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Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 ISC G16 Draws

Glad Pielet is playing, although I did see her play at Oracle(also said hi to her mom then! I mean she was sitting right beside me..haha).


Only players I know are Pursell/Wagner, Gordon/McIntosh-Adams, Duncan, Scott? De Falco/Pielet, I guess those players are the favorites? Lol. Of course will have a peek at higher seeded players.


Look like Grishuk vs Stein final to me.  And probably Lauren will win this, I mean she was severely tested against Gadalov at NPB and won that one, and Jen is the more 'physical' version of Grishuk lol. Means Lauren has not only skill, also patience and mental fortitude.

De Falco, Gordon(I mean she seems quite 'old' here lol, as I said, the playing field seem quite...young!), Pursell in the 1st half.
Hance vs Wagner could be a good one.

2nd half, Pielet, Cayetano, Huang, Mathews..

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