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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

2017 ISC G18 Doubles

'Surveying the scene'; divorces rampant lol.

'Enfant terribles' no more, SJ now with Li(promising) and Car with Douglas.
Bolton also parted ways with Joyce, but she did play with Mossmer recently.
Beck teamed up with Flores(well Navarro didn't play anyway).
Hewitt, with Zein(did they really lose to Beck/Flores? It's not an error?)
Subhash parted ways with Li, but she has been playing with McNally for a while now.

Noel/Owensby, interesting combo. 'Wailing sisters'? Haha.
Redelijk teamed up with Volynets.
Goulak with Schaefer.

NPB participants Drummy/Wu and Stearns/Ewing could be dangerous(so a tough draw for Noel/Owensby having to play the NPB winner today).

Methinks Menguene/Smith could be real good. Both have good variety and moreover, are quite tall, can occupy the net.

Need to concentrate on Arseneault/Ong vs Hu/Price though, I need to see Ong and Hu.

Will be interesting to see how Bilokin/Isaeva perform against McNally/Subhash(AO Jr. semifinalist, and McNally was Wimby finalist with Bolkvadze).

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