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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

2017 EB G16 3/27 recap

64 Fiona Crawley d. (1) Briana Crowley 6-2; 7-6(3)

I was SO impressed with Fiona. I just knew her as Ava's doubles partner, not sure I've seen her play singles before. Was overpowering Briana???!! No joke.
Was rather impressed with Briana's variety(bh slices and such) rather than her firepower lol(but of course Fiona befitting EB doubles champ, did not really lose that battle either), deep and rather penetrating groundstrokes but rather unstable, sank tons.
Had to leave at the start of the 2nd to watch other matches.

Girls Girls' 16 Doubles

32 (2) Hrastar/Navarro d. Sassoli/Shrivastava 6-1; 6-2

S/S made too many errors. Ava was around in the morning during G16 singles(same black outfit?)!

32 Crawley/Graham d. Cruz/Kourkina 3-6; 6-4; 10-8

Not sure I've seen G before, she had a very soft touch; even moonballed expertly. They could 'coax' the ball and effectively dismantle C/K's excellent defense, what a show of skills.
Cruz was at first doing the 'Ninja thing' flying across the net. K's defense was as usual good, but was a tad unstable methinks, committing some errors.

Was that C's mom? She was having fun. Too much fun, haha. Fiona, too. So I thought maybe she won against Briana(I don't have TIME to check the results during the day; I typically do it while eating dinner!), and she did win.

32 Gallagher/Taggart d. (5) Campos/Kerrigan 7-5; 5-7; 11-9

Was so impressed with C/K. Taller one was hitting flat, and with such pace. The shorter one was also very good. Both had excellent variety as well.
No wonder they had a marathon match against G/T.

32 Lynch/Wooten d. Chu/Tan 6-1; 6-1

32 (3) Despain/Guevara d. Christensen/Seidlin 6-3; 6-1

Not sure who was who lol, C and S haha. Was the taller one C? Her drives could draw weak responses from D/G, and the shorter one poached it well. The taller one also had good variety, and her net defense was also quite good. But of course D/G were just too good, passing, etc.

32 Kaplan/Pietrowicz d. Brown/Coleman 6-1; 6-4
32 (5) Broerman/Yaloz d. Hung/Thomas 1-6; 7-5; 10-5

32 Dawson/Wagner d. Accola/Okpara 6-1; 6-3

Methinks it was a HQ match. Not sure I've seen D and A/O, all 3 were quite good.
W as usual great defense at net.

32 Huang/Lee d. Houghton/Nguyen 6-4; 6-3

32 Garcia Gross/Yellayi d. (5) Chan/Stein Wd (inj)

Maybe Lauren was too tired after impressing me at NPB and ISC..haha.

32 Anzalotta/Howard d. Lin/stevens 6-2; 1-6; 10-7

32 (4) Cusano/Goldsmith d. Ferrante/Kelly 6-2; 6-0

Earlier in the morning Jayci passed me by. Was even wearing TAMU cap so I couldn't miss it haha.

32 Fleischman/Koenig d. Campana/Yelamanchili 7-5; 7-5


32 Boch-Collins/Pursell d. (5) Andreach/Corley 6-4; 6-1

Not an upset of course.

32 Cayetano/Hayer d. Mize/Yepifanova 6-2; 6-1

Too good, just glimpsed a bit. Was that Elvina? Watched this match, and after the match made fun? of Y and deservedly got 'punished'! Haha.

32 (1) Crowley/Tran d. Goldsmith/Mills 6-2; 6-4

Too far, so couldn't really watch. A good win against Goldsmith doubles.

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