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Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 EB 3/29 G16, 14 recap

7:35am so hurrying but my computer is so slow now. Couldn't believe that McDonald's wifi wasn't working yesterday night. Not going to pay for internet surcharge at my motel, so here I am.

I miss Panda Express's hot soup. Small one was like $1.39, so cheap and so good! Really helped me to relieve my fatigue after the 'marathon' at IW lol. Discontinued last year I believe.
Should write a petition to reintroduce

 Crowley was passing by so asked her about Hewitt(of course first congratulating her on choosing OSU to break the ice!); she's going to college, not sure where though. Could be UGA, but we'll see.

I visited PVCC 3 times yesterday lol. Really Colette and me complement perfectly each other, thereby ensuring a comprehensive coverage of ISC and EB! hER COVERING stars, boys, singles and star court, moi 'hovering at the outer rim', covering 'obscure' girl's matches and doubles!

Girls' 16 Singles (Round of 16)
Emma Navarro (5) (Charleston, SC) def. Marcella Cruz (Marlboro, NJ) 6-0, 6-2

Jayci Goldsmith (9) (Dripping Springs, TX) def. Chidimma Okpara (Vienna, VA) 6-4, 6-1

O was good. Returned well so the points were long. Jayci was aggressive as usual but felt that she could produce more width than that. Dozed a bit later watching this match and Elle vs Natasha, not only because I was tired lol; methinks I'm becoming a 'doubles specialist! Haha. Endless monotonous singles rallies, not exactly 'TV', isn't it?

Eryn Cayetano (12) (Corona, CA) def. Addison Guevara (7) (Keller, TX) 3-6, 6-4, 6-3

Saw a bit. Eryn was powerful as usual. Add, feisty as usual haha.

Dasha Kourkina (2) (Brooklyn, NY) def. Elle Christensen (16) (Los Angeles, CA) 7-5, 6-3

Did I watch this match correctly lol. Was the one with the yellow attire Dasha? Did she beef her game up? No more pushing like in her doubles with Sorokko, she was playing power tennis and moving Elle brutally around. Was expecting Elle's razor like drives and offense but she was too busy retrieving, I was more impressed with her defense and drop shot..haha. Attacked at times, hitting flat though. Had to return to IWTG to watch the doubles start(2pm).

Fiona Crawley (San Antonio, TX) def. Lauren Anzalotta (Trujillo Alto, PR) 6-0, 3-6, 6-4

Caught the later stage of the 3rd set at the star court. Evenly matched. Impressed with A, her fh form seems nice(sorta like Kenin?), moved well and returned well. Saw her for the 1st time methinks.Fiona's bf Ava of course watched this after her singles win.

Audrey Boch-Collins (11) (Las Vegas, NV) def. Yolanda Lin (Sammamish, WA) 6-3, 6-4

Sedona Gallagher (3) (Henderson, NV) def. Gabriella Cusano (Austin, TX) 6-3, 6-0

Cusano came in front of me and collapsed, sprawling herself on the lawn and fuming haaha. (just lost the match when I arrived at PVCC). Later seemed to have 'recovered' though!

Ava Hrastar (8) (Duluth, GA) def. Kiana Graham (10) (Austin, TX) 6-2, 6-3

Watched a bit alongside Jayci's match.

R2 Jaedan Brown d. Giulia Hayer 7-6(1); 6-1

H squandered her lead 5-2 in the 1st. Her flat drives(2 handed forehand) began to sink into the net, B returned well.

R2 Jillian Taggart d. Elizabeth Goldsmith 6-1; 6-0

Glimpsed T routing did VA lose to G? Or did G just tank the match. Or, just that T was too good? :p

R2 Amanda Chan d. Merri Kelly 6-0; 6-4

K's condition didn't seem too good, seemed grumpy too, haha.

R2 Lindsay Hung d. Dax Seidlin 6-2; 6-2

R2 (1) Briana Crowley d. Alexandra Yepifanova 6-2; 6-2

Came to watch this match of course, 8am or something. C as usual lol sank tons, but served well, and began to zone in later, landing dtl drives on both wings. Y was good, quite tall, and can hit flat. Bh seems especially good.

Girls' 16 Doubles (Quarterfinal Round)

Sorry Gabby Price, had to leave to watch those marquee matches. Missed other G18 doubles too such as VL/Willfow, etc.

Sedona Gallagher / Jillian Taggart def. Ava Hrastar / Emma Navarro (2) 2-6, 6-4, 10-2

Ava's condition didn't seem too good. Jillian rather dominated in the later stage. She must feel old, as the sole? class of 2018 player haha. Wonder where she'll go. G also passed well at times, and N eventually too committed errors.

Najah Dawson / Rachel Wagner def. Ali Despain / Addison Guevara (3) 6-3, 3-6, 10-7

'Go Rachel' is still ringing in my ears! Dominated the tiebreaker. Dunno if she was always this good. Only recently discovered at OC tourney(KK played there too), and she's now definitely a top doubles player. What I like most about her, she never gives up. Follows(with her eyes of course) the ball to the end, not afraid to return strong balls at net, also hustling back to return lobs.
D played well too, without her they could not have defeated a good doubles team like D/G. D shined in the 2nd set. Didn't feel G was up to her usual standard, rather subdued performance but maybe W was just too good.

Gabriella Cusano / Jayci Goldsmith (4) def. Rosie Garcia Gross / Yashna Yellayi 6-2, 4-1 Ret (inj)

So Jayci made it, congrats. :) Today is G16 day, those matches have priority at IWTG. Colette Don't worry, I have it covered! ;)

Audrey Boch-Collins / Britt Pursell def. Eryn Cayetano / Giulia Hayer 1-6, 7-6, 10-4

C/H uber aggressive at net, almost destroying the court balance lol. But so good. Alas, also committed gazillion of errors especially Eryn. ABC returned every one of those sudden attacks(upped the pace deceptively) by C and H. Surely one of the players of the day. Outstanding defense. P committed some errors but also as usual, was good at net. H later netted tons of her drives, just like Alaina Miller! Haha.

  Girls' 14 Singles (Semifinal Round)

Gianna Pielet (1) (El Paso, TX) def. Kailey Evans (6) (Ennis, TX) Wo (inj)

Charlotte Owensby (8) (Boca Raton, FL) def. Connie Ma (14) (Dublin, CA) 6-3, 6-3

Only watched a bit, O was wily like Car Branstine.  Purposefully pushed, daring Ma to hit through her; worked, and also moved Ma effectively around with her variety and good drives.

  Girls' 14 Doubles (Final Round),
 Kylie Collins / Gianna Pielet (1) def. Avery Durham / Allie Gretkowski 6-0, 6-4

Missed this, but saw them and had to watch G16 matches.

  Girls' 14 Doubles (Playoff)
Amber Fuller / Sophia Strugnell def. Kailey Evans / Katherine Petty (2) Wo (inj)

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