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Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 ITF EB 3/30 recap

Play suspended because of...wind lol, I was told Dallas is like that!  Did not know that Fiona learned to play tennis at Japan! An interesting background :)

I'm not going to pursue more on Ellie's college choice: from what I've heard it's shrouded in mystery haha. We'll eventually know about it I guess!

Black def. Jankowski

Cali, it's like 'I can do all things' ! Got better yet again. When did her bh slice become so good lol. Bh drives, attacked Black's serve. In and out drives, super sharp, painting the sidelines, producing ecstatic winners. Could rally all right, patiently, and even could mix it up, employing nice drop shot and such. Volley finish was a bit suspect, but overheads were good. She really could be a formidable competitor in college..

But faced the type of player she hates to play, a pusher haha. Very skilled pusher, of course. Returned lots of Cali's lethal drives, employed variety to good effect, just the more solid player.
By the later 2nd set other matches got started, and since I had to watch G16 singles matches still later on, so had to abandon this match.

Domi watched this, and was that..former UT star? Breaunna Addison? In what capacity is she here now. Thought she was wearing UT t shirt. Maybe should ask her if I encounter her again tomorrow lol.  Surely Colette also noticed her?

McNally def. Noel

Alexa's racquet throw was quite frequent today haha.
Best slicer of them all, out-sliced Caty as well. She could actually vary the 'pace' of those slices, accompanied by her timely net approaches; impressive, to say the least. 'Naturalistic' point construction, employing her wily skill and excellent court vision. Could produce winners with ease, employing short angles. And she doesn't even hit that hard. It's all about timing for her.
And she's surely one of the best defenders out there. Really, can return almost any ball. So agile, so versatile, so smart. 'It Girl'!  Her fast serve motion reminds me of Dolgo.

Caty moved quite well, so could neutralize Alexa's sneaky attacks. Passed excellently(well both are excellent passers). She's solid as it gets, and attacked quite efficiently as well. Hence, Alexa's racquet throws! Alexa didn't help herself by making errors as well. Said sorry after benefitting from the net cord.
Again, had to leave mid-match to watch G16 matches!

Douglas def. Kessler

I feel that Kessler has improved a lot recently. Defeating Dolehide at the National was no fluke. So fast, so good. Attacking, no problema. Variety, top notch.

Like the above match, couldn't watch later on, just the later part of the 3rd set, after Ellie led 3-0. Ellie probably grinded it out, and powered through. Was very aggressive, moved well, and probably had the iron will to clinch the match. She really seems to have improved her court vision lol; that perfect drop shot winner.
Last game, K committed errors to concede the match. Her serve was a bit unstable, DFed at times.

Osuigwe def. Volynets

At first the power gap seemed too big. O was literally blowing V off the court, producing service return winners and such.  But when the 'storm' settled down, V had won the 1st lol. Because Katie was the more solid player. Whitney although more powerful was also more erratic, making errors; hence, also, her racquet throws haha. She had a cute lil' sister rooting for her? :)
Like the above matches, had to leave to concentrate on G16 matches(In Colette we Trust!). Just could watch the last moment later.

SJ def. Ong

Wanted to watch this, but Ava just won't go away against Sedona lol. So, could only have a glimpse at the final game or so. Too bad!

Baptiste vs Meyer

Baptiste the Artiste haha. She's really a talented versatile player. Haven't seen her much at all this tournament though lol. Was saving for her doubles match later, and then was busy chatting with Adi's mom during the 3rd set!

I'm not sure birding can be calming, I mean if you're looking for a target bird and can't find it, that's frustrating! Finding fast moving warblers in high canopy is hard. But, just strolling along, enjoying the environment, and attuning to the nature..can't be bad? Texas is a great place to bird. Before getting dethroned by California lol, boasted the most bird species found in the U.S. Rio Grande Valley birding festival in November is justly famous; I really wanted to attend last year!

Amanda once applauded B's nice play.

Mandlik vs Liu

Elli seems to have reverted to her inscrutable self lol. Liu attacked her serve efficiently but also made lots of errors. Couldn't watch much though, what with other G16 matches. Should try to watch tomorrow.

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