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Sunday, March 26, 2017

2017 EB G14 Doubles round of 16

Girls' 14 Doubles

Frankly don't know many faces, even Z sisters knew because hey wore the same outfit..haha.

16 (2) Evans/Petty d. Ratliff/Zipoli 6-2; 6-2

That tall girl. Good hands. Later the smaller girl was rampant at net.

16 Games/Malik d. Brown/Rizzolo 6-7; 6-3; 10-4

Last match to finish. Means B/R were that good! Since G/M are both excellent hitters. R really seems to be a competent hitter, and even made some difficult underhand volley returns against G/M's net attacks. Cami is such a proficient 'flipper'..haha. Also not bad.

16 Durham/Gretkowski d. Callahan/Owensby 6-1; 6-7; 10-4

Couldn't see much of the 1st but D/G seemed to be passing well. C seems to have nice bh slice, and wondered why O wasted time and energy rallying...when finally cranked up the bh drive pace, could inflict damages. Some errors at TB though. Oh the taller girl of D/G was just leading errors throughout the 2nd set, but it was her who was decisive at the match TB, poaching, etc.

16 Broadus/Semenik d. DONDONAY/Kane 6-3; 6-4

Methinks this was a HQ match! D/K both defended extremely well, and K's bh volleys were really nice.

16 Fuller/Strugnell d. (5) Hammond/Ishikawa 6-1; 1-6; 10-5

16 (4) Zamarripa/Zamarripa d. Hance/Lee 6-2; 3-6; 10-5

The Zs approached the net and volleyed well, 2nd set, made errors after errors haha. Also was initially trailing at the match tiebreak, but then won most of the points.

16 (5) Duncan/Snells d. Ovrootsky/drobotova 6-2; 6-0

Didn't O/D win the 1st set?

16 (1) Collins/Pielet d. Ma/Scott 6-2; 6-0

Too good. Was that Pielet, the smaller one with a addidas t shirt? Poacher of the day lol. Just like KK, so eager to poach..haha. Collins? The taller one? also played well later, hitting late seemed to help disguise, nailed some passes and such. Ma seemed pretty good at net, and her bh seemed good.

32 Ratliff/Zipoli d. Montgomery/Wiersholm 6-3; 6-2
32 Brown/Rizzolo d. (5) Vesely/Wernli 6-3; 4-6; 10-1
32 Games/Malik d. Asfaw/Ravilla 6-2; 6-4
32 Callahan/Owensby d. (3) DeFalco/Jackson 7-5; 6-4
32 Durham/Gretkowski d. Chhabra/Inoue 6-4; 6-1
32 Broadus/Semenik d. (5) Catanzarite/Roshkoff 6-3; 6-2
32 DONDONAY/Kane d. Chervinsky/Finch 3-6; 6-4; 10-5
32 Fuller/Strugnell d. Dellabarca/Stammel 6-3; 6-2
32 (5) Hammond/Ishikawa d. Jones/Macavei 7-6; 6-2
32 Hance/Lee d. Leichter/Sieg 7-6; 2-6; 10-8
32 (4) Zamarripa/Zamarripa d. Kida/Malkin 6-0; 6-3
32 Ovrootsky/drobotova d. Lynn/Young 6-1; 6-1

32 (5) Duncan/Snells d. Tanguilig/Wagle 7-6; 1-6; 11-9

T/W must be very good. They both advanced in singles, and W trounced Ovrootsky, 0, 1, can't believe the score. That means she's a prime contender for winning it all...? She's class of 2022, #4 by TRN, behind Gauff, Scott and Wiersholm. Oh Ovrootsky is behind her at #7.

T also defeated Malik, wow.

32 Ma/Scott d. Apte/Mireles 6-4; 7-6

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