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Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 ISC G16 3/23 recap

Yes I found the time to roam around to watch those matches, 'trusting' the 'Alpha Dog' Colette to cover the main grounds..haha.

Grishuk def. Scott

All matches, couldn't watch much. This one, Court 13. G was probably a bit more powerful, but S's variety was good enough.

Stein def. Pielet

Marquee match, but why was this important match played at court 18 lol. Lauren as usual complaining to her mom..haha. Probably overpowered, but P was no slouch, could attack sharply. Lauren doesn't lack variety either, as I reported from NPB.
Grishuk vs Stein final seems quite likely now, as predicted.

Was shocked to learn that DeFalco/Pielet lost, too bad I couldn't watch it, I 'believed'! Lol. Unwatchable court 9 or something.

Pursell/Wagner def. Compall/Smith(1)

This was played at court 8, so watched a considerable of portion in the 1st set(probably sacrificed Mossmer vs McNally 3rd, but Colette was covering it anyway).

Should I call Rachel 'Black Widow' lol. Good enough, and Britt finished it in pinch. Overpowered, although C/S were sharp enough.

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