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Friday, March 17, 2017

2017 ISC Q singles draw out



Harris is unlucky. Goulak and McQuaid is in her group. Riley might be out of sorts but Annette could be hard to beat.

Guevara/Lilien/Peus(out of sorts)/Joyce/Aragon/Kalieva, phew. Joyce originally wasn't in, glad she got in(if that's the case).

Not sure about Mayo group, can't say.

Wu group is also super tough; Willson vs Kiss marquee 1st rd lol, and also Haynes, who's a master moonballer.

Rogers group, can't say. All I know is that Anzo might advance lol.

Butera group, Cruz, Aude..haven't seen Anna Campana enough, so can't say.

Hitt group, Also super tough. Lin/VL/Kerr/Duong. I think Lin or Kerr will advance but we'll see.

Campos group, Caro Campana should advance but she meets a young but talented hitter in C. Owensby in the 2nd round.

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