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Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 EB 3/29 more tidbits

Copying from the entries I recorded on my phone.

A staff at PVCC was wearing a USC cap, and he recogznied Sonny Bono(I was proudly wearing Sonny Bono Salton Sea NWR t shirt! Did I mention that I spotted a Black-throated Sparrow at Rock Hill on March 5th, Sunday??!!)!
He said he died in a ski accident in January, like two decades ago.

A medical staff? at IWTG was wearing a Oregon cap(she was seen to yesterday too).

Probably should've watched a match between Stefan's bro and Bellis's boyfriend, too bad. Totally forgot about it amid all those exciting Girls' matches!

Hayer's drop shot + deep drive combo, varying depth! Many players used this tactic including Black.

Haynes pass, DF, serve good.

Did I mention that Bolton came by to watch PVCC 8am Consolation matches. Did she watch Kelly's match. Why didn't she watch Midwest's proud successor of her, Briana Crowley haha. Wonder why she moved to NY?

Hayer dropped the racquet after making an error! Bilokin dropped it often during her doubles match too lol.

Crowley's half volley, success!  As I said I was actually impressed with her variety.

Stearns(must be IWTG) was practicing with Hu?

I see a Michigan cap at IWTG, Yesterday, too. She seems oddly familiar....?

Finally spotted Steve with Colette at the tournament desk! Now why did she slink away..haha. Told him I might not attend Ojai this time, but we'll see? I would rather like to attend SEC tournament at Nashville(Vandy) and do some birding there..

Domi as usual spotted at IWTG. That day roamed the venue with Ryan?

Caty's overhead long! Drop shot winner! Passing shot!

At ISC, there was a Dancer. Literally danced at the parking lot. Now was it Menguene, or...haha.

Harvey bathroom break.

Joyce's match against Volynets was fast compared to other matches; naturally since the pace was high, Joyce forcing pace with her aggression. Loved it of course. Surely that's the key to shorter match time??!!

Lim(against Mossmer) UEs, DF(the usual pattern when Mossmer's opponent loses!). I guess Lim 'overcame'?!

Joyce DF, Volynets too. Joyce applauds V's lob winner?

Mossmer bathroom break(after she lost the 1st set against Lim).

Noel applauds Subhash's ace(probably the last game)? Passed. Ace at mp.

Jankowski 3 0 Bilokin. That match, means that Cali was indeed an elite player. Not only because Bilokin defeated Bolton the day earlier. Bilokin is in fact a very competent hitter, hits and moves well. Lost to Kelly Chen 4,4 at ISC(and you know Kelly had a match point against Johnson there!).
Anyway, I thought sight Cali might implode later on, as her usual wont lol. So the fact that she was able to grind it out(still she's not a grinder: a quintessential attacker she is!), means a LOT. That she can deal with solid players, 'pushers', good retrievers, as well. Had a glimpse later on and it seemed quite a HQ match, both moving and hitting so well.
'I can do all things'; Cali's good bh slice.

Mossmer's extreme moonball. DFed twice at 5-4 lead in the 1st? Lim patient, passes. Moves well. Line call dispute with M(I discontinued watching from then on, because I have no time, have to watch matches, not disputes haha).
M throws racquet after error? DF again, broken(so 5-5)?
Lim too passive, allows winner by M. Lim dares M to hit through her(so both were intentionally 'pushing' at this stage, last moments of the 1st set). Thought then Lim was playing rather like Ellen Tsay; approach volley finish.

Joyces approach volleys, perfect chance to score winner, but makes an error. Methinks saw it happen at least twice.

Mad service return winner on Ong, lob good, reaches Ong's drop shot? Drive volley winner.

Stearns with Jamea Jackson? Will she turn pro too? Haha. Later both her and her mom were seen chatting with Cali's mom.

McNally was practicing throwing football at the lawn!

Douglas overpowers Corley? C produces width, volley finish. Pass(she or Douglas). This was during the 2nd set. D yells after winner like Brooke Austin!

Price comes up to the viewing area.

No college coaches that day, maybe they all went back to prepare for Conference matches.

NEED MORE UMPIRES; Everybody requesting it.

Should've asked coach Niilson about Dzina Milovanovic, why she isn't playing now.

Oh during the ISC final match between Car and SJ; a football(soccer) invaded the court. Now that sport is the Future, what with it being popular with the girls, and the increasing Latino population.

Cusano with? Crowley(as I said, she just lost to Gallagher), flops down right in front of me haha(I was watching Jayci's match then. Ava was playing on the court right beside her). So thought, 'Can't ask Cusano about her fellow Texan Douglas, since she's so angry?'  Haha.  Anyway, so saw a chance and chatted with Briana, who must've been in better spirits, since she won lol(I can be very 'coy', 'discrete' and 'prudent'!). Jayci passes?

Guevara passes Cayetano, fiery(had a glimpse of that match as well)!

Spotted Graver(I'll leave what happend next to your imagination!)!!
Later also chatted with Zein.

Crawley's opponent Anzalotta, slices, hits line with it. Fila girl. Moonballs well. C overhead from the back court!

Too bad couldn't watch Yelamanchili and Yarlagadda this tournament.

Christensen defends well. Cusano apparently 'recovered', smiles as she goes haha. Christensen's drop shots, shot of the day? Executes perfectly twice, making a winner. Lobs well, DFs.

Forgot to add this, but Day's dad, even softly kicked(nudged!) me on my foot when I was sprawled on the chair on the baseline side, enjoying marquee match National 3-4PL Anisimova vs Branstine. Because I wasn't watching her daughter's match haha.
But can you blame me? Which match would YOU watch? I mean both Amanda and Car are vastly more aggressive and talented..haha.

Doubles G18 at IWTG. Douglas serves well, first to be back on court after changeovers, so impatient to play haha.

Kiss returns, Li responds long(as I said, Kiss's drives could inflict some damages! I suspect she played very well against Ewing/Stearns).

I was proud of myself fashioning a 'phalanx formation(Greeks' defensive formation using their shields. Romans used it too I guess)' with the umbrella! Protected my bare legs from the brutal sun ray, and poked my face just above the umbrella lol. Instead of burka, that will do! I do crave the shade!

Kessler's passing shot option was blocked; McNally/Osuigwe's good defense.

Emma applauds Osuigwe's ace.

Both baby Gators played Winter National; Emma with Brylin gifted us that memorable doubles final against Bolton/Joyce(naturally told Emma about this!), and Kessler with Kurtz had a good match against Shibahara doubles(did Ena team up with Goulak then?). As I said I belatedly went there mainly to watch that anticipated match, and they didn't disappoint! :)

Must be PVCC G16 doubles; Interpret if you can;

Hr win r girl yel 1hbh cu p jay ps

Gallagher as tall as Taggart. Navarro service return winner(did N allow it or make it lol). T passes? Briana running somewhere(into the sunset?!!). T dominates, serves well.

Match TB; coaching time. G/T's coach was wearing a Skull t shirt! What does it mean lol. Team logo? T passes on N(at least twice methinks).

ABC applauds Cayetano's pass. C wore a No Quit hood t, came by later to watch the last match standing, Wagner/Dawson vs Despain/Guevara.

Bp Mal so

What does this mean lol.

Car Branstine was the biggest hitter at ISC, but unlike many players there and here, didn't grunt(I poked this on my phone while the doubles match was in progress; you can guess my random thought process!)

Guevara passes. Wagner and Dawson both lefty, rare to see.

Umpire the day before? said it would be very hot; we all were dreading it lol, thankfully it's bearable.

Phew, cleared all entries on that day! Now should post fun pics regarding Pushing and 'Leftovers' lol. Also should post on Brats, like Car, Gibbs, etc. Maybe later, I should eat breakfast and it's already 7:10am!

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