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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Booked lodging at Indio / 2017 EB G16 seeds

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Eh, just booked lodging. Target species will be Vermilion Flycatcher at the Southwest Church parking lot lol(just north of the Garden), and Bighorn sheep! at San Jacinto /Santa Rosa visitor center(trail across the road). I wonder if Brown-crested Flycatcher is also available at Big Morongo, I know it appears late, but still..oh Cattle Egret at Palm Springs WTP/Demuth Park, as well.

Attending EB means 'sacrificing' Anza Borrego trip by Pasadena Audubon and Dartmouth vs Denver at La Jolla.
But there was always a danger of DU putting O'Loughlin at #2 and thereby robbing us fans of Ng vs O'Loughlin matchup, so

[as I said stacking is a general phenomenon. I've mentioned many examples but how about Stanford's singles lineup, putting Lindsay ahead of Mal in 2010 NCAA. Lindsay's singles ranking was 83. Mal, 33. Well Lindsay did shock #8 Will in 2, but I stand by my assertion. Mal battled UF's #1 last year Marrit Boonstra(#65) and clinched the match in very tight 3 sets. In college, 'seniority' sometimes prevails lol]

And most of A-B birds I've already seen anyway(even Crissal Thrasher, at Henderson. Lucy's Warblers graced us at Hahamongna last year).

Anyway, seeds from Tennislink

Girls' 16 Singles

Quite an exciting lineup;

1. Crowley, Briana
2. Kourkina, Dasha
3. Gallagher, Sedona
4. Stein, Lauren
5. Navarro, Emma
6. Tran, Reilly
7. Guevara, Addison
8. Hrastar, Ava
9. Goldsmith, Jayci
10. Graham, Kiana
11. Boch-Collins, Audrey
12. Cayetano, Eryn
13. Grishuk, Skyler
14. Campos, MariaFernanda
15. Lee, Anessa
16. Christensen, Elle

Girls' 14 Singles

'Darkhorse' is Owensby of course. Wonder how good is Ma.

1. Pielet, Gianna
2. DeFalco, Jenna
3. Collins, Kylie
4. Jackson, Emma
5. Wiersholm, Katja
6. Evans, Kailey
7. Catanzarite, Ava
8. Owensby, Charlotte
9. Kida, Jennifer
10. Malkin, Misa
11. Sieg, Madison
12. Ovrootsky, Vivian
13. Broadus, Savannah
14. Ma, Connie
15. Malik, Tara
16. Montgomery, Robin

Girls' 16 Doubles
1. Crowley, Briana/ Tran, Reilly

2. Hrastar, Ava/ Navarro, Emma

Interesting combo; both are EB winners, albeit with different partners(H with Crawley, N with Beck).

3. Despain, Ali/ Guevara, Addison

This combo could also be very good, both are excellent doubles players.

4. Cusano, Gabriella/ Goldsmith, Jayci
5. Andreach, Julia/ Corley, Carmen
5. Broerman, Catherine/ Yaloz, Shelly
5. Campos, MariaFernanda/ Kerrigan, Kristin
5. Chan, Amanda/ Stein, Lauren

Girls' 14 Doubles
1. Collins, Kylie/ Pielet, Gianna
2. Evans, Kailey/ Petty, Katherine
3. DeFalco, Jenna/ Jackson, Emma

4. Zamarripa, Allura/ Zamarripa, Maribella

The sisters are good(as seen in Irvine last November).

5. Catanzarite, Ava/ Roshkoff, Saige
5. Duncan, Maxi/ Snells, Jamilah
5. Hammond, Zoe/ Ishikawa, Yuu
5. Vesely, Nika/ Wernli, Caroline

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