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Sunday, March 19, 2017

2017 ISC Monday OOP out

Not unreasonable, from my point of view lol.

Only marquee match played at the upper courts is Chavatipon vs Price at 14(that court would be crowded come 12:30! Again, couldn't they REMOVE THE TARPAULINS AT THE SIDELINE, pretty please??!!).

1st matches 10:30(how considerate of them to account for my birding needs in the morning! Haha. Japanese White-eye is spotted at Bixby Park!);

2 Gong vs Zein
5 SJ vs Hu
7 Stearns Baptiste
8 Chen vs Bilokin

I love to watch my favorite players lose lol, so will probably concentrate on S vs B in the 2nd set(I mean Peyton might lose, because Hailey has been playing VERY well recently, from what I've read from Colette, etc.)

Now I should study the faces of Bilokin and Mandlik, to see if there are any pics floating on the web lol(I mean of course I would see them at the court, but still. Dunno Lagarde either, so that one would be confusing still!). Now who was the daughter of..was it Mandlikova? I'm ashamed to say I dunno her face either!

I'm in fact more interested in the doubles draw, hope Grace plays(she should be glad her friend Elysia is now at NY lol).

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