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Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 ISC G16 3/22 recap

Tennislink is not providing results, so can't copy and paste results here.
And in fact they did not update the results at the new site, either.

So, disregarding results;

Cayetano def. Peus

1st match of the day at court 8. C couldn't finish it earlier because of her unstable serve, but of course she was too powerful. How old is Phoebe, 12?  Umpire MB says she's playing that division at EB.

Kida vs Malik

I think this match went to the distance. Did they 'resume' it way later at court 9?

Duncan def. Gordon

Not bad, both. D was probably a bit more powerful. Court 10 match.

Stein def. Gailis

Found a new future star. Wonder coach Sampras-Webster also noticed her.
Rachel Gailis, who even did a 'leg-thru' lol. She hits even better than some Div. I singles #2 lol. That was some impressive hitting! Lauren really returned those well.
Too bad couldn't watch this court 9 match much. Wonder if G is playing for EB? Hope so.

Mathews def. Huang

Forgot by now how Scout plays lol, but there really was a reason I remembered her name; gorgeous fh drives! Can't exactly remember who she resembles that form; could produce impressive pace. Certainly a good win against a good hitter like H.

Stein vs Mathews

Lauren really had a tough match yesterday, having to handle those two outstanding hitters, Gailis and Mathews. She was there at court 5 watching Chen vs SJ at the later stage, wondered who won, her or M. Too bad couldn't watch this court 10 match much. Hope M plays EB as well.

Only watched the 1st set. Good match. Katrina could do everything well('the inquisitive one'!). Jenna probably was a bit more aggressive but sank some attacking balls.

Pielet def. Cayetano

Match took longer than expected, since C is herself a good player. Just a glimpse though.
Looking forward to Pielet/De Falco doubles, but are they playing today.

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