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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

2017 ISC] Best match of the tournament? Noel vs Subhash

Rain delay(I do hope it's just a delay, otherwise why did I even bother driving here late lol); so am belatedly writing yesterday's recaps now.

So Noel 'might' be a pusher. So what? She has probably elevated pushing to an art form lol. Noooone can slice better than her. You think winning the slice duel against Subhash is easy? That Subhash, who has conquered G16 doubles with Ann Li, and is also having a great success with McNally as well.

I mean Noel just makes it look so easy. Just oozes talent. Her slice isn't just a defensive weapon; she can land those wherever she wants, so can also construct points nicely. Mixed with her deceptively penetrating forehand, she does not lack weapons. IMO she's the most talented player since Allie Kiick. Certainly the most volatile among her peers lol. Those wailing and racquet tosses! Haha.

Can't really say about her ceiling since she's not that tall. Doesn't have a big weapon like other very good hitters. Could certainly lose against big hitters with consistency. But her ability to mix it up, great movement, and court vision(what I especially liked about Kiick's game) makes her one of the most entertaining junior players right now. Dunno who to compare, among pros; Dolgo? Schiavone? Vinci? Aga? Anyway watching her play is such a treat. The reason I named her 'It Girl'. She has 'It'!

From the start Subhash relentlessly targetted Noel's bh with pace, to break those slices down; and N managed to withstand that barrage, an impressive feat.
S is actually a helluva attacker. I began to appreciate S's game a lot watching her battle against N. Many would've been schooled by N; by her slices and her very good penetrating drives(N is probably an upgraded version of Christina Makarova; serve has much more pace and can really attack with her forehand drives). But S returned all of them. Very good balance of offense and defense.

So between those very talented players, the points were quite long; both showed great variety, offense, movement and patience. Some of N's lobs were insane; managed to make it after sprinting from the back court. Probably the shot of the day.

N's 1st serve percentage was very low; but S also began to commit DFs later on. Also netted some service returns.

In the end, the margin was slight; just some errors here and there, that's all. Really enjoyed this match; could be probably the best match of the tournament. 

Coach Sell stayed till the end, wonder who he's interested in(in fact he watched many matches yesterday). Subhash could reunite with Li and conquer college doubles. Definitely possible considering her ability.

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