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Monday, March 27, 2017

2017 ITF EB 3/27 marquee matches

Whoever was in charge of updating the OOP for Monday at the ITF site should be shot. As I said it wasn't updated until 8AM IN THE MORNING(by then I had to bird Dominguez Nature Preserve). And I thought this was the 21st century lol.

Accumulated fatigue from ITF RSF is taking its toll, I'm just chronically tired. Shorter attention span as well? So will as usual concentrate on 'shorter' doubles! Verra looking forward to G16 and G14 doubles later in the day at PVCC.


Chen, Liu, McNally, Price were awarded WCs, 1 each from each class.
Half of the matches will be played today.

Was hoping for Meredith vs Mossmer rematch lol, too bad they're on the opposite side of the draw! Tough luck for Muljat, MM is too powerful(unless she self-destructs, that is!).

So...marquee matches;

Ong vs Hu of course.
Joyce vs Emma could be interesting.
Choy vs McNally as well.
Goulak vs Price, upset alert? But Goulak played well at ISC, so we'll see(Price could've defeated Douglas there).
Liu vs Beck, really tough luck for Chloe haha. If you don't want to get blitzed, you would have to try all your might! First you have to be able to return those razor sharp drives painting the sidelines, and even then can't relax! Because Liu will be charging the net. Prepare to pass!
Shin vs Graver, should see G in singles action.
Should have a peek on Lambert
Volynets vs Allen
Lim vs Joyner
Brylin vs Zhao

Campana vs Noel, is this a joke lol. Both should be fed up by now, playing against each other at least 3 times recently! So will pass this one.
Noel has a great chance to test her ability against the #1 McNally if they both advance to the 3rd rd.

Crawley vs Crowley
Pielet vs Broadus
Both matches are played at IW.

G16 PVCC matches

Tran vs Kelly?
ABC vs Gross?
Campana vs Goldsmith?
Yaloz vs Hayer?

Can't watch much here though, since G18 matches start at 10am.

Stein vs Goldsmith on both disciplines looming. Possible marquee matchup for me.

Don't think I can watch other G14 singles matches today, but that's why I watched doubles yesterday.
Owens vs DeFalco marquee match possible tomorrow.

G14 doubles
Collins/Pielet vs Duncan/Snells, de facto championship match at 5pm.
By this stage every matches are marquee matches though.

G16 doubles
Crowley/Tran vs Cayetano/Hayer marquee match looming tomorrow.
This side also has ABC/Pursell.

Cusano/Goldsmith vs Ferrante/Kelly might be worth watching.
Wagner teamed up with Dawson, dunno D though.

Christensen/Seidlin(dunno S) vs Despain/Guevara, marquee match of the day.

Also Gallagher/Taggart vs Campana/Kerrigan(dunno K, but I might've seen her play before?)

Cruz/Kourkina vs Crawley/Graham(did I see G before?)
Sassoli/Shrivastava vs Hrastar/Navarro
This group is just crazy. Crazy group of death!

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