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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 EB Action This Day 3/28

Still no OOP at ITF but thank God for Steve!

Aside from Mandlik's spectacular racquet throw during the doubles match lol.

Marlee Zein picked up the ball which invaded their doubles play, flew in from the opposite court, boy's doubles.
She should've just gave it to me, but instead lobbed the ball back there(in-play lol), with the call 'Incoming'!  Haha.

Goulak was preparing to finish the ball near the net.
Then Beck literally barged in, hitting a tempo early! Eventually resulted in their winning the point lol.
Now, was that an intentional fake by Goulak haha(that would've been the doubles play of the century!!!!), or that Beck was so greedy to hog the ball!

I was tempted to nickname Beck 'Choker' after witnessing her making 3 errors in a row at 8-7 match tiebreak serving at ISC against Menguene/Smith(with Flores) lol, but after yesterday's monster performance, can you blame me if I name her 'THE NINJA OF THE EAST'??!! Haha.

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