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Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 ISC MD singles draw out

My favorite players from the class of 2020 got a rough draw, face tough opponents lol.

The 'It' girl, Noel, faces Subhash.
Beck faces Ewing. She's the doubles 'princess' from that class and her partner isn't playing, too bad. Wonder if she'll play doubles, and with whom(doubles draw hasn't been posted yet as of 6:40pm).

WC; Chen(yay, I can ask her about those class of 2017 elites lol), Forbes(is she going to Pepperdine?!!), Redelijk, Gadalov, Zhao, Arseneault, Price. Muljat. Class of 2021 #1 Price also faces a tough opponent in Chavatipon.

Qualifiers; Duong, Cheng, the Campanas, Goulak, Kalieva, Wu, Pitts.

Marquee 1st rd matches;

Chen vs Bilokin(not sure I've seen her)
Gong vs Zein(but I did see them, Gong at NPB)
Stearns vs Baptiste
Ewing vs Beck
Noel vs Subhash
Kessler vs Bolton
Chavatipon vs Price
Ong vs Pitts because I need to see Ong(the one player who actually outplayed Jankowski, I heard)

Also curious about Mandlik.

Hope for a 'merciful' OOP so I can have a glimpse of all those matches lol.

1st quarter; SJ, Chen, Forbes, Li, Zein, Stearns(too young? but no doubt about her hitting ability), Baptiste the Artiste!

2nd quarter, Volynets, Ewing, Beck, Emma, Black, Mandlik, Campana, Noel, Subhash..not sure who'll win this one.

3rd quarter probably will be between Bolton vs Douglas(that's also tough)

4th quarter
McNally, Hewitt, Ma, Wu, Mossmer, Ong, Branstine

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