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Thursday, March 23, 2017

2017 ITF ISC 3/23 preview of sorts

Court 1

Ellie's form is not too good this tournament(wind is no excuse...haha). Methinks Amanda has a chance here, but we'll see. Serve could be a factor here.

Definitely going to watch Guevara since she might lose to Car/Ellie..haha.

Court 2

Caty should be extra sharp today. As I said, many came to grief against Nicole. Since Caty isn't a particularly hard-hitter..hoping for a 3rd set lol.

Naturally going to concentrate on Luba's doubles match.

Court 3

Ong is my target singles player of the day. We'll see how she fares against Car. Yesterday Car finished the match with her dependable serve(probably best server in the tournament); can Ong return those.

'Course going to watch Joyce doubles.

Court 4


Court 5

Black vs Noel, both boast great variety, should be fun.

So many good doubles matches today; Ewing/Stearns vs Bolton/Mossmer should be a good one. Let's see how B/M handle E/S's firepower.

Court 6

Foreigners are a priority in ISC because they don't play EB.
Hence, Lagarde/Vagramov, a must see.

Wonder how A/O will fare against M/S

Court 8

Is Butera playing EB. 3rd match, so not many competition here? Wait OOP says TBA?

Court 9

Noel/Owensby vs Drummy/Wu
Why is this match played at this unwatchable court..ugh. It's so far I might not be able to hear N/O's wailing..haha

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