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Friday, March 24, 2017

2017 ISC G16 3/24 recap

Maybe the players just don't care about doubles. Remember those ruckus they made when ITA tried to implement TB in lieu of 3rd set in singles? When doubles was an issue, quiet as a mouse. The gap between fans who love doubles, and the players who don't care about it much. No wonder tennis is dying(record attendance at IW, so what. Who cares about it outside of IW?).

Ken was there!! Setting up at court 1, so said hello. MVP too appeared and later was seen sunbathing in the nude near Colette at court 3(watching Bolton vs Meyer)!
A guy with a ITA cap is here, curious why.

Forgot to add this but yesterday in B16 Doubles, Serrano had quite a...showmanship haha.

Kay on the wooden board spotted(umpire carrying it). We'll miss Whitney Kay. Has accomplished everything, winning Indoors(even MVP in her 1st win), winning NIIC with Carter..will also miss those short legs..haha.

Stein def. Malik

I was quite impressed with Tara, she's petite but has a very good game. Sharp enough drives to put Lauren on the defensive, and could keep the ball in play, as well.

So I smelt a faint possibility of upset lol, but Lauren just didn't let up her aggression. Not only her drives(frankly the drive battle seemed kinda even between those two elite hitters), her variety; again drop shotted tons(good execution as well), and approached the net too at opportune times. Those drop shots, approaches, sharp passing shots(bh was especially effective today)..she seems to have good court vision, good tennis IQ. Seems to be able to read the game well. The so-called 'Intangibles'.
She also really defends well; good balance of offense and defense.

Ovrootsky def. Grishuk

So this is Vivian, wonder who she was lol. Flawless today. Needless to say very impressed. Just does everything well. Great drive form, and doesn't lack variety either. Even applauded G's fine play(Wagner also did it, and Schaefer, Noel in G18 as well Bolton?).
Just not a good day for Skyler, but Vivian was just the better player today. Skyler is tall, and has good variety, also could finish weak balls with pace. Somewhat reminds me of Car Branstine a bit.

Pursell/Wagner def. Friedrich/Wooten

'Black Widow' Wagner does it again. I did see her at a couple of local tournaments recently, but her defense is astounding lol. Does not relax one bit, tries to follow the ball till the end(once even tried to return a high ball reaching the endwall), even once returned a strong shot heading toward her head! So poached really well, and also served well(she's tall). It really was a revelation lol, so hereby I anoint thee, the G16 Player of the Day :)  Oh she attends Campbell Hall?

F/W weren't bad, competent at net, so could make it into the TB. But then 'the Widow' struck again lol.

Duncan/Snells def. Hance/Pearson

Unseeded H/P did well to make it this far. I was impressed with Kimmi before, but today Faith really impressed me with her sharp plays. Both Pearson and Wagner are class of 2019. Seems Hayer has some competition here! :)

D/S, tall, and poached at will. No wonder they defeated DeFalco/Pielet? Really too bad I missed that one.
H/P did quite well in fact against this formidable team.

Duncan/Snells def. Pursell/Wagner

Great passing and all by both Britt and Rachel, so could secure the 1st. Again astounding defensive plays by Rachel. But in the end D/S were just too good. Still a very competitive match, couldn't predict the winner till the end.

Meanwhile checked court 5 to see if indeed Boris Kozlov is Stefan's brother???!!! Is he? TRN does say that he lives in Pembroke Pines??!! Does seem to have some resemblance..!

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