Forgot that Wi-Fi is still working (excellent).

He's a fucking psycho. Not only he totally misunderstood what I was doing(education problem! he said I was taking pics of her: I only take pics of birds, man!! Don't even have a camera with me), he actually kicked me on the foot way harder than Day's dad lol(can this be classed as an assault, or would it be too sissy on my part lol)and threatened me.

Funny thing is that I didn't even watch her play, just a glimpse, this tournament! And I don't even think she's pretty lol, I only appreciated her versatility(am I too mean here? I think not).

Just like that Laguna Niguel director(forgot his name, whatever), Mr. Spearman.

Bozo, boor, brute, bully, bastard, there must be more b-word to describe this guy's crazy behaviour lol.

Maybe I should boycott watching all TCCP player lol(is that her club).

This kind of craziness puts me away from tennis. Crazy parents, crazy players(like Shvedova at IW), crazy ITA that's killing doubles, crazy coaches stacking and killing talents..maybe I should just stop watching this crazy and dying, cheating sport altogether and solely concentrate on birding(doesn't this niche spot need every fan they can get? Am I not a decent 'advocate' and 'advertiser'?). I mean, why even bother? I've seen pretty much everybody play anyway.
There of course are many kind souls, those psychos might be an exception, but these kind of incidents still really discourages me.

I should have a pep talk with SJ, apologizing to her for not being able to watch her play singles, and demand that she absolutely crush Baptiste in an hour lol. Today's mission, SJ! No mercy whatsoever!!!  Can ya do it.  :) Do your Ninja thing! You have my absolute blessing.

Maybe I should just go home after today, still really upset. That guy again followed me lol and threatened me again, saying he's watching me. Now who's a paparazzi, an obsessive and a pervert?! He was even seen spreading calumny about me, just like Krems's dad? at Calabasas!
Freaking hilarious.

2017 EB 3/29 more tidbits

Copying from the entries I recorded on my phone.

A staff at PVCC was wearing a USC cap, and he recogznied Sonny Bono(I was proudly wearing Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR t shirt! Did I mention that I spotted a Black-throated Sparrow at Rock Hill on March 5th, Sunday??!!)!
He said he died in a ski accident in January, like two decades ago.

A medical staff? at IWTG was wearing a Oregon cap(she was seen to yesterday too).

Probably should've watched a match between Stefan's bro and Bellis's boyfriend, too bad. Totally forgot about it amid all those exciting Girls' matches!

Hayer's drop shot + deep drive combo, varying depth! Many players used this tactic including Black.

Haynes pass, DF, serve good.

Did I mention that Bolton came by to watch PVCC 8am Consolation matches. Did she watch Kelly's match. Why didn't she watch Midwest's proud successor of her, Briana Crowley haha. Wonder why she moved to NY?

Hayer dropped the racquet after making an error! Bilokin dropped it often during her doubles match too lol.

Crowley's half volley, success!  As I said I was actually impressed with her variety.

Stearns(must be IWTG) was practicing with Hu?

I see a Michigan cap at IWTG, Yesterday, too. She seems oddly familiar....?

Finally spotted Steve with Colette at the tournament desk! Now why did she slink away..haha. Told him I might not attend Ojai this time, but we'll see? I would rather like to attend SEC tournament at Nashville(Vandy) and do some birding there..

Domi as usual spotted at IWTG. That day roamed the venue with Ryan?

Caty's overhead long! Drop shot winner! Passing shot!

At ISC, there was a Dancer. Literally danced at the parking lot. Now was it Menguene, or...haha.

Harvey bathroom break.

Joyce's match against Volynets was fast compared to other matches; naturally since the pace was high, Joyce forcing pace with her aggression. Loved it of course. Surely that's the key to shorter match time??!!

Lim(against Mossmer) UEs, DF(the usual pattern when Mossmer's opponent loses!). I guess Lim 'overcame'?!

Joyce DF, Volynets too. Joyce applauds V's lob winner?

Mossmer bathroom break(after she lost the 1st set against Lim).

Noel applauds Subhash's ace(probably the last game)? Passed. Ace at mp.

Jankowski 3 0 Bilokin. That match, means that Cali was indeed an elite player. Not only because Bilokin defeated Bolton the day earlier. Bilokin is in fact a very competent hitter, hits and moves well. Lost to Kelly Chen 4,4 at ISC(and you know Kelly had a match point against Johnson there!).
Anyway, I thought sight Cali might implode later on, as her usual wont lol. So the fact that she was able to grind it out(still she's not a grinder: a quintessential attacker she is!), means a LOT. That she can deal with solid players, 'pushers', good retrievers, as well. Had a glimpse later on and it seemed quite a HQ match, both moving and hitting so well.
'I can do all things'; Cali's good bh slice.

Mossmer's extreme moonball. DFed twice at 5-4 lead in the 1st? Lim patient, passes. Moves well. Line call dispute with M(I discontinued watching from then on, because I have no time, have to watch matches, not disputes haha).
M throws racquet after error? DF again, broken(so 5-5)?
Lim too passive, allows winner by M. Lim dares M to hit through her(so both were intentionally 'pushing' at this stage, last moments of the 1st set). Thought then Lim was playing rather like Ellen Tsay; approach volley finish.

Joyces approach volleys, perfect chance to score winner, but makes an error. Methinks saw it happen at least twice.

Mad service return winner on Ong, lob good, reaches Ong's drop shot? Drive volley winner.

Stearns with Jamea Jackson? Will she turn pro too? Haha. Later both her and her mom were seen chatting with Cali's mom.

McNally was practicing throwing football at the lawn!

Douglas overpowers Corley? C produces width, volley finish. Pass(she or Douglas). This was during the 2nd set. D yells after winner like Brooke Austin!

Price comes up to the viewing area.

No college coaches that day, maybe they all went back to prepare for Conference matches.

NEED MORE UMPIRES; Everybody requesting it.

Should've asked coach Niilson about Dzina Milovanovic, why she isn't playing now.

Oh during the ISC final match between Car and SJ; a football(soccer) invaded the court. Now that sport is the Future, what with it being popular with the girls, and the increasing Latino population.

Cusano with? Crowley(as I said, she just lost to Gallagher), flops down right in front of me haha(I was watching Jayci's match then. Ava was playing on the court right beside her). So thought, 'Can't ask Cusano about her fellow Texan Douglas, since she's so angry?'  Haha.  Anyway, so saw a chance and chatted with Briana, who must've been in better spirits, since she won lol(I can be very 'coy', 'discrete' and 'prudent'!). Jayci passes?

Guevara passes Cayetano, fiery(had a glimpse of that match as well)!

Spotted Graver(I'll leave what happend next to your imagination!)!!
Later also chatted with Zein.

Crawley's opponent Anzalotta, slices, hits line with it. Fila girl. Moonballs well. C overhead from the back court!

Too bad couldn't watch Yelamanchili and Yarlagadda this tournament.

Christensen defends well. Cusano apparently 'recovered', smiles as she goes haha. Christensen's drop shots, shot of the day? Executes perfectly twice, making a winner. Lobs well, DFs.

Forgot to add this, but Day's dad, even softly kicked(nudged!) me on my foot when I was sprawled on the chair on the baseline side, enjoying marquee match National 3-4PL Anisimova vs Branstine. Because I wasn't watching her daughter's match haha.
But can you blame me? Which match would YOU watch? I mean both Amanda and Car are vastly more aggressive and talented..haha.

Doubles G18 at IWTG. Douglas serves well, first to be back on court after changeovers, so impatient to play haha.

Kiss returns, Li responds long(as I said, Kiss's drives could inflict some damages! I suspect she played very well against Ewing/Stearns).

I was proud of myself fashioning a 'phalanx formation(Greeks' defensive formation using their shields. Romans used it too I guess)' with the umbrella! Protected my bare legs from the brutal sun ray, and poked my face just above the umbrella lol. Instead of burka, that will do! I do crave the shade!

Kessler's passing shot option was blocked; McNally/Osuigwe's good defense.

Emma applauds Osuigwe's ace.

Both baby Gators played Winter National; Emma with Brylin gifted us that memorable doubles final against Bolton/Joyce(naturally told Emma about this!), and Kessler with Kurtz had a good match against Shibahara doubles(did Ena team up with Goulak then?). As I said I belatedly went there mainly to watch that anticipated match, and they didn't disappoint! :)

Must be PVCC G16 doubles; Interpret if you can;

Hr win r girl yel 1hbh cu p jay ps

Gallagher as tall as Taggart. Navarro service return winner(did N allow it or make it lol). T passes? Briana running somewhere(into the sunset?!!). T dominates, serves well.

Match TB; coaching time. G/T's coach was wearing a Skull t shirt! What does it mean lol. Team logo? T passes on N(at least twice methinks).

ABC applauds Cayetano's pass. C wore a No Quit hood t, came by later to watch the last match standing, Wagner/Dawson vs Despain/Guevara.

Bp Mal so

What does this mean lol.

Car Branstine was the biggest hitter at ISC, but unlike many players there and here, didn't grunt(I poked this on my phone while the doubles match was in progress; you can guess my random thought process!)

Guevara passes. Wagner and Dawson both lefty, rare to see.

Umpire the day before? said it would be very hot; we all were dreading it lol, thankfully it's bearable.

Phew, cleared all entries on that day! Now should post fun pics regarding Pushing and 'Leftovers' lol. Also should post on Brats, like Car, Gibbs, etc. Maybe later, I should eat breakfast and it's already 7:10am!

My first post on Charlotte Owensby

Found it! You can browse my blog and look for it, of course.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

8/9 G16 MD Singles

32 michelle xu d. Lahari Yelamanchili 6-4; 6-3
32 (9) Rachel Eason d. (17) Anna Brylin 6-3; 6-3

32 (6) Katie Volynets d. (17) Lea Ma 5-7; 7-5; 6-0

Ma had a perfect game plan. Send to Katie's backhand, and bounce it high to trouble shorter Katie; then up the pace and pounce the weak returns. Used size to maximum effect. Could she've come up to the net to pressure Katie as well? Dunno.  Anyhow, Katie overcome that dilemma, by...just doing her thing I guess. hitting verra well. Didn't watch from the last moment of 2nd set, had to watch other matches.

32 (17) Salma Ewing d. (9) Hannah Lairmore 6-3; 6-0

Shocking. Ewing must've been on today.

32 (4) Nicole Mossmer d. (17) Anika Yarlagadda 6-4; 6-4

Anika was aggressive as usual, probably scored more outright drive winners. Moved pretty well, too. Still Nicole used variety to good effect I guess.

32 (9) Chloe Beck d. (17) Dasha Kourkina 7-6; 6-2

32 (17) Emma Navarro d. (8) Chelsea Kung 6-0; 6-1

Shocking score. Forgot to check this match out, too bad.

32 (9) Briana Crowley d. Somer Henry 6-1; 6-4
32 (9) Andrea Cerdan d. Luba Vasilyuk 6-2; 6-2

32 Nikki Redelijk d. (7) Rachel Lim 6-1; 4-6; 6-1

Only could watch the later 2nd methinks, Nikki is another new find; hit verra well.

32 (9) Hailey Baptiste d. (17) Lauren Stein 6-3; 6-2

Too bad I missed this, SDSU probably.

32 victoria hu d. (3) Cali Jankowski 6-2; 6-3

Not much rallies when I watched. Granted Hu was a very good hitter(I see that she's class of 2020, TRN #16. Cali was the bigger hitter, but as usual, too many errors, tried maybe too hard to finish it early. Definitely could do some rallying, but methinks her anticipation and defensive movement is not top notch, yet. In that regard, maybe not so dissilmilar to say Lexi Milunovich; when on, practically untouchable; like Lexi's National match against Riley McQuaid. But both Lexi and Cali sometimes go for too much, and nets tons, etc. Patience is a virtue, just like in birding!

32 (9) Sedona Gallagher d. (17) Carolyn Campana 6-2; 5-7; 7-5

Didn't they also have a tight match at EB.

32 (17) Julia Haynes d. Julia Deming 6-2; 6-0 32 Jennifer Kerr d. Amaya LopezClay 7-6; 6-1

32 (1) Amber O'Dell d. Charlotte Owensby 6-3; 6-2

Owensby has massive talent. Has terrific variety and can attack the corner with ease, Amber was on the defensive tons of times. Still Amber's power and hustle prevailed I guess, as the older player.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 EB 3/30 G16, 14 recap

Girls' 16 Singles


QQ (7) Addison Guevara d. Britt Pursell 1-6; 6-2; 10-4

Couldn't really watch much, what with watching the last moment of G14 singles then Mandlik vs Liu, and then chatting with Adi's mom lol. By then the gust was devastating!

R3 Marcella Cruz d. Ali Despain 6-0; 3-6; 10-5

Pretty even. Watched from the 2nd set methinks. Ali moved well and struck well(she has nice variety as well). Cruz employd her variety to good efect. Cruz was yelling a lot, like Brooke Austin lol, so Ali responded in kind..haha.
MTB was a letdown, Ali playing poorly; couldn't surmount the early deficit.

R3 Chidimma Okpara d. Anna Campana 7-5; 6-2

Too bad I missed this. I did watch both especially Anna before(was it NPB or ISC, watched so many matches, can't remember!).

R3 (7) Addison Guevara d. Julia Andreach 6-1; 6-0

Just glimpsed a bit, maybe Julia's condition wasn't too good.

R3 Britt Pursell d. (16) Elle Christensen 6-2; 6-3

Wait a minute, Elle was the smaller girl(she's a lefty)? Then who was the taller girl during that doubles match against Despain/Guevara haha, I was rather impressed with that girl!
Britt seemed to overpower Elle, but Elle herself could move and attack sharply.
Elle had a MTO mid-match, hope nothing serious. And. Harvard? What does it mean lol.

R3 Lauren Anzalotta d. elizabeth stevens 6-4; 6-2

Lauren was also a good yeller haha. Impressed with Stevens, have I seen her before. Hits big and doesn't lack variety either.

R3 Yolanda Lin d. Amy Huang 6-3; 7-6(5)

Wow, Lin must be good.

R3 Amanda Chan d. Gabriella Cusano 6-2; 6-1
R3 (1) Briana Crowley d. (10) Kiana Graham 6-0; 6-2

Q (5) Emma Navarro d. (9) Jayci Goldsmith 6-1; 6-3

Could only watch some games, because Jayci was playing doubles later anyway. I had to see Ava lose lol(they're both playing singles tomorrow anyway?).
Looked like Jayci hit more sharply today than yesterday, creating more width. Once applauded Emma's winner. She's a feisty lefty hitter, but doesn't lack variety either. Good mover for her size. Emma was just the better player.
Wait a minute isn't Jayci also 'old' playing this division, fellow class of 2018 with Jillian Taggart haha.

Q (3) Sedona Gallagher d. (8) Ava Hrastar 6-0; 7-5

When I arrived it was already 2nd set, what happened in the 1st lol.
Just like Chloe Beck during that doubles match against Chen/Liu lol(had to sacrifice lots of other matches watching that fantastic match!), Ava just would not go away! Smily at first, haha. But later showed her 'true self', dropping the racquet and kicking it!  Once yelled 'You idiot' after making a backhand drive error!

Seemed to get her rhythm back a bit later in the 2nd; began to hit well, producing winners and such. Both are good movers for their size, and very competent hitters, so it was quite exciting. Ava is also a good server. Sedona was just a bit better, that's all.
Jillian came by to watch. Rachel was watching..a boy's match? Was eating well!

Q Fiona Crawley d. (11) Audrey Boch-Collins 6-4; 6-1

Couldn't watch much but again, ABC's defense was just astounding lol. Fiona's forehand motion reminds me of somebody..can't remember who. Anyway, is this her breakout tournament. Outhustling ABC? No mean feat. Probably was a tad more offensive player as well. ABC once approached the net timely, making an easy volley winner.

Girls' 14 Singles
F (8) Charlotte Owensby d. (1) Gianna Pielet 6-4; 2-6; 7-5

Only could watch from O lead 4-3 to the end of 1st, then from 5-4 P lead in the 3rd.
P was aggressive as usual, but O generally could handle those with her good movement and forehand slices. Now I thought she was the more unstable player compared to Grishuk and Kalieva, watching NPB and ISC, but she proved that she can rally all day this tournament :) Should dig up my first impression of her, at the National or something. Was quite impressed with her talent then.

So P had 7 match points. Don't cry! Once aced later in the 1st and yelled, but her serve was probably her bane; DFed. Allowed service return winner by O in the last game of the 1st. O's backhand was really good; could produce winners on that wing.

Good tournament for both: P had a fantastic tournament, beating a very good team Duncan/Snells en route to winning it all with Collins. Congrats to both!

PL (14) Connie Ma d. (6) Kailey Evans Wo (inj)

CS (9) Jennifer Kida d. Kimberly Hance Wo (inj)
CS (3) Kylie Collins d. Carson Tanguilig 3-6; 6-3; 10-3

Were these played yesterday or today. Kida and Collins play tomorrow I believe, should have a peek. Jen, be calm...haha.

Tomorrow I will naturally concentrate on Goldsmith/Cusano doubles, since I haven't seen them much at all. Rachel I've seen plenty enough already :p
Hope they play side by side though!

I haven't been able to bird at all during this tournament, after birding Coachella Valley Preserve on the 1st day or something and spotting Western Kingbird and adult male Bullock's Oriole at the oasis braving the gust lol. Very few people spotted that Bullock's Oriole at that Preserve! Am I becoming a 'competent' birder or what?!

Will post more tidbits on 3/29 tomorrow, haven't been able to post comprehensively today morning.

2017 ITF EB 3/30 recap

Play suspended because of...wind lol, I was told Dallas is like that!  Did not know that Fiona learned to play tennis at Japan! An interesting background :)

I'm not going to pursue more on Ellie's college choice: from what I've heard it's shrouded in mystery haha. We'll eventually know about it I guess!

Black def. Jankowski

Cali, it's like 'I can do all things' ! Got better yet again. When did her bh slice become so good lol. Bh drives, attacked Black's serve. In and out drives, super sharp, painting the sidelines, producing ecstatic winners. Could rally all right, patiently, and even could mix it up, employing nice drop shot and such. Volley finish was a bit suspect, but overheads were good. She really could be a formidable competitor in college..

But faced the type of player she hates to play, a pusher haha. Very skilled pusher, of course. Returned lots of Cali's lethal drives, employed variety to good effect, just the more solid player.
By the later 2nd set other matches got started, and since I had to watch G16 singles matches still later on, so had to abandon this match.

Domi watched this, and was that..former UT star? Breaunna Addison? In what capacity is she here now. Thought she was wearing UT t shirt. Maybe should ask her if I encounter her again tomorrow lol.  Surely Colette also noticed her?

McNally def. Noel

Alexa's racquet throw was quite frequent today haha.
Best slicer of them all, out-sliced Caty as well. She could actually vary the 'pace' of those slices, accompanied by her timely net approaches; impressive, to say the least. 'Naturalistic' point construction, employing her wily skill and excellent court vision. Could produce winners with ease, employing short angles. And she doesn't even hit that hard. It's all about timing for her.
And she's surely one of the best defenders out there. Really, can return almost any ball. So agile, so versatile, so smart. 'It Girl'!  Her fast serve motion reminds me of Dolgo.

Caty moved quite well, so could neutralize Alexa's sneaky attacks. Passed excellently(well both are excellent passers). She's solid as it gets, and attacked quite efficiently as well. Hence, Alexa's racquet throws! Alexa didn't help herself by making errors as well. Said sorry after benefitting from the net cord.
Again, had to leave mid-match to watch G16 matches!

Douglas def. Kessler

I feel that Kessler has improved a lot recently. Defeating Dolehide at the National was no fluke. So fast, so good. Attacking, no problema. Variety, top notch.

Like the above match, couldn't watch later on, just the later part of the 3rd set, after Ellie led 3-0. Ellie probably grinded it out, and powered through. Was very aggressive, moved well, and probably had the iron will to clinch the match. She really seems to have improved her court vision lol; that perfect drop shot winner.
Last game, K committed errors to concede the match. Her serve was a bit unstable, DFed at times.

Osuigwe def. Volynets

At first the power gap seemed too big. O was literally blowing V off the court, producing service return winners and such.  But when the 'storm' settled down, V had won the 1st lol. Because Katie was the more solid player. Whitney although more powerful was also more erratic, making errors; hence, also, her racquet throws haha. She had a cute lil' sister rooting for her? :)
Like the above matches, had to leave to concentrate on G16 matches(In Colette we Trust!). Just could watch the last moment later.

SJ def. Ong

Wanted to watch this, but Ava just won't go away against Sedona lol. So, could only have a glimpse at the final game or so. Too bad!

Baptiste vs Meyer

Baptiste the Artiste haha. She's really a talented versatile player. Haven't seen her much at all this tournament though lol. Was saving for her doubles match later, and then was busy chatting with Adi's mom during the 3rd set!

I'm not sure birding can be calming, I mean if you're looking for a target bird and can't find it, that's frustrating! Finding fast moving warblers in high canopy is hard. But, just strolling along, enjoying the environment, and attuning to the nature..can't be bad? Texas is a great place to bird. Before getting dethroned by California lol, boasted the most bird species found in the U.S. Rio Grande Valley birding festival in November is justly famous; I really wanted to attend last year!

Amanda once applauded B's nice play.

Mandlik vs Liu

Elli seems to have reverted to her inscrutable self lol. Liu attacked her serve efficiently but also made lots of errors. Couldn't watch much though, what with other G16 matches. Should try to watch tomorrow.

USC fucking it up] Killing Xepoleas

Hey I'm just following Bill O'Reilly's sensational book titles lol.

Meredith Xepoleas was a proud product of So. Cal's tradition, Big Babe tennis. Effortless huge drives. Not much variety but good tennis IQ as well. Had an elite junior career, for example defeating Golovin and McCarthy en route to reaching EB G16 singles final(lost to Brooke Broda).

Was also a rival of Claire Liu. Methinks they met 3 times, Meredith winning 2 of them. Loss was a 3-set affair I believe. Meredith beat Liu fair and square, by outhitting her. Outhitting Claire Liu. You know that very few players can do that, right? Others I can think of is Kylie McKenzie and Alaina Miller(Alaina won a set from Liu at EB, by outhitting her. The reason why she's one of my favorite players lol. When she's on, she's unstoppable; she can produce monstrous pace and angles). Jess Failla also defeated Liu but it was by pushing, and passing on Liu's net approaches, totally different.

I've mentioned Meredith's legendary match against Lucie Hradecka at IW PQ. Did not get blitzed. In fact it was one of the last PQ matches that day to finish lol. It was so tense, that Hradecka complained that I was making noise by peeling an 

Meredith's drives could hurt Hradecka. Think about that. They were clobbering each other...! Now compare Scandalis getting absolutely humiliated against Erakovic at Carlsbad WTA. It was so easy peasy that Erakovic was having a laugh with her coaches mid-match lol. You do know that Hradecka hits a bigger ball than Erakovic, right?

Now, this super talent comes to USC. Of course I thought she would be the next Lindsey Nelson(consecutive NCAA singles finalist). Advanced to Regional semifinals, routing Kyle McPhillips, that Kyle, who was Pac 12 singles winner defeating Hardebeck in the final, and NCAA MVP. I wasn't there so dunno how it went. Maybe Kyle was rusty from injury or something, who knows. Should quiz UCLA coaches about this match.

Anyhow, I arrived next day to watch her semi match against Scandalis.

Watching that match, it was obvious who was the more talented player. Zoe just managed to weather it out.

Now, which dual position did she play. #6 lol, #6. I couldn't believe my eyes! What was the logic of the decision, the hell I know. It's not like USC is loaded with talent like Stanford or Florida! I suspect absolute stacking to ensure an easy win, but who can say?

Anyhow Meredith won a deciding match against NCAA singles finalist Lynn Chi, who maybe was rusty from injury. I was absent that day to do Pelagic birding with Audubon members lol. So should ask Cal. coaches about this match, as well.

And you know her record in that position, right? Of course she won a whole bunch. I didn't even have to watch her matches. Why should I? She didn't belong there in the first place lol.

Ojai, the same. I mean of course she won Invitational, defeating Fleming in the final. Again, she didn't belong there. She should've competed in the 'big league', MD.

You know what happened against Vandy at NCAA semi, right? Meredith's seniors all lost, Zoe got blitzed against Altick, Westby as well against Colton(Campbell was serving for the match against Sabs). So what was the point of Meredith playing #6?

Now, I thought next season Meredith would surely ascend to upper position lol. I was rudely disabused of that silly notion! Stayed at #6, behind two freshmen, Failla and Valdes. Those two pushers. Couldn't believe my eyes. Just couldn't understand the logic, again, at all! Thought it won't end well, and I was proven right.

I dunno what happened behind the scenes. Maybe Meredith wasn't into it any more, had motivational problem, or a secret injury, or whatever. I really hope she dramatizes her 'USC experience' some day. We need to know.

Trying to beat those pushers at #6, and trading winners with the elite hitters at 1 and 2, totally different, no? So why should USC 'waste' Meredith at #6? Why? To soothe some fucking egos?

Meredith even came a year early. Again, if you're going to waste her talent, why recruit her at all? She should've just gone to UCLA lol. I mean, Fleming is playing #2 now??

So for whatever reason, Meredith decided to call it quits. USC instantly lost a potential #1 player. Who can actually tread toe to toe in firepower against elite hitters.

Remember, Mad Westby who is similarly tall and a hard hitter like Meredith, is also struggling at USC. I heard she recently got a private lesson, not liking USC's coaching emphasizing on pushing.

You know what happend at Pepperdine during the NCAA 2nd rd. Failla got blitzed at #5. Valdes also struggled. Olmos was blitzed at #1. Katz lost to Milovanovic at #3 in 2 sets. Westby also got blitzed? Can't bother to check the scores again.

This season Katz played #1. That Katz, who was absolutely humiliated against Jen Brady during the Regionals. Katz definitely improved at USC. Hustled hard. Aggressive. But she's just not on the same class with other elite hitters. She's not Maegan Manasse, does not have the hardware.

USC lost to NTI regional against Auburn this year. Now, #40, ranked even behind Washington and Oregon, probably a record-low.

Let's say you're on TV. Naturally #1 singles will be televised. You do want an exciting match at that star position, no? Not scrambling all match to chase those bullets by the opponents lol. 'Image' problem right there. What will future stars think of USC if their 'star' players just..pushes lol. For example Failla was just too busy chasing those balls by Lahey at the Regional last Fall. Failla is playing #2 now.

Now, let's compare with UCLA. 'Even' Alaina Miller can outhit anybody at USC lol. Ena can blitz almost anybody in the league. Now comes Dolehide, who just defeated 3-time singles slam champ Dani Collins at ITF RSF. Helen Altick is no slouch, either.

So, imagine the absolute massacre should they play USC next season lol. Guaranteed 'TV match' taking mere 2 hours? Lol.

Just compare the recruiting between those 2 'rivals' from 2015 to 2018. From the Golden Class of 2017, UCLA got Dolehide. And they already recruited Elysia Bolton for 2018, who has defeated Kylie McKenzie at EB last year. Elysia almost defeated Car Branstine at ISC last week.

I'm not the only one who complained about USC's weak recruiting. There have been grumblings about it for years. So a disaster was waiting to happen, anyway.

So now you know why I keep saying that USC is fucked, that they have no future.

USO black comedy, now killing Xepoleas, so after these two glaring examples, what elite hitter in their right mind will even look at USC, eh??

If you can't recruit elite hitters, when state 'rivals' Stanford and UCLA are recruiting those EVERY year, what's the point of competing? As I said, should just pack it up??

I'm afraid the new coaching staff for USC will have a LOT of job to do. They will have to reassure and convince future star players, those elite hitters, that they won't KILL their talents, that they can actually take CARE of them. Beastly hard to accomplish, especially after those debacles.

As I said, I have no hope for USC. Hope I'm proven wrong, but the picture looks so bleak right now.

Finished writing this at 2:53am(had some good sleep in the evening!).

USC fucking it up] USO doubles wildcard disaster

Here let me tell you about the sad saga of USC.

I've seen the palpable relief of the coaches after KK/Sabs won the NCAA doubles(watched via webcam). They fucked it up at the team NCAA against Stanford, so it was a consolation prize.

And a good one too, because playing USO means a prime exposure of USC tennis, and thus a good opportunity to attract future star recruits as well. And of course, it was the height of both KK and Sabs' careers(Sabs' 'reign' was brief. That match against Gibbs at the NCAA was probably the decisive moment for both of their careers, Gibbs and Sabs. Next Fall season Sabs was routed by Jamie Loeb and this was even before her injury at Texas next year), and could've been a career watershed for both, especially for KK who just conquered the college doubles scene.

And then this disaster.

What I've learned from working, is that Confirmation is key. Important issues, in fact any kind of 'transaction', you need to double and triple check to make SURE.

Did USC do that AT ALL, have no idea.

They even travelled there and was told there, that there was a problem. It's like a black comedy lol.

So USC fucked it up. Big time. Of course USTA shares the responsibility, but USC just can not escape from the main blame of effectively derailing both KK and Sabs' careers.

It was a prime chance to advertise USC tennis, but instead they became an instant laughing stock of the tennis community. Can't even take care of basic things for the star players. Monumental incompetence, to say the least.

Now what would've the future star players thought watching this black comedy enfold? What'll be their impression of USC tennis lol. You can guess.

They should've been axed then and there. Because next they committed an even more heinous crime, in effectively, purposefully killing future star's career; talking about Meredith Xepoleas.

But that's on the next post, along with the bleak survey of their current and future recruiting especially compared to their cross-town 'rival', UCLA.

2017 ITF EB 3/29 recap

MY laptop is so slow, can someone lend me a laptop like Hayley Carter did at

Quizzed many players; thank ye, especially my star informer! Volunteered about Shin, when I didn't even ask..haha.
Shin to Stanford, Zein stays in the West(asked herself, first joking about that Texas flag she wrapped herself around, and the Texas flag face painting during Fed Cup!), Graver secret haha, Douglas dunno, who should I ask about her today lol. Emma told me about Sewing, she's turning pro probably(could be a decent doubles specialist imo).
Lim, maybe Columbia, not sure.
 I feel really sorry for Mr. Blackman now haha. Seems like everybody from the class of 2017 is turning pro except Dolehide!

2nd Round
Claire LIU (USA) [1] 6-4 6-3 Malkia MENGUENE (USA)

Elizabeth MANDLIK (USA) [16] 6-2 6-2 Tatum BURGER (USA)

Too bad couldn't watch this much. I'm sure Tatum had garnered plenty of attention from the coaches!

Alexa NOEL (USA) 6-2 7-6(1) Natasha SUBHASH (USA) [9]

Only glimpsed here and there, trusting Colette(ISC redux)! Noel's lob, Action this day; painted the baseline with such ease! S again collapsed making errors in the end.

So, marquee match today; Noel made it. Can challenge Caty now lol. Should watch..2nd set? Lol. I only watched the 3rd set of Bellis vs Kenin National semi singles, probably not even the whole set.
Bellis fanboy iPetty would've jerked himself off at Bellis's every

Caty MCNALLY (USA) [6] 6-3 6-1 Julia HAYNES (USA)

H served well, also could pass sharply. Moonball was disappointing though haha. Can't touch Mossmer! She was later at PVCC, watching Hayer. Maybe they travelled from SD together? Safe trip.

Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) [3] 6-2 6-1 Marlee ZEIN (USA)

O too good, nailing winners.

Katie VOLYNETS (USA) 6-1 7-5 Grace JOYCE (USA)

Grace is Alaina Miller-type. When on, can produce monstrous width with her flat drives. Self destructed though, netting tons after tense rallies and DFing. V was solid enough, a mark of an elite. Never falters. As I said Emma watched this with Grace's mom so could ask her about Sewing.

 Ann LI (USA) [11] 6-1 6-1 Kacie HARVEY (USA)

Rachel LIM (USA) 7-6(5) 6-2 Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [8]

Player of the day, Lim. Was prepared. Patient, smart, also pushed lol, and moved M around, passed sharply. Dared Mossmer to hit through her, and Nicole couldn't. Maybe too passive at times(Nicole will attack those). Nicole probably self destructed though, DFing.
 Watched some of the 1st set.

Cali JANKOWSKI (USA) 6-1 3-6 6-3 Margaryta BILOKIN (UKR)

Cali also player of the day. Blew B off the court in the 1st set, with her power. Dunno how good this British player Baptiste is, but Cali 's drive is as powerful as it gets. If she improves her defense at ASU, I see no limit. Could be a proud successor to McKenna, Cako and Krawczyk.

 Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) [10] 6-2 7-5 Anna BRYLIN (USA)

Mccartney KESSLER (USA) 6-2 Retired Gabriella PRICE (USA)

Price came up to watch matches twice, too bad this match started too late, had to watch G16 doubles.

Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) [4] 6-2 6-3 Ivana CORLEY (USA)

Competitive. Ellie's condition seemed good though. Very aggressive.

Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) [5] 1-6 7-5 6-2 Salma EWING (USA)

Amanda MEYER (USA) [12] 4-6 6-3 7-6(1) Janice SHIN (USA)

Meyer was the better player, but only watched the start of the 1st.

Vanessa ONG (USA) [14] 6-2 6-4 Madeline MEREDITH (USA)

Naturally concentrated on Mad losing...haha. Her drive volley and lob were decent yesterday! Mano to mano, both trading lethal drives. Of course Mad could hit Ong off with her massive power. Ong was a bit faster. Mad as usual sank tons!

Taylor JOHNSON (USA) [2] 6-3 6-2 Kelly CHEN (USA)

2nd Round
Caty MCNALLY (USA) / Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) [1] 6-3 6-4 Victoria EMMA (USA) / Mccartney KESSLER (USA)

Watched as much as I could before heading to PVCC. Caty too good. O was also quite good at net.

Victoria FLORES (USA) / Amanda MEYER (USA) [6] 6-0 6-2 Julia HAYNES (USA) / Cali JANKOWSKI (USA)

No surprise, haha.

Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) / Natasha SUBHASH (USA) [3] 7-5 6-4 Kelly CHEN (USA) / Claire LIU (USA)

Was torn between Ellie and Kiss, naming the doubles player of the day. Ellie just couldn't wait to get back to the court lol. Her court vision seems to have dramatically improved overnight! So poached efficiently, and also hustled well. HQ match.

Jimena RODRIGUEZ-BENITO (USA) / Marlee ZEIN (USA) 6-4 2-6 [10-7] Vanessa ONG (USA) / Katie VOLYNETS (USA) [7]
Imani GRAHAM (USA) / Lea MA (USA) [8] 6-3 6-2 Anna BRYLIN (USA) / Rachel LIM (USA)
Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) / Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) [4] 6-3 7-6(4) Elena VAN LINGE (USA) / Danielle WILLSON (USA)
Elysia BOLTON (USA) / Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [5] 6-1 7-5 Malkia MENGUENE (USA) / Alana SMITH (USA)

Taylor JOHNSON (USA) / Ann LI (USA) [2] 6-2 6-3 Alexa BUTERA (USA) / Camille KISS (USA)

Kiss was on par with SJ and Li. No joke. Her service returns, shank or no shank lol, painted the lines, dismantling the defense. Her drives could draw errors from both. Served well. Net defense, not bad at all. Alexa committed many volley errors, not really on par with the others, but was aggressive as usual at net, and once produced the shot of the day, making a ATP-esque passing shot on the run.

Already late, 8:37am, so will post 2-part exposé on USC which I wrote last night later.

2017 EB 3/29 G16, 14 recap

7:35am so hurrying but my computer is so slow now. Couldn't believe that McDonald's wifi wasn't working yesterday night. Not going to pay for internet surcharge at my motel, so here I am.

I miss Panda Express's hot soup. Small one was like $1.39, so cheap and so good! Really helped me to relieve my fatigue after the 'marathon' at IW lol. Discontinued last year I believe.
Should write a petition to reintroduce

 Crowley was passing by so asked her about Hewitt(of course first congratulating her on choosing OSU to break the ice!); she's going to college, not sure where though. Could be UGA, but we'll see.

I visited PVCC 3 times yesterday lol. Really Colette and me complement perfectly each other, thereby ensuring a comprehensive coverage of ISC and EB! hER COVERING stars, boys, singles and star court, moi 'hovering at the outer rim', covering 'obscure' girl's matches and doubles!

Girls' 16 Singles (Round of 16)
Emma Navarro (5) (Charleston, SC) def. Marcella Cruz (Marlboro, NJ) 6-0, 6-2

Jayci Goldsmith (9) (Dripping Springs, TX) def. Chidimma Okpara (Vienna, VA) 6-4, 6-1

O was good. Returned well so the points were long. Jayci was aggressive as usual but felt that she could produce more width than that. Dozed a bit later watching this match and Elle vs Natasha, not only because I was tired lol; methinks I'm becoming a 'doubles specialist! Haha. Endless monotonous singles rallies, not exactly 'TV', isn't it?

Eryn Cayetano (12) (Corona, CA) def. Addison Guevara (7) (Keller, TX) 3-6, 6-4, 6-3

Saw a bit. Eryn was powerful as usual. Add, feisty as usual haha.

Dasha Kourkina (2) (Brooklyn, NY) def. Elle Christensen (16) (Los Angeles, CA) 7-5, 6-3

Did I watch this match correctly lol. Was the one with the yellow attire Dasha? Did she beef her game up? No more pushing like in her doubles with Sorokko, she was playing power tennis and moving Elle brutally around. Was expecting Elle's razor like drives and offense but she was too busy retrieving, I was more impressed with her defense and drop shot..haha. Attacked at times, hitting flat though. Had to return to IWTG to watch the doubles start(2pm).

Fiona Crawley (San Antonio, TX) def. Lauren Anzalotta (Trujillo Alto, PR) 6-0, 3-6, 6-4

Caught the later stage of the 3rd set at the star court. Evenly matched. Impressed with A, her fh form seems nice(sorta like Kenin?), moved well and returned well. Saw her for the 1st time methinks.Fiona's bf Ava of course watched this after her singles win.

Audrey Boch-Collins (11) (Las Vegas, NV) def. Yolanda Lin (Sammamish, WA) 6-3, 6-4

Sedona Gallagher (3) (Henderson, NV) def. Gabriella Cusano (Austin, TX) 6-3, 6-0

Cusano came in front of me and collapsed, sprawling herself on the lawn and fuming haaha. (just lost the match when I arrived at PVCC). Later seemed to have 'recovered' though!

Ava Hrastar (8) (Duluth, GA) def. Kiana Graham (10) (Austin, TX) 6-2, 6-3

Watched a bit alongside Jayci's match.

R2 Jaedan Brown d. Giulia Hayer 7-6(1); 6-1

H squandered her lead 5-2 in the 1st. Her flat drives(2 handed forehand) began to sink into the net, B returned well.

R2 Jillian Taggart d. Elizabeth Goldsmith 6-1; 6-0

Glimpsed T routing did VA lose to G? Or did G just tank the match. Or, just that T was too good? :p

R2 Amanda Chan d. Merri Kelly 6-0; 6-4

K's condition didn't seem too good, seemed grumpy too, haha.

R2 Lindsay Hung d. Dax Seidlin 6-2; 6-2

R2 (1) Briana Crowley d. Alexandra Yepifanova 6-2; 6-2

Came to watch this match of course, 8am or something. C as usual lol sank tons, but served well, and began to zone in later, landing dtl drives on both wings. Y was good, quite tall, and can hit flat. Bh seems especially good.

Girls' 16 Doubles (Quarterfinal Round)

Sorry Gabby Price, had to leave to watch those marquee matches. Missed other G18 doubles too such as VL/Willfow, etc.

Sedona Gallagher / Jillian Taggart def. Ava Hrastar / Emma Navarro (2) 2-6, 6-4, 10-2

Ava's condition didn't seem too good. Jillian rather dominated in the later stage. She must feel old, as the sole? class of 2018 player haha. Wonder where she'll go. G also passed well at times, and N eventually too committed errors.

Najah Dawson / Rachel Wagner def. Ali Despain / Addison Guevara (3) 6-3, 3-6, 10-7

'Go Rachel' is still ringing in my ears! Dominated the tiebreaker. Dunno if she was always this good. Only recently discovered at OC tourney(KK played there too), and she's now definitely a top doubles player. What I like most about her, she never gives up. Follows(with her eyes of course) the ball to the end, not afraid to return strong balls at net, also hustling back to return lobs.
D played well too, without her they could not have defeated a good doubles team like D/G. D shined in the 2nd set. Didn't feel G was up to her usual standard, rather subdued performance but maybe W was just too good.

Gabriella Cusano / Jayci Goldsmith (4) def. Rosie Garcia Gross / Yashna Yellayi 6-2, 4-1 Ret (inj)

So Jayci made it, congrats. :) Today is G16 day, those matches have priority at IWTG. Colette Don't worry, I have it covered! ;)

Audrey Boch-Collins / Britt Pursell def. Eryn Cayetano / Giulia Hayer 1-6, 7-6, 10-4

C/H uber aggressive at net, almost destroying the court balance lol. But so good. Alas, also committed gazillion of errors especially Eryn. ABC returned every one of those sudden attacks(upped the pace deceptively) by C and H. Surely one of the players of the day. Outstanding defense. P committed some errors but also as usual, was good at net. H later netted tons of her drives, just like Alaina Miller! Haha.

  Girls' 14 Singles (Semifinal Round)

Gianna Pielet (1) (El Paso, TX) def. Kailey Evans (6) (Ennis, TX) Wo (inj)

Charlotte Owensby (8) (Boca Raton, FL) def. Connie Ma (14) (Dublin, CA) 6-3, 6-3

Only watched a bit, O was wily like Car Branstine.  Purposefully pushed, daring Ma to hit through her; worked, and also moved Ma effectively around with her variety and good drives.

  Girls' 14 Doubles (Final Round),
 Kylie Collins / Gianna Pielet (1) def. Avery Durham / Allie Gretkowski 6-0, 6-4

Missed this, but saw them and had to watch G16 matches.

  Girls' 14 Doubles (Playoff)
Amber Fuller / Sophia Strugnell def. Kailey Evans / Katherine Petty (2) Wo (inj)

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 EB Marquee matches 3/29

G14 singles semis
Cayetano vs Guevara
Christensen vs Kourkina
Cayetano/Hayer vs ABC/Pursell
Gallager/Taggart vs Hrastar/Navarro

Taggart lost to Cayetano yesterday, unexpected to say the least..! :p
She plays Californian Goldsmith today, could be another tough match(G defeated Van Alphen at Oracle last Fall, methinks).

Too bad I can't watch G14 Consolation singles. Maybe I should just forget G18 matches and head there??!!

McNally meets another 'pusher extraordinaire' in Haynes today haha.

Volynets vs Joyce
Lim vs Mossmer
Bilokin vs Jankowski
Kessler vs Price
Ong vs Mad
Douglas/Subhas vs Chen/Liu
Butera/Kiss vs SJ/Li
McNally/Osuigwe vs Emma/Kessler

Some tidbits before heading to PVCC

Black had a MTO or something after the 1st set against SJ at ISC.

I dub Dani Willson as Willfow. Not joking, the electrical board at IWTG spelled her name that way, don't blame me Dani haha.

Subhash should just turn pro lol, I mean she defeated Ryngler(class of 2020) in 2, and that Ryngler defeated WAATC finalist Van Nguyen at ITF RSF..haha.

More on coach Bernstein;

He lives like 5 minutes from his office; we Angelenos are furious lol, who have to endure a hellish morning traffic!

He was 2011 member of the UGA team! Which means I watched him lose against USC at Stanford NCAA..!!

Now should head to PVCC to watch Crowley vs Yepifanova.

I'm 'saving' for Jayci G's matches for tomorrow; so don't fuck it up today, on both matches, Jayci! Haha. Eh, maybe I should have a weeny least in doubles later?

Franklin's Gull

Christ....!! Maybe I should just pack it up and hurry back???!! :p

Date: 3/28/17 9:37 pm
From: <jbray4913...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Franklin's Gull at Bolsa Chica 28 MAR
A photographer friend of mine (Salah Baazizi) took a few photos of an adult FRANKLIN'S GULL today at Bolsa Chica. He was at the tide gates. It flew over and headed towards Seal Beach. He didn't see it come back. This was in the late afternoon / early evening. Posting just so people are aware that it could possibly be in the area. (Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, Bolsa Chica...)

With his permission, I added the pics to the gulls album on the forum. Hopefully the links below will work...

Jeff Bray

Irvine, CA 

2017 EB Action This Day 3/28

Still no OOP at ITF but thank God for Steve!

Aside from Mandlik's spectacular racquet throw during the doubles match lol.

Marlee Zein picked up the ball which invaded their doubles play, flew in from the opposite court, boy's doubles.
She should've just gave it to me, but instead lobbed the ball back there(in-play lol), with the call 'Incoming'!  Haha.

Goulak was preparing to finish the ball near the net.
Then Beck literally barged in, hitting a tempo early! Eventually resulted in their winning the point lol.
Now, was that an intentional fake by Goulak haha(that would've been the doubles play of the century!!!!), or that Beck was so greedy to hog the ball!

I was tempted to nickname Beck 'Choker' after witnessing her making 3 errors in a row at 8-7 match tiebreak serving at ISC against Menguene/Smith(with Flores) lol, but after yesterday's monster performance, can you blame me if I name her 'THE NINJA OF THE EAST'??!! Haha.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 EB G14 3/28 recap

Girls' 14 Singles

Q (8) Charlotte Owensby d. Hina Inoue 6-1; 6-4

Q (14) Connie Ma d. (4) Emma Jackson 6-0; 6-1

SO impressed with those two. Ma was probably a bit better, but J really moved and attacked well. Both had excellent variety as well. Ma once even executed a jumping backhand perfectly.
J was gasping for breath after points, the level was that good; both moved and hit so well, hence the long points. So, which is health hazard, this singles, or doubles  :p
Jackson was quite stoic as well.

Q (6) Kailey Evans d. (9) Jennifer Kida 6-1; 6-1

This match was also good, Kida could certainly hit flat but Evans was the more composed and wily player. Not that she couldn't attack, hit flat, attacked quite sharply. Watched Kida and patiently returned.
 Kida was too emotional. Evans said sorry after benefiting from the net cord. Tompkins tennis? is that where she's training.

Q (1) Gianna Pielet d. Kimberly Hance 6-2; 6-1

QQ Yuu Ishikawa d. (12) Vivian Ovrootsky 2-6; 6-3; 10-6

Wow, who is this Ishikawa.

QQ Avery Durham d. (2) Jenna DeFalco 6-3; 6-3

Same here, wait Durham is doubles finalist..taller or smaller player?  Should find out tomorrow! 8am start?
Too bad couldn't watch Jenna this tournament, but did watch her play NPB!

QQ (3) Kylie Collins d. (13) Savannah Broadus 6-3; 6-1
QQ Carson Tanguilig d. MiaAngelina Ruja 6-1; 6-1

SF Durham/Gretkowski d. (2) Evans/Petty 6-3; 5-2Ret (inj)

Only could watch this at times along with Mandlink/Bilokin vs Brylin/Lim match. D/G were attacking well, and the tall girl's(E/P) condition didn't seem good. Smaller girl later had a MTO, maybe that's why they retired.

SF (1) Collins/Pielet d. Fuller/Strugnell 6-3; 6-1

Too bad, played too far away, court 14 or something. Should watch F/S tomorrow. Didn't they Low Five with each other yesterday against the Zs haha.
I think Crowley came to watch this? So thought C/T won then haha.

2017 EB G16 3/28 recap

MJF spotted when I came by to watch(actually had to wait for a bit) Despain vs Crawley. NU and UW coaches were there as usual. Was coach Dasso interested in Despain..or was she watching the next court's  match.

32 (2) Dasha Kourkina d. Alexandra Yepifanova 6-4; 6-1
32 (16) Elle Christensen d. Lindsay Hung 6-3; 6-3
32 (7) Addison Guevara d. Amanda Chan 6-4; 6-1 32 (12) Eryn Cayetano d. Jillian Taggart 6-4; 6-3 32 Chidimma Okpara d. Jaedan Brown 6-3; 6-1 32 (9) Jayci Goldsmith d. Amy Huang 6-2; 6-4 32 (5) Emma Navarro d. elizabeth stevens 6-2; 6-2 32 Marcella Cruz d. (14) MariaFernanda Campos 6-4; 6-1 32 (10) Kiana Graham d. Kristin Kerrigan 6-0; 7-5 32 (8) Ava Hrastar d. Stephanie Nguyen 6-2; 6-2 32 Gabriella Cusano d. Julia Andreach 6-3; 6-2 32 (3) Sedona Gallagher d. Shelly Yaloz 6-1; 6-2 32 (11) Audrey Boch-Collins d. Anna Campana 6-2; 7-6(5) 32 Yolanda Lin d. (6) Reilly Tran 6-4; 3-2Ret (inj) 32 Lauren Anzalotta d. (15) Anessa Lee 2-6; 7-5; 6-0

32 Fiona Crawley d. Ali Despain 2-6; 6-4; 6-1

Only could watch...1st set? Who arrived later, Ava! She was today in a all-white attire, even shoe lol. Quite a husky voice, whispered 'Go Fiona'(now another even more boyish voice is Car Branstine's, at IW last season! Met the whole family, her, Constance and her mom at Starbucks and her mom and I hugged in delight!)!
And was smart enough to let me have a clean view of the court :)  I remember naming her GG last year. Not Gossip Girl, Golden Girl! Or Gigi? lol.
Fiona even chatted with Ava a bit on the court lol.

Later Navarro also came, with another player, dunno who lol, sorry!
Now the woman(with the Laurel Springs bag?! Where can I get one?) didn't seem like the woman who was having a good time yesterday during Fiona's doubles match? Who really is Fiona's mom..haha.

Well the match was pretty even methinks, that's all I can say haha, Fiona played better later on, such as drop shot and lob combo. Ali yelled quite often!
Obviously I watched this since both were good(otherwise why should I forfeit watching G18 singles matches, eh?); and indeed, went to 3!

R1 Makayla Mills d. Ellie Coleman 4-6; 6-1; 11-9

Coleman lost to Guevara in 3 yesterday so had a peek, but dunno who was who lol. Not bad, the match itself. The one with a orange? cap performed a 'leg-thru' for me!
Only could watch a bit before heading to court 15 to watch Despain vs Crawley.

16 (2) Hrastar/Navarro d. Crawley/Graham 6-0; 6-1

H/N too good, too powerful. Won the drive contest, painting the lines and such. Graham wasn't a match for Navarro, no shame since N is just too good at this level.

16 Gallagher/Taggart d. Lynch/Wooten 6-1; 6-0 16 (3) Despain/Guevara d. Kaplan/Pietrowicz 6-1; 6-2 16 Dawson/Wagner d. (5) Broerman/Yaloz 6-2; 6-3 16 Garcia Gross/Yellayi d. Huang/Lee 6-2; 7-6(3) 16 (4) Cusano/Goldsmith d. Anzalotta/Howard 6-1; 6-0 16 Boch-Collins/Pursell d. Fleischman/Koenig 6-2; 6-4

16 Cayetano/Hayer d. (1) Crowley/Tran 7-6(5); 0-6; 10-4

I mean it may not be an upset, because both C and H are very good(hence my watching the match, forfeiting G18 doubles!), but oh Briana haha. I should 'report' to coach Manasse whom I had a nice chat at the restroom during WAATC last Fall! :p

Quite even, both defending and attacking well. Had to leave later after H/N won(had to climb the wall to watch both matches!). Hayer as usual showed her class! Her drives and volleys, good enough :)

2017 ITF EB 3/28 recap

My bad, I totally forgot to mention NU(Michelle Dasso) and Wisconsin(Megan Falcon)! All the more heinous since both also watched G16 matches. Wonder how Pick and Zordani are doing at UW, maybe should ask Megan, who I saw her play at NCAA 2009 and USONP Final round at Stanford. :)

I think Notre Dame also came but he's unfamiliar, is he men's coach?
Today, Texas Tech coach arrived, was with coach Niilson.

Had a nice long chat with coach Bernstein watching Beck/Goulak vs Chen/Liu! I pestered him to divulge the recipe to beat Florida and of course he refused, as it's a trade secret haha. Told me Eleni Christofi had 3mps against Failla at WAATC(Eleni is a big hitter, and she especially played well against Neel, he said).
Ellen Perez, depends on this season, she might turn pro if UGA does well(win the NCAA??!!). He told me he once travelled by car with his wife from Las Vegas to Alabama...2 and a half day journey!!  And dared me to drive to Georgia during for way I'm driving all that way! 
He knew about the State Botanical Garden, which I researched on ebird a few days ago and found out as a birding hotspot lol.
Asked him about Stanford's other possible recruit for the class of 2017, and the whereabouts of Shin and Sewing, he didn't know. I really need to quiz Douglas or Zein about at least Shin's choice..haha.

Now, if indeed Douglas is going to UCLA, that only means that Liu is going to Stanford, but USTA will naturally be hell bent to lure her to turn outright pro, no?

Coach Brown of UCLA at EB last year(or the year before) told me that he would like to retire here; heck no! This desolate land with a Hellish temperature lol, give me cool San Diego any day! I mean this region does have bird haven Salton Sea, but you can't beat SD County which has the most bird reported in any county in the USA(540 species to LA county's 533)! :p

Quizzed Courtney yet again and Caro is still going to UCLA; as I said, USC is fucked :sobbing:

Dent Academy umbrella is good! But where is coach Dent himself??!

Was thinking of just copying what I wrote line by line, to show my thought and writing process, but can't bother lol. Still will consult a bit here(8:55pm now, after the 'spa treatment' at 24 hour fitness and dinner!).

Invasion of the Body Snatcher is classic 1950s movie. I dub those who lure elite juniors from college course to turn outright pro, like USTA, coaches and agents, as the 'Body Snatchers'!

Grace Joyce is going to Princeton! With her kind permission, I'm telling you guys this 'scoop'! Told her Ivy League is recruiting well as a whole, and she agreed!

The Zamarripa sisters came to watch the action later, nice fashion sense, with each wearing a fedora and a straw hat! Fashionistas of the Day? :)

Just checked G12 doubles final and Tkachenko is playing 3/4 match, dunno her but I've heard the name, a famous USSR center(basketball) during the..1970s or something. Probably not related, but who knows lol.

I'm not only a 'Tree-hugger' lol as a birder, I just love to hug! It should be a hugging day everyday!

As usual copied the score from ITF(they just changed the winner from Forbes to Meyer? Really who won lol);

1st Round
Claire LIU (USA) [1] 6-1 6-1 Chloe BECK (USA)
Malkia MENGUENE (USA) 6-2 6-2 Anika YARLAGADDA (USA)

Tatum BURGER (USA) 6-3 1-6 7-6(3) Jada ROBINSON (USA)

An even match when I watched, the points were long. I've praised Tatum's game before, so am not too surprised.

Elizabeth MANDLIK (USA) [16] 6-4 7-6(6) Lea MA (USA)

Elli showed some emotion during the match! Threw the racquet!!  Remember Churchill's famous 'Action This Day' (putting priorities on the memos) during WWII?  I name Elli's 'shocking(because she was so calm at ISC!)' racquet throws, during this match and during doubles, as today's 'Action This Day'! :)

Could watch some of he 2nd set. Her serve continues to be a problem, welcome to the elite hitter's club who can't serve, like Brooke Austin...haha.

Natasha SUBHASH (USA) [9] 6-1 7-5 Alexa RYNGLER (USA)

Watched from the 2nd and Alexa caught up, no surprise there. Rather outplayed Natasha for a bit, returning and attacking well.

Alexa NOEL (USA) 6-4 2-6 6-3 Carolyn CAMPANA (USA)

Julia HAYNES (USA) 6-0 6-3 Luba VASILYUK (USA)

This started too late, had to go watch Despain vs Crawley, and when I came back after watching a bit of the 1st set there, it was already finished; too bad, hoped for a long match.

Caty MCNALLY (USA) [6] 6-2 6-4 Sara CHOY (USA)
Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) [3] 6-1 6-1 Jimena RODRIGUEZ-BENITO (USA)
Marlee ZEIN (USA) 6-2 6-2 Niluka MADURAWE (USA)
Katie VOLYNETS (USA) 6-3 6-1 Kolie ALLEN (USA)
Grace JOYCE (USA) 6-3 6-1 Victoria EMMA (USA) [13]
Ann LI (USA) [11] 6-1 6-4 Emilee DUONG (USA)

Kacie HARVEY (USA) 2-6 6-2 6-3 Alana SMITH (USA)

This was a veritable marathon match. Was being played during Beck/Goulak vs Chen/Liu doubles, and was still being played when I returned from PVCC after watching Hrastar/Navarro vs Crawley/Graham and Cayetano/Hayer vs Crowley/Tran! H was fast so could retrieve lots of S's touch shots; hence the points were generally long.

Rachel LIM (USA) 6-1 7-6(2) Anastasiya JOYNER (USA)

Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [8] 6-1 6-4 Dalayna HEWITT (USA)

Really too bad I missed this, had to watch Beck/Goulak vs Chen/Liu doubles, and Bilokin vs Bolton singles. Also could watch Berger vs Jobinson a bit; blame the court position of this match, court 8, the farthest court.  This was a revenge of sorts, since Hewitt defeated Mossmer at this tournament..was it last year or the year before.
This match was quite popular with the coaches, OSU and Cal. coaches watched it together and also methinks UT.

Margaryta BILOKIN (UKR) 6-2 7-6(2) Elysia BOLTON (USA) [7]

Didn't know who won, didn't stay till the end to find out, but Bilokin moved and returned well. Elysia was on the offensive, moving Bilokin around, but also netted tons. Later was in a full-out bash mode, scoring winners at will.

She later came up during doubles(or was it during Black vs Kalieva) so showed her my Winter National t shirt! We all will miss that COLD tournament at Mesa! Now why didn't I quiz her about my Westbrook jersey; should've asked her which college did he play for..haha.

 Cali JANKOWSKI (USA) 6-1 6-1 Isabella LAMBERT (USA)
Anna BRYLIN (USA) 6-4 5-7 6-3 Hannah ZHAO (USA)

Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) [10] 6-2 6-4 Elvina KALIEVA (USA)

Could watch most of the 2nd set! Black just could not hit through Elvina. Elvina moved and retrieved so well, and many points ended in B's errors. Elvina's forehand is quite beautiful, when she attacked, but of course Black returned lots of those. Methinks Black's drop shot was effective later on. Elvina also reached those, but Black mercilessly used it to move Elvina back and forth, and it proved to be effective.

Mccartney KESSLER (USA) 6-3 7-5 Victoria FLORES (USA) [15]
Gabriella PRICE (USA) 6-4 6-4 Annette GOULAK (USA)

Ivana CORLEY (USA) 6-1 6-3 Sabina DADACIU (USA)

Sabina dropped the racquet a lot today haha. Did she also drop her purse? when she saw me after Bilokin/Mandlik vs Brylin/Lim was concluded? :p
Powerful enough but Ivana was a match for her, and Ivana's usual variety was quite effective as well. Probably Ivana was a bit more solid, Sabina committed some errors while attacking.

Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) [4] 6-3 6-0 Jessica ANZO (USA)
Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) [5] 6-1 6-2 Regina PITTS (USA)

Salma EWING (USA) 6-3 4-6 6-1 Imani GRAHAM (USA)
Janice SHIN (USA) 6-4 6-1 Sophia GRAVER (USA)
Amanda MEYER (USA) [12] 7-6(3) 6-2 Abigail FORBES (USA)
Vanessa ONG (USA) [14] 6-2 6-1 Victoria HU (USA)
Madeline MEREDITH (USA) 6-2 7-6(6) Jessi MULJAT (USA)
Kelly CHEN (USA) 6-2 2-6 6-3 Ashley YEAH (USA)

Taylor JOHNSON (USA) [2] 6-1 6-0 Chloe HAMLIN (USA)

Only could watch a bit late in the 2nd. Chloe once hit a nice bh slice dtl winner, passing.


1st Round
Caty MCNALLY (USA) / Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) [1] BYE

Victoria EMMA (USA) / Mccartney KESSLER (USA) 6-4 7-5 Carolyn CAMPANA (USA) / Ivana CORLEY (USA)

Couldn't watch, had to watch other matches after arriving from PVCC, baby Gators won the 1st set anyway. Still too bad I had to miss this. Ivana has a very good touch, and Caro is a solid hitter herself, so the tight score isn't too much surprising.

Julia HAYNES (USA) / Cali JANKOWSKI (USA) 6-3 6-3 Jessica ANZO (USA) / Regina PITTS (USA)

Too bad I missed this too, Anzo/Pitts are competent enough so it's a good win for H/J.

Victoria FLORES (USA) / Amanda MEYER (USA) [6] 6-2 6-4 Dalayna HEWITT (USA) / Madeline MEREDITH (USA)

Really too bad I couldn't watch Hewitt a lot this tournament. Managed to concentrate on this match from the 2nd, when I arrived from PVCC(So had to sacrifice watching the above 2 matches at court 1 and 2).
Mad was weak as fuck, hahaha. Serve, lob, drive volley..should learn at Auburn! Hewitt once lost a volley duel against Meyer, and her lob was weak too so got pounced. Probably F/M were too fast, and they really returned Hewitt's attacks well. Meyer is also good in doubles!
So who really won, Meyer or Forbes yesterday lol.

Ellie DOUGLAS (USA) / Natasha SUBHASH (USA) [3] BYE

Kelly CHEN (USA) / Claire LIU (USA) 7-5 7-6(4) Chloe BECK (USA) / Annette GOULAK (USA)

What can I say. Didn't I TELL YOU THAT BECK IS GOOD lol. Those backhand volleys/slices. One of the best in the Nation, in ANY age group(including pros!)! Fantastic racquet manipulation and body balance returning knifing drives by Liu lol. She DOMINATED the net, both offensively and defensively! And she made VERY FEW mistakes making those bh volleys.
So how did they lose? Well, we are talking about Chen and Liu here, no? Haha. I mean their power and passes were good enough. Annette also showed some very find defense, but her volley attacks lacked the sharpness of Becks, and her overhead continues to be a problem.
Overall one heck of a match, sacrificed every other singles matches to concentrate on this. Was thinking maybe it could be a blowout, but Beck/Goulak played too well so the match took ultra long to finish(hence missed Mossmer vs Hewitt match lol)..had to complain to coach Bernstein about this! Lol.

Jimena RODRIGUEZ-BENITO (USA) / Marlee ZEIN (USA) 7-5 5-7 [10-6] Abigail FORBES (USA) / Chloe HAMLIN (USA)

Watched a bit before head to PVCC to watch those 2 marquee G16 doubles matches, and when I returned they were still playing! Chloe was seen practicing serve after the match!

Vanessa ONG (USA) / Katie VOLYNETS (USA) [7] 6-4 3-6 [11-9] Jessi MULJAT (USA) / Alexa NOEL (USA)

Ooohed and aaahed on Noel's fantastic volleys(naturally dominated the net) before heading to PVCC haha. Understandable result since Jessi is a bit overmatched here(others too powerful).

Imani GRAHAM (USA) / Lea MA (USA) [8] 7-6(3) 6-4 Kolie ALLEN (USA) / Janice SHIN (USA)

1st match to start so could watch a considerable portion of the 1st before heading to PVCC. Allen as usual defended well at net, Shin also poached well as usual, but Graham also passed at will, and Ma really shined at net.

Anna BRYLIN (USA) / Rachel LIM (USA) 7-6(2) 2-6 [10-5] Margaryta BILOKIN (UKR) / Elizabeth MANDLIK (USA)

Last match standing so could watch a lot, started late too(the match just got started when I returned from PVCC). I was ludicrously 'saluting' watching this match lol, unintentionally because I had to shield my tired eyes from the brutal sun ray!

Ace duel between Mandlik and Brylin, loved it. Anna's instinct is almost uncanny lol. So Elli's attacks were negated a lot, and it was Anna who gained the upper hand at net many times. Elli really met her match in Anna! So Elli was understandably frustrated and once even threw a racquet violently! Bilokin played well overall, but did make some errors at MTB. Lim passed really well.

B/L had to walk around to find a referee, then waited for a long time for the referee to arrive.

Elena VAN LINGE (USA) / Danielle WILLSON (USA) 5-7 6-2 [10-8] Sabina DADACIU (USA) / Kacie HARVEY (USA)

As I said Sabina dropped the racquet quite often haha. Both VL/W defended so well, especially Dani with her tall frame! Very nice volley returns and such.
Sabina hugged Kacie after mp, nice to see :)

Hailey BAPTISTE (USA) / Hurricane Tyra BLACK (USA) [4] 6-2 6-2 Niluka MADURAWE (USA) / Luba VASILYUK (USA)

Too bad I missed this. I missed all Luba's matches today, ugh. Well at least I watched her at ISC!

Elysia BOLTON (USA) / Nicole MOSSMER (USA) [5] 6-2 6-4 Sophia GRAVER (USA) / Grace JOYCE (USA)

Missed this too, the match was already at the later stage when I came back from PVCC, checked the score afar with my bino. Court was the farthest court 9, so..
Forgot to add this but Grace applauded Emma's nice plays yesterday!

Malkia MENGUENE (USA) / Alana SMITH (USA) 6-2 6-1 Emilee DUONG (USA) / Ashley YEAH (USA)

Same here.

Alexa BUTERA (USA) / Camille KISS (USA) 6-4 0-6 [10-7] Salma EWING (USA) / Peyton STEARNS (USA)

Could only watch a bit later, really too bad, because I had to watch Despain vs Crawley at PVCC. Totally forgot about this match even after I returned lol, my bad.  I was wondering why Kiss wasn't touching the ball too much, was it unintentional or intentional to avoid her firepower lol. 
Ewing as usual made lots of errors, and B/K's net approaches weren't ineffective methinks. Peyton should also join the Mein Kampf(ma struggle!) club with Austin and Mandlik..haha. Kiss's firepower was good enough, eliciting Ewing's error. Methinks Butera was quite competent at net, and Kiss as well. Kiss' father yelled in triumph after the match point!

Taylor JOHNSON (USA) / Ann LI (USA) [2] BYE   

To 'crazy' tennis parents!

Just so you know :)

I don't care who wins, I just wanna good match. I'm not infantile like iPetty(Demosthenes now) at TF who writes whom he wants to win lol.  I mean who cares anyway, it's not the end of the world if she loses. I nominate plenty of players as the player of the day, who lost.  Also good sportsmanship is as important as 'mere' results.

And my watching spot is purely by chance, or due to circumstances like baseline view or shade. So don't delude yourself I'm supporting your daughter just because of my spot! :p

And, don't even think about 'nudging' me to watch your daughter play, like Kayla Day's father did many times haha.

I know it's a veritable torture to be a sports parent lol, but please CHILL! Do try to have some fun!

I really need to buy a 'Keep Calm and blah blah' t-shirt and sport it lol.

2017 EB 3/28 Player of the Day

Who else but Chloe Beck lol. Beck/Goulak could've defeated Chen/Liu!

Personally congratulated her but should've properly performed the knighting ceremony with an umbrella lol.

Ninja of the West is SJ, Taylor Johnson.

So I hereby dub thee, freshman Chloe Beck from Georgia, as the Ninja of the East! :)

2017 ITF EB 3/27 recap

Coaches; ASU, Cal., Pepperdine, UGA(naturally bowed to him on beating Florida, haha), Oklahoma, Ohio State, Texas, Duke..did I miss.
Coach Augustus said for budgetary reasons they can't come down to Malibu again. So the match against Pepperdine might not happen(rained out). No. Cal was also 'hit' by rain the last couple of months.

Oh was surprised to find Mary Joe Fernandez. According to Steve (Pratt), her son is competing. Where was Steve 'hiding' though haha. Marcus is here as well? Colette appeared some time later.

Now, Stanford has one spot left for the class of 2017, no? I mean they can just withhold it since Yee can play, but we'll see?

1st Round

Claire LIU (USA) [1] 6-1 6-1 Chloe BECK (USA)

Chloe's bh was certainly good. Could attack and draw errors from Liu, many times. Stepping into the court and attacking, also good. But overall L too powerful, especially serve was working and the knifing drives and net approaches followed that.
Chloe even meets Liu/Chen in doubles lol, what a rotten draw! A must watch of course, as I said I like to watch my favorites lose..haha.

Alexa NOEL (USA) 6-4 2-6 6-3 Carolyn CAMPANA (USA)

Oh Caro, I feel sorry for ya. Nice handshake. Didn't really watch, just a glimpse here and there. Alexa's pushing was getting punished by Caro..haha. Many coaches and players watched this.

Caty MCNALLY (USA) [6] 6-2 6-1 Sara CHOY (USA)

Good match, both hitting well. Price came by. Naturally coach Augustus watched this, also Campana match.

Whitney OSUIGWE (USA) [3] 6-1 6-1 Jimena RODRIGUEZ-BENITO (USA)
Marlee ZEIN (USA) 6-2 6-2 Niluka MADURAWE (USA)

Katie VOLYNETS (USA) 6-3 6-1 Kolie ALLEN (USA)

The score was this one-sided? Kolie was moving V around with her good groundstrokes. But approaching the net was probably not a good tactic; got passed by V. Congrats to Kolie going to OSU. Will definitely contribute.

Grace JOYCE (USA) 6-3 6-1 Victoria EMMA (USA) [13]

Grace's condition was good and that meant major trouble or Emma; LOW penetrating drives painting the corners at will. Emma countered with her fine net approaches, but Grace was just the better player yesterday.

Ann LI (USA) [11] 6-1 6-4 Emilee DUONG (USA)

D led 3-0 in the 2nd, wow.

Rachel LIM (USA) 6-1 7-6(2) Anastasiya JOYNER (USA)

Went long enough. Lim's smooth stroke was deep and penetrating, but J herself is a fine hitter, so the match seemed pretty even when I watched in the 1st.

Cali JANKOWSKI (USA) 6-1 6-1 Isabella LAMBERT (USA)

I think I saw Lambert before? Moved and returned well. Cali was sinking tons as usual haha, but her angled drives were good enough. Just watched the start of the match alongside the above match.

Anna BRYLIN (USA) 6-4 5-7 6-3 Hannah ZHAO (USA)

Was so impressed with Anna's defense and guile. Z's condition wasn't even bad. Low penetrating drives targeting the lines; And Anna returned most of them, what a set. Good footwork and anticipation?  And her drives were deceptively good. Not much pace probably but were low, and the direction was also a killer. Duke coach of course watched this, exchanged greetings.

Mccartney KESSLER (USA) 6-3 7-5 Victoria FLORES (USA) [15]

Watched a bit later. F's errors cost her the match probably. K's serve seemed good.

Gabriella PRICE (USA) 6-4 6-4 Annette GOULAK (USA)

Annette was moving P around, naturally since she's like 4 years older haha. She's a fine aggressive hitter. Yet P returned every one of them, so after long intense rallies it was Annette who made errors. Shot of the day was P's proper return against Annette's high paced ball painting the baseline; which means P can swing FAST, and properly as well. Many college players would've just lobbed.

Salma EWING (USA) 6-3 4-6 6-1 Imani GRAHAM (USA)

Impressive score by Imani.

Janice SHIN (USA) 6-4 6-1 Sophia GRAVER (USA)

Sophia was good enough. Quite powerful, etc.

Abigail FORBES (USA) 7-6(3) 6-2 Amanda MEYER (USA) [12]

An upset. Couldn't really watch though. 'Coach' Dolehide was watching this and she was chatting with Douglas' mom.

Vanessa ONG (USA) [14] 6-2 6-1 Victoria HU (USA)

Both aggressive, Hu more so, and she bashed herself to defeat haha. No doubt about her firepower though.

Madeline MEREDITH (USA) 6-2 7-6(6) Jessi MULJAT (USA)

MM's hair seems shorter! No big round rings as in her EB match against Alaina Miller 2 years ago? Haha. Later she was watching Kessler vs Flores match, so thought she might team with Flores again(EB G16 doubles finalist), but she teamed up with Hewitt...!! Now that's an interesting combo!

Kelly CHEN (USA) 6-2 2-6 6-3 Ashley YEAH (USA)

Impressive score by Y. Kelly grinded it out, many points ending in Y's errors.

7:56am! Now to IWTG to watch G14 semis!

2017 EB G16 3/27 recap

64 Fiona Crawley d. (1) Briana Crowley 6-2; 7-6(3)

I was SO impressed with Fiona. I just knew her as Ava's doubles partner, not sure I've seen her play singles before. Was overpowering Briana???!! No joke.
Was rather impressed with Briana's variety(bh slices and such) rather than her firepower lol(but of course Fiona befitting EB doubles champ, did not really lose that battle either), deep and rather penetrating groundstrokes but rather unstable, sank tons.
Had to leave at the start of the 2nd to watch other matches.

Girls Girls' 16 Doubles

32 (2) Hrastar/Navarro d. Sassoli/Shrivastava 6-1; 6-2

S/S made too many errors. Ava was around in the morning during G16 singles(same black outfit?)!

32 Crawley/Graham d. Cruz/Kourkina 3-6; 6-4; 10-8

Not sure I've seen G before, she had a very soft touch; even moonballed expertly. They could 'coax' the ball and effectively dismantle C/K's excellent defense, what a show of skills.
Cruz was at first doing the 'Ninja thing' flying across the net. K's defense was as usual good, but was a tad unstable methinks, committing some errors.

Was that C's mom? She was having fun. Too much fun, haha. Fiona, too. So I thought maybe she won against Briana(I don't have TIME to check the results during the day; I typically do it while eating dinner!), and she did win.

32 Gallagher/Taggart d. (5) Campos/Kerrigan 7-5; 5-7; 11-9

Was so impressed with C/K. Taller one was hitting flat, and with such pace. The shorter one was also very good. Both had excellent variety as well.
No wonder they had a marathon match against G/T.

32 Lynch/Wooten d. Chu/Tan 6-1; 6-1

32 (3) Despain/Guevara d. Christensen/Seidlin 6-3; 6-1

Not sure who was who lol, C and S haha. Was the taller one C? Her drives could draw weak responses from D/G, and the shorter one poached it well. The taller one also had good variety, and her net defense was also quite good. But of course D/G were just too good, passing, etc.

32 Kaplan/Pietrowicz d. Brown/Coleman 6-1; 6-4
32 (5) Broerman/Yaloz d. Hung/Thomas 1-6; 7-5; 10-5

32 Dawson/Wagner d. Accola/Okpara 6-1; 6-3

Methinks it was a HQ match. Not sure I've seen D and A/O, all 3 were quite good.
W as usual great defense at net.

32 Huang/Lee d. Houghton/Nguyen 6-4; 6-3

32 Garcia Gross/Yellayi d. (5) Chan/Stein Wd (inj)

Maybe Lauren was too tired after impressing me at NPB and ISC..haha.

32 Anzalotta/Howard d. Lin/stevens 6-2; 1-6; 10-7

32 (4) Cusano/Goldsmith d. Ferrante/Kelly 6-2; 6-0

Earlier in the morning Jayci passed me by. Was even wearing TAMU cap so I couldn't miss it haha.

32 Fleischman/Koenig d. Campana/Yelamanchili 7-5; 7-5


32 Boch-Collins/Pursell d. (5) Andreach/Corley 6-4; 6-1

Not an upset of course.

32 Cayetano/Hayer d. Mize/Yepifanova 6-2; 6-1

Too good, just glimpsed a bit. Was that Elvina? Watched this match, and after the match made fun? of Y and deservedly got 'punished'! Haha.

32 (1) Crowley/Tran d. Goldsmith/Mills 6-2; 6-4

Too far, so couldn't really watch. A good win against Goldsmith doubles.

2017 EB G14 3/27 recap

16 (1) Gianna Pielet d. (13) Savannah Broadus 6-3; 6-3

 B was very good, quite powerful. If P wasn't aggressive, she could've lost imo. Maintained the aggression to the end.

Girls' 14 Doubles Q (2) Evans/Petty d. Games/Malik 6-2; 7-5

E/P were really good. Dunno who was who, but at the later stage the smaller one was bashing against G/M, who're themselves excellent hitters. Weak responses were cleared by the taller one's deft touch. Was mp the smaller girl's ace?

Spectators might wonder why I was being agitated watching the sky.
Because methinks I saw my first Hawk Migration...!

Date: 3/26/17 6:24 pm
From: Glenn Kincaid <glenn...> [sbcobirding] <sbcobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [sbcobirding] Swainson's Hawk Migration
Borrego Springs reports over 1200 Swainson�s departing this morning, with another 500 in town tonight.

Surely some of these must be flying over SB county on their way north.

Glenn Kincaid
Santa Barbara 

The bird was rather small(about 12 birds, could be more?), but the head pattern, dark breast, underwing pattern suggested Swainson's and I was confirmed by the report above! Hooray!  They were flying West, heading into the sun.

Ma 'friend' Hawk expert Luke Tiller just led 'nearby' Anza Borrego field trip on the 25th, hope he and fellow Pasadena Audubon members witnessed it.

Q Durham/Gretkowski d. Broadus/Semenik 6-3; 7-5

Only watched a bit, watched both teams the day earlier, so..had to watch Christensen lose haha. S was quite sharp.

Q Fuller/Strugnell d. (4) Zamarripa/Zamarripa 7-6(5); 0-6; 10-5

Too bad couldn't watch this much. F/S were quite good, quite powerful.

Q (1) Collins/Pielet d. (5) Duncan/Snells 7-5; 6-3

As I said, marquee match and the de facto Championship match. Poaches and fine plays galore. D/S were so powerful but C/P also maintained their aggression, C passing and P exhibiting her fine net skills and reflex. Both teams showed excellent defense as well. C/P probably self destructed what with D's net errors and S's DFs, but it as an overall great match. Thankfully this started last, so could watch a lot of it.


Oops it's already 7:13am, but had a good night's sleep.

Ewing/Stearns vs Butera/Kiss of course.

Stearns vs Kiss ball-bash duel!

'I'm Lovin' It'! Haha.

Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 EB Player of the day 3/27

I'll have to write the recap tomorrow morning.

Mother/daughter: the Crawleys!

Singles;  Brylin, Joyce

Doubles: Crawley/Graham, Campos/Kerrigan, Evans/Petty, Collins/Pielet

2017 ITF EB 3/27 marquee matches

Whoever was in charge of updating the OOP for Monday at the ITF site should be shot. As I said it wasn't updated until 8AM IN THE MORNING(by then I had to bird Dominguez Nature Preserve). And I thought this was the 21st century lol.

Accumulated fatigue from ITF RSF is taking its toll, I'm just chronically tired. Shorter attention span as well? So will as usual concentrate on 'shorter' doubles! Verra looking forward to G16 and G14 doubles later in the day at PVCC.


Chen, Liu, McNally, Price were awarded WCs, 1 each from each class.
Half of the matches will be played today.

Was hoping for Meredith vs Mossmer rematch lol, too bad they're on the opposite side of the draw! Tough luck for Muljat, MM is too powerful(unless she self-destructs, that is!).

So...marquee matches;

Ong vs Hu of course.
Joyce vs Emma could be interesting.
Choy vs McNally as well.
Goulak vs Price, upset alert? But Goulak played well at ISC, so we'll see(Price could've defeated Douglas there).
Liu vs Beck, really tough luck for Chloe haha. If you don't want to get blitzed, you would have to try all your might! First you have to be able to return those razor sharp drives painting the sidelines, and even then can't relax! Because Liu will be charging the net. Prepare to pass!
Shin vs Graver, should see G in singles action.
Should have a peek on Lambert
Volynets vs Allen
Lim vs Joyner
Brylin vs Zhao

Campana vs Noel, is this a joke lol. Both should be fed up by now, playing against each other at least 3 times recently! So will pass this one.
Noel has a great chance to test her ability against the #1 McNally if they both advance to the 3rd rd.

Crawley vs Crowley
Pielet vs Broadus
Both matches are played at IW.

G16 PVCC matches

Tran vs Kelly?
ABC vs Gross?
Campana vs Goldsmith?
Yaloz vs Hayer?

Can't watch much here though, since G18 matches start at 10am.

Stein vs Goldsmith on both disciplines looming. Possible marquee matchup for me.

Don't think I can watch other G14 singles matches today, but that's why I watched doubles yesterday.
Owens vs DeFalco marquee match possible tomorrow.

G14 doubles
Collins/Pielet vs Duncan/Snells, de facto championship match at 5pm.
By this stage every matches are marquee matches though.

G16 doubles
Crowley/Tran vs Cayetano/Hayer marquee match looming tomorrow.
This side also has ABC/Pursell.

Cusano/Goldsmith vs Ferrante/Kelly might be worth watching.
Wagner teamed up with Dawson, dunno D though.

Christensen/Seidlin(dunno S) vs Despain/Guevara, marquee match of the day.

Also Gallagher/Taggart vs Campana/Kerrigan(dunno K, but I might've seen her play before?)

Cruz/Kourkina vs Crawley/Graham(did I see G before?)
Sassoli/Shrivastava vs Hrastar/Navarro
This group is just crazy. Crazy group of death!

Doubles; Williams sisters and Nadal

The sisters should be commended on their dedication to doubles. They played together as long as they can. And doubles is a perfect fan service, no. Venus at IW one day practiced at a very accessible pc 15, another great fan service. I can't believe Bellis was more elusive than Venus..haha.

ATP stars all played doubles at IW, unlike WTA stars. Also commendable.

And Nadal. Have you seen the doubles match at IW last year, against he Brian brothers? I was just comfortably watching on the floor at the tent area near stadium 2, and the crowd was totally glued on the match. Oooh and aahed at every great plays and mistakes(that mishit at the net by the Spanish colleague of Nadal lol. ATP players' skillset is overrated, they also commit WTF errors).

Nadal was DEAD serious. He really wanted to win. He obviously did NOT think the doubles was a mere appetizer lol.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 EB G14 Doubles round of 16

Girls' 14 Doubles

Frankly don't know many faces, even Z sisters knew because hey wore the same outfit..haha.

16 (2) Evans/Petty d. Ratliff/Zipoli 6-2; 6-2

That tall girl. Good hands. Later the smaller girl was rampant at net.

16 Games/Malik d. Brown/Rizzolo 6-7; 6-3; 10-4

Last match to finish. Means B/R were that good! Since G/M are both excellent hitters. R really seems to be a competent hitter, and even made some difficult underhand volley returns against G/M's net attacks. Cami is such a proficient 'flipper'..haha. Also not bad.

16 Durham/Gretkowski d. Callahan/Owensby 6-1; 6-7; 10-4

Couldn't see much of the 1st but D/G seemed to be passing well. C seems to have nice bh slice, and wondered why O wasted time and energy rallying...when finally cranked up the bh drive pace, could inflict damages. Some errors at TB though. Oh the taller girl of D/G was just leading errors throughout the 2nd set, but it was her who was decisive at the match TB, poaching, etc.

16 Broadus/Semenik d. DONDONAY/Kane 6-3; 6-4

Methinks this was a HQ match! D/K both defended extremely well, and K's bh volleys were really nice.

16 Fuller/Strugnell d. (5) Hammond/Ishikawa 6-1; 1-6; 10-5

16 (4) Zamarripa/Zamarripa d. Hance/Lee 6-2; 3-6; 10-5

The Zs approached the net and volleyed well, 2nd set, made errors after errors haha. Also was initially trailing at the match tiebreak, but then won most of the points.

16 (5) Duncan/Snells d. Ovrootsky/drobotova 6-2; 6-0

Didn't O/D win the 1st set?

16 (1) Collins/Pielet d. Ma/Scott 6-2; 6-0

Too good. Was that Pielet, the smaller one with a addidas t shirt? Poacher of the day lol. Just like KK, so eager to poach..haha. Collins? The taller one? also played well later, hitting late seemed to help disguise, nailed some passes and such. Ma seemed pretty good at net, and her bh seemed good.

32 Ratliff/Zipoli d. Montgomery/Wiersholm 6-3; 6-2
32 Brown/Rizzolo d. (5) Vesely/Wernli 6-3; 4-6; 10-1
32 Games/Malik d. Asfaw/Ravilla 6-2; 6-4
32 Callahan/Owensby d. (3) DeFalco/Jackson 7-5; 6-4
32 Durham/Gretkowski d. Chhabra/Inoue 6-4; 6-1
32 Broadus/Semenik d. (5) Catanzarite/Roshkoff 6-3; 6-2
32 DONDONAY/Kane d. Chervinsky/Finch 3-6; 6-4; 10-5
32 Fuller/Strugnell d. Dellabarca/Stammel 6-3; 6-2
32 (5) Hammond/Ishikawa d. Jones/Macavei 7-6; 6-2
32 Hance/Lee d. Leichter/Sieg 7-6; 2-6; 10-8
32 (4) Zamarripa/Zamarripa d. Kida/Malkin 6-0; 6-3
32 Ovrootsky/drobotova d. Lynn/Young 6-1; 6-1

32 (5) Duncan/Snells d. Tanguilig/Wagle 7-6; 1-6; 11-9

T/W must be very good. They both advanced in singles, and W trounced Ovrootsky, 0, 1, can't believe the score. That means she's a prime contender for winning it all...? She's class of 2022, #4 by TRN, behind Gauff, Scott and Wiersholm. Oh Ovrootsky is behind her at #7.

T also defeated Malik, wow.

32 Ma/Scott d. Apte/Mireles 6-4; 7-6